Updating Brigid's Flame

Hello Coven & Happy Sunday,

I know that I haven’t posted a picture of a flame for few days under Brigid Flametender, but it says that I can’t because of 3 consecutive replies. I have tried & tried different ways, but it says that I have to wait for someone to reply to it. So once I can, I will absolutely update the flame images.


Looks like some of us took care of it for you. :slight_smile: IDK what Francisco might do to fix it. On one hand, it would be great if you could keep tending the flame on days we forget. On the other hand, threads could get unweildly. (Think if we started replying to each other separately through multiple replies instead of to everyone in one post. :crazy_face:)


Thanks for letting us know about this, Siofra!! I believe that restriction is set by default by the software to encourage people to write all at once instead of creating extra posts.

However in this case it’s a problem. I have updated the settings so that it will allow up to 10 consecutive replies by the same member. I hope that will be enough!! We should all be tending the flame a bit more :candle:

Thanks for all you do for us, @Siofra !!


Sorry, this made me chuckle :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thank you @Francisco! I didn’t want anyone to think that I forgot. It was taken care of though by some lovely coven members for the weekend. Thank you to them also!