Unintentional psychic attack or something else?

Hi everyone, so i have a question to the witches who may have experienced a psychic attack as i feel that is what has happened to me but not sure and just want to clear it up.
So before i list my symptoms i would like to share it feels very different to being overly stressed, overly tired or even burnout.

So here is what i am feeling for no reason at all and am perfectly healthy:
1- I feel a weird mild buzzing in my whole body
2- I am confused
3- when i walk my vision is moving up and down as if i am walking with my face
4- I forgot things like i forgot how to fix my head scarf which i have been doing everyday for the past 18 years
5- I miss hear things
6- Feeling disorientated

I do have to mention i suffer from aura migraines and in the begging i was worried that i had one coming on but it has been all day and no onset of migraine plus i have been on Amitriptyline 10mg for over a month with no symptoms to prevent my migraine attacks.

I do not think another magickal person has attacked me but perhaps unintentionally? So what do you think? Just to clear up there’s no medical reason i am like this as i am a healthy female for my age so is not a lack of food or exercise as i maintain them well regularly for more than a year now…


Have you been to the doctor? Because that sounds like an inner ear thing to me. It never hurts to check, even if you do feel healthy otherwise. Better to be safe than sorry.


I definitely suggest going to the doctor. I know you said in the past that you’ve struggled with your mental health and some of these sound like symptoms.

Outside of medical things, I don’t know if it could be an unintentional psychic attack. I would do a good cleansing of yourself and some protection and see how you feel after that.


See your Doc. Migraines can be like Demons digging at your brain. If amitriptyline hasn’t helped in a month, I’d suggest asking for a different med.
I use Maxalt but I don’t get cluster migraines, just stress-induced. I started getting them in my early 20s and after my divorce, didn’t have another for over a decade. Fertility drugs brought them on again.


Oh never thought of that :thinking: I mean i get regular blood checks but for now it has subsided… I will have to keep watch and is worth going again if it does happen… Thanks for the opinion i am now going to doctor Google in the mean time to get some more info. I always thought babies got it the most :blush:


Very true! I did some Sage cleansing and viola symptoms gone. Ass you said about mental health yes this could be the reason i was even just thinking about it. My older doctor did mention once about Bipolar but i just waved him off… :thinking: :blush:


Mine is always lack of sleep, too much caffeine, vegemite and too much chocolate and finally the biggest factor, stress and extreme emotional distress… I mean i didn’t end up with a migraine but as @MeganB mentioned could be a mental health thing or even as @Amethyst said an inner ear thing. Definitely taking a trip if it happens again. Thanks for caring :blush: :heart:


It’s definitely something worth getting checked out if it doesn’t subside, no matter what it is! :mask: It could be nothing, but it could also be something so it’s better safe than sorry!


Sweetest, sweetest girl!
Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental illness that brings severe high and low moods and changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior.

Bipolar syndrome isn’t something to hide, or a sin but a real and sometimes life-threatening issue. You feel lost. Happy one minute, and crying like a baby in depression the next. Don’t let the Idea of that destructive term ‘mental illness’ throw you. It is a very real, treatable illness.
Get thee to a doctor, child, and don’t make Garnet worry! I can’t afford another wrinkle :wink:

I love you more than candy!
Please take care of one of my favorite girls.


Nope, my adult friend gets really bad ear infections. Has even had surgery for it and still gets them. Don’t diagnose yourself via Google, you’ll give yourself the plague or some other weird stuff. Make a doctor’s appointment.


Yup, Google doctor is dangerous. If I listened to Google doctor I would have many diseases-none of which my doctor has found (not that I have asked him to check)

@TheMuslimWitch my mother has similar symptoms to you and she has an ear problem that she has been given exercises to do and it seems also to be connected with tension in neck. Sometimes it’s because we are forgetting to breathe- I know breath is automatic but we can be using the top half of our lungs to breathe which stimulates our flight or fight response which leads to all sorts of physiological responses especially when there isn’t a real reason to be on alert (eg a bear is chasing us). So when these symptoms come on, it is good to check in with the breath and a do a few deep breath’s. If the symptoms persist see a doctor, if they subside tell your doctor about them the next time you see your doctor.


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