Veracruz, Mexico - Black Magick and Satanism

Came across this video from another one of my favourit YouTubers- Dakota of Earth who travels the world for spirituality.

Here he has been a few times to this location but never actually seen someone there in person, until now.



I’ve seen another video where , in Mexico, a ton of people were going to a spot to leave Wich jars and many other things. I can’t find it :expressionless:it’s interesting to see other cultures and their practice.


That was a fun watch! I had lost track of dakota of earth since his trip to India. Thanks for bringing this channel back to my youtube algorithm rotation! :smiley:

It reminded me of going to the silver mines in Potosí, Bolivia. The miners have statues all over the place for El Tío which they leave offerings very similar to what they do in Catemaco (at least in that video).

Funniest part:

min 4:11 a shot, anyone? -“No, gracias”

min 4:48 any of you want to make a petition? -“No, gracias”
– “You can also make it in silence. You won’t be asked for your soul later or anything like that” :laughing: