Venus Quincunx Neptune 2nd to 4th September 2021

This transit can make you feel like you’re longing for a sense of value :broken_heart: You may feel like you’re not worth enough or do not offer enough - this is an illusion :sparkles:

There may be an imbalance between giving and receiving love and affection :balance_scale: It is important to remember that loving someone does not mean you have to sacrifice your own needs. Value yourself and understand you deserve the best :trophy:

You may have some difficulty feeling motivated during this transit and the Last Quarter Moon :last_quarter_moon: phase, which points to a crisis of consciousness, may magnify these feelings :mag:

Mercury was perfectly at home in its previous position in Virgo :virgo: its ruling sign, before moving in to Libra :libra: 30th August, therefore precision in speech and thought is valued at the moment.

The Sun :sun: is in Virgo until 22nd September, drawing our attention to the finer details of our lives - it is wise to take care that we don’t lose perspective if we find ourselves lost in the details that Virgo pulls us to analyse :memo:

Be kind to yourself and meditate :person_in_lotus_position: on what works for you and what you need to release in preparation for next week’s New Moon :new_moon: 7th September 2021, when something new and beautiful is ready to be born once again… :dizzy: :stonehenge:

Love and Light to all :heartpulse: :candle:


Well, if that isn’t just :100: % calling me out everywhere, I don’t know what is. :woman_shrugging::upside_down_face::heart:


@Abs53 thank you


@Siofra it’s calling out to me as well :woman_facepalming:t3: thanks for the the share @Abs53


Thank you for this update @Abs53. I agree that it feels a bit like a crazy vibrant energy, not really smooth but instead a bit disruptive and uncomfortable. Wishing that it is making us all stronger :pray:


It’s a nothing feels right but everything is okay. That’s exactly how I felt this afternoon into the evening.

& I :two_hearts: you @Abs53


Well, Abs honey, you just hit me with a WAKE UP switch. For so many years I have genuflected to everyone, it wasn’t worth the effort to fight.
Thanks for the encouragement.


Could this be why I’ve been feeling meh today? :thinking:


Beautifully explored and very helpful guidance, @Abs53- thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! It sounds like some reflective meditation is going on the schedule this week :person_in_lotus_position: :new_moon: :heart:


Ooft I needed that :sweat_smile:
Thanks for sharing your wonderful wisdom @Abs53 :kissing_heart:


Thank you for this! Personally, I feel unmotivated but also the need to be loved by someone who deserves an honest, committed and real woman! :high_heel: And that person should be just as committed as I am. But that’s hard to find nowadays! It’s almost as an if I’m empty inside.


@christina4 You deserve everything you desire and that person is out there for you. You are an amazing and strong woman and I have no doubt that the perfect person for you is out there looking for you too. You are not empty, you are full of love and light. You deserve the best and it will come to you Love. :heartpulse:


@Siofra I love you too. Thank you for all your love and support :heart:

@Garnet, you are wonderful. You don’t need to bow down to anyone. You got this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@crystal24 You are so welcome :sparkles:

@phoenix_dawn you are on the right path, hun. Stay strong, we love you :heart_eyes:

@Francisco you are so right, its crazy at the moment but we get through the other side stronger, I don’t doubt my Goddess or my wonderful Coven :sparkles:

@Peaches I felt the same and felt compelled to post support :hugs:

@TheTravelWitch as always, you are so welcome, thank you fo constant source of light and support :heart:

@Limeberry you are so welcome, Love. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow, you’re a beautiful soul!!! Your words just spoke to me in an inspiring way. Everything will happen when it’s supposed to happen!