Trust spell

Hey, I wanted to know, if there is something like trust spell. If you want someone to trust you again, when you have broken their trust badly . Or if there is any alternative . Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m not sure about any spell to improve trust but I would always recommend good communication. And sometimes, just respecting the boundaries of the other person while they heal or process what happened is the best thing you can do.


I even tried love spell , there is love but due to some past issues, there is no trust. I don’t know what to do?
P.S- that person is taurus


Magic can’t fix everything and unfortunately, it seems like this is just not going to work out in your favor no matter how much you try. Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same is said about trust, especially if it has been completely broken. If you’re going to do any spellwork, I recommend spellwork to open pathways of communication, for honesty, and for integrity. If you’ve done something to break this person’s trust (or vice versa) then they will need time to process what happened and heal from those mistakes.

It’s okay, it happens, but sometimes in these scenarios the best course of action is going to be group counseling or therapy if you have that available to you. The other individual may also need counseling on their own to process what happened. It isn’t something that can be fixed overnight and, in my opinion, trying to fix it with magic does absolutely nothing for the underlying cause. It’s like putting a Band-Aid on a cancer diagnosis.


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