Vision of baphomet what does it mean?

Hello beautiful souls

So i was wondering for some advice i had an odd experience tonight i pulled a self-love oracle card deck and it said i should do some intuitive dance as a form of self-love and expression so i did and i was listening to a bunch of music of youtube and i closed my eyes and i saw Baphomet appear. Now this might be a bit long-winded but bear with me

Now i wasnt afraid (as I’ve read a book years ago on Italian witchcraft and they were saying that it’s an often misinterpreted symbol and that the symbol represents judgment etc and if you initially look at it and assume its evil by its scary appearance then you failed the tests and if you break down the symbology it represents duality and the universe and a whole bunch of other stuff.)

Anyway so i googled it and of course, there’s the debate on whether its good or bad. That historically goes back to the templars but then Anton la vey turned it satanic in the 60’s

anyway, i couldn’t find any info as to what it means if he appears to you. Other than the debate on what the symbol means. I couldn’t find any info spiritually on the deity other than previous mentions about crusades etc.

Im wondering whats the meaning to it. Why did i see him. Ive never seen deity before so i was taken a back. I couldnt find any info on the personality of the creature etc either.

I am a wiccan but i havent really worked with deities other than ceres.

Any thoughts on what this all could mean ?


@kira-marie Baphomet is the greatest of androgynes, so you might want to use they/them pronouns instead of he/him. A few ideas come to mind. Baphomet may be telling you to look to the duality within you. We all have both male and female energy, and you may need to find that balance within yourself. It could also be a call to study High Magic as they make the Hermetic hand jive that can also be found in the tarot done by the Magician. It could be a call to a new deity and something that you must study for quite some time to really get to know Baphomet. Those are just the top-of-my-head thoughts. Blessed be.


Thank you thats quite helpful


Agreed with @PuppetMama and the interpretation of the duality, since that’s something you also mentioned in your post, Kira.

Maybe do some research on duality, some introspection about what it means to you.

About deity, I recommend reading this post: When Deity Tells You No - My Bealtaine Experience

And there are a lot of interesting suggestions throughout the forum about finding deity. Start here.


Good idea i think ill work on balancing my feminine and masculine energies.


Yes! Of course it’s easier said than done. Here’s an interesting take by Melissa Carver for

Consider what has been going on in your life recently.

  • Have you spent a great deal of time in an environment that forced you to be in a ‘survival mode’ that demanded an overdose of masculine energy? If so, you automatically know the female side needs some attention.

  • Same holds true with a career that requires all day, everyday nurturing, like being a teacher in an elementary school. If you have spent the majority of your time being nurturing, show that masculine side some one-on-one time.

She also lists a few good ideas to balance your female and male energy here


Thank you darling ill be sure to check those out