Using nature to charge and cleanse before spellwork

So i live on I guess youd call it a mountain. We call it bear mountain not sure where the name came from im not at the top but still far enough up to overlook the forest. And I normally stand on my patio or in the yard and just gaze out at the forest clearing my mind and let the natural energy of the forest fill me. I do this to clear away a bad day or often to charge myself for spellwork.


That is a great way to clear energies. I find looking at the sky and doing a small prayer and thanks to my deities helps me.



I grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado. I miss it so much. I love being in nature, it heals me. I love listening to the whispers from the trees.

I now live in the city, but thankfully, I have a small yard, and each summer I spend as much time as I can in my “Magical Garden” (yard).

I agree with @flowing, being in nature or looking at the sky, etc., is a great place for clearing negative energies.


I completely relate to what you say @Nikita-mikaelson

The Japanese coined the phrase “Forest Bathing” in the 80s but I think us witches have known about the benefits of surrounding ourselves with trees and nature for a lot longer! :wink: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :herb: :leaves: :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf:

Here’s a link to an article on it (in case you’re interested):

Happy Forest Bathing!!


Witches have a long history with nature not that anyone who isn’t part of the craft really know as they here the term witch and there visually seeing the wicked witch from mainstream media. And dont completely understand that, the wicked witch is for the most part a purely fictional aspect


I, too, live on the side of a mountain. It has no exact name or boundaries, its more of a ridge of the Appalachians. People around here call it (the) Blue Ridge Mountain. My house is on 1.5 acres, much of it tree covered, and I’m planting more this spring. I love it.


That was a great article @Satu_TheGreenWitch , thanks for sharing!


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