Viewing Old Email Newsletters

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TLDR: Is there a way to view the email newsletters that are more than just a few weeks old?

I like to go back through the old email newsletters (both in my email inbox and on the site along the side that lists the most recent newsletters) because every time I reread them, something new sticks out to me. I’d love to be able to view more than just the most recent few weeks’ worth of them. Is there a place on the site I’m missing that shows more (if not all) of the previous newsletters beyond the past few weeks?

As an example, these are the the most recent newsletters that are easily accessible from the right-hand side of the Courses Page.

Most Recent Newsletters
(screenshot by me from the Courses Page, linked above)

If there is not a way to view more than just the few most recent newsletters, such as those listed in the screenshot above?

If not, it would be really cool if there were a page on the site that contained all previous newsletters, or even a link to a Google Drive folder or something, so that we can go back and read all previous newsletters. :slight_smile:


Hi Wade, good question!

Unfortunately there is not an option to see more than 10 past issues of the Newsletter with the email provider we use at the time.

The best alternative so far is to do a search on your email inbox. If you use Gmail, you can search for: Spells8 list and that will show all the newsletters organized by date.

I hope that helps!


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