Updating on my progressing situation

Hi everyone, sorry i haven’t been active as much as usual, but with 2 reoccurring migraines 2 days apart, late on uni studies, and a full household it has between tough my body has just decided to play hooky since i won’t lay up… Anyways as most of you all know i have my fair share of marriage issues, however, these last few days my husband has change a lot after a massive argument we had. It is so weird, he has suddenly become very affectionate, compliments me and even nursed me when i was having an anxiety attack due to the migraines… This is great news and i should be jumping all over the place with my husband taking me out to eat and shop and i do not have any feelings that it will change but i just can’t help wonder??? I know people don’t change that fast but could it have been him realising if something happened to me eh would feel guilty or perhaps that i apologised for being a twat since i was defying everything he said due to his behaviour towards me?..
Moving on, so on another note, i decided enough is enough, since i am slowly starting to feel better about myself since my husband is accepting of me no matter my body shape, and i went to the doctors to go back on Duromine (the last time i was on it i lost 18kg in 3 months and only stopped since i had a surprise pregnancy), since we were considering more invasive ways such as surgery… I am hoping this new weight-loss journey will work out for the best since i have found it hard to loose weight just with the exercise and diet compared to the past (i must be getting older)… :blush: :wink:


I hope this new and improved hubby stays this way for good! :crossed_fingers: How do you like Duromine? When I was bigger, I was prescribed Wegovy. I lost 100lbs in a year or so.


Glad your hubby has gotten his head outta his bum! Let’s hope he stays that way! Hope you feel better soon, migraines are awful.


I noticed that I hadn’t seen you posting much hun. I was a
little worried about you and hoped that you were ok. I just had a funny feeling that something was up.
I really hope that hubby is genuine hun. I really do. But I am in no position to offer sound relationship advice. It took me 15 years to leave the tosspot that I was in love with. You deserve to be taken care of and be treated like the gem of a beautiful human being that you are.
I’m so sorry that you’ve been having migraines. I get them occasionally too and it’s horrible. That’s awesome hun. I’m so happy that you’re getting some self-confidence back. It’s so hard. And good on you for doing something for yourself! I know it will work out for you!


As a male, I can tell you that sometimes I hated arguing as much as she did and welcomed the opportunity to relate to her in a way that wasn’t arguing. It was like the change of subject was such a relief. I mean, if you want to argue with someone you don’t have to get married - there’s always Facebook, lol! It doesn’t mean the argument won’t resurface at some point, but it might an indication that he sees your relationship as more important than the argument.

Now, that’s just an opinion. I don’t know either of you IRL so I could be completely wrong.


That amazing 45kg! I would be over the moon if i lost that much… At the moment i am at 113kg which is the most i have ever been and according to my height at 166cm, i am obese so the doctor had no problem giving me medication. Pre-marriage i was 73 with is considered healthy and to be honest if i can make it to 80kg in time, that would be enough for me… I don’t want to be so sluggish and i want to be able to encourage both kids and hubby to be healthy and exercise too, because as soon as i start everyone following exercise and eating habits.
Well i remember the last time with workout for 1 hour a day and daily walks to the kids school with strict diet i felt great! Today is day one and so far loving it! I am a very tired person and always dragging my feet behind but when in Duromine i find i am extremely energetic i can keep going until i drop. Guess that’s why they call it legal speed. However, in saying this, the last time once i dis loose all that kgs even after i stopped Duromine i was still going great with both diet and exercise as it had become a routine…
I dropped 18kn in 3 months last time so i am hoping for more results since i put on 13kg in lockdown that and with the depression didn’t help… But fingers crossed all goes well :blush:


Thank you i hope so too… :blush:


Thank you i hope so to. Your journey and support is encouraging :blush:


To be honest the occasional argument is actually healthy for us as we both get to be honest and share our true feelings… Its the controlling and name calling which did it for me… For now i guess we are in like honeymoon period lol