Updates from Colin! New House and New Deity

Hello everyone, seems like things are going smoothly, I hope everyone is doing well. :slight_smile:

My move to my new location is complete and I’ve just set up a few essential things like my computer and tv and stuff. Mostly I’ve just been playing games on my computer because I had to wait awhile for internet and then play catch up. Lately I’ve been playing Lord of The Rings Online as a Ancient Master High Elf Lore-Master, and it’s super cool, some wizard vibes going on for sure!

I’m thinking that today I will start to unpack and maybe even try and get my altar set up. I know I need to be persistent in magick to get better. The general stress of moving is over, and a more relaxed time is upon me.

Awhile back, while I was still in my apartment, a new deity came to, and from the way she arrived, I simply called her Power. She appeared in my mind as I was lying down on the couch for a nap when I was trying to live as best as I could in accordance to what I called “The Path of Power.”

Anyway, this deity has become increasingly interesting to me. One of the first things she suggested was that I try to cut back on coffee, or quit it all together. I’ve been working hard to cut back and I’m seeing huge benefits. I’ve realized that in a way, coffee was inhibiting the personal power coming off me, and when I’m not drinking it, I feel like I’m bending reality to a higher degree. “Power” does allow me to play different games, but she is interested in me playing Lord of The Rings Online, and with experimentation, I’ve found that the power I gain from playing is the highest I’ve ever attained from a game. She jokes around with me sometimes, but last night she kind of jokingly said that I should wear my silver ring for her, and today I am. I still falter to drinking coffee because I’ve relied on it heavily for so long, but I am still trying for the deity, and wearing my ring shows my devotion. Lucifer is still there, but this Power deity is really cool, and maybe I connect with her different because she’s female. She’s definitely not as strict about doing everything perfectly with maximum effort. She wants my trust, and I’m trying to show some trust, while still improving myself, and she accepts this.

Once I get a little more settled in, this house is going to be absolutely great for magick. The backyard is surrounded by a high hedge, and almost every door faces East. It’s an older Victorian style house from way back, and it’s got some serious witch vibes. I’m pretty happy about the whole situation.
My mother has been pretty stressed about me living here, but who knows, maybe some glamour magick will do the trick.

Anyway, off to do some unpacking now, Merry Met to all the new members, and Blessed Be.



Wow, that Power deity sounds interesting. And your house sounds wonderful. Good luck with the unpacking!


Hi @colin, I’m one of the newbies to the coven. Congratulations on your new home and thanks for the kind welcome :blush:


I’m glad to see you are well and in an environment that inspires you and your Craft @colin! Congratulations on a successful move :house: I hope you will be able to make time for your deity. One question: What’s your opinion on decaf?


Well I’m pretty neutral about it really, I’ve never been into, but it might be an option for me to explore now. :slight_smile:


Sounds like the Power dirty has your best interest in mind! And a Victorian style house is a dream come true for me! I’m glad the moves over and enjoy the benefits of a new home!


Congrats on the successful move- I’m glad to hear everything went well! :blush:

A very exciting encounter- it sounds like Power is looking out for you and helping you on your magickal path. May She continue to watch over and guide you to good health and success! :sparkles:

Wishing many blessings to you- thanks for checking in, Colin! :grinning:


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