Tuesday Affirmation ๐ŸŒ…

Message to self:

โ€œI am a force of nature and no one

is stopping me from experiencing

more blessings, deeper relationships

and meaningful experiences. I am

blessed. I create my own reality!โ€

~ Lukas Notes


Thank you for sharing this! I really needed to hear this todayโค๏ธ


Youโ€™re welcome Wade!!! :v:t3::heart:


This really resonates with me. when I decided enough was enough of a bad 20 year relationship and struck out on my own I was so lost but I have discovered that I am a force all on my own. Since finding this safe haven and being free to explore who I really am meant to be I feel powerful, blessed and freer than I have ever felt. It is truly amazing.
A new relationship has come my way recently and I am creating what is my own reality.
Blessed Be!!!


Oh thatโ€™s wonderful news!!! I was in a really horrible relationship. I mean violent, I canโ€™t go into details but Iโ€™m here now with all you new wonderful family members!! You made my day!! I am sorry that you were in that situation but if you do get haunted by your past, Iโ€™d suggest doing a gratitude meditation or present moment meditationโ€ฆ Sorry I canโ€™t think of the word, Iโ€™m just waking up lol. But you sound like your in a great state of mind and may you always be happy!!! :sparkles::relaxed::sparkles:

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