Update on my renovations

Hey guys!!! I’m still in the renovation stages in my new home but I wanted to give you all a little update! Please excuse the messes you see in all the photos. I have attached a few photos for you guys. The first photo is the before of part of my kitchen. All the cabinets in the house look like this same with all the counters. I have sanded, primed and painted all the kitchen cabinets and the master bathroom cabinets. I have also replaced the hardware. I am still working on the cabinet doors. The plan is to leave the doors off of the top cabinets in the kitchen. We are also adding black and grey granite counters in the kitchen, and still have some more flooring to put in the main living room. And there’s still more to be done. I have some renovations in the backyard to do also! I’ll keep you all updated when my sacred space is fully set up, although my entire house is my space haha!

Have a good week everyone!



That’s amazing! I remember you were going to redo some ugly cabinets, are those the same?! They look brand new! and it seems one of the pups approves! scratching his back on it!! :laughing:

Yes. These are the ugly cabinets. I’m almost done! I had family in town all week so I couldn’t finish the doors. But I can finally get finished.
The dogs love the new place!!!

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Wow !! How nice! Isn’t redoing lots of fun?? I have a kitchen to redo we got most of it, and just got the wood to finish the island then its on to painting and trim… So much fun, but takes time, time and money!! Love your look.

Don’t forget to post when its done!

Thank you! I’m still not done. We had to put a pause on the painting for other renovations. Send photos of your Renno!

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I should but what a mess right now! lol I will when done, I will post before and after ones