"We are not Watusi" Protection Spell

Okay, the name is silly. It is a line from the movie Stripes that makes me smile, and smiles are positive. (Made you look, didn’t it? :wink:)

As a first year witch, I am accumulating gear, but still sometimes do not have what I need for various spells. So I made this quick, basic protection spell. Feel free to modify as it suits you.

You’ll need:

      A black candle (substitute white if you don't have black)
      A dish or bowl
      Rosemary (Tip: easy to grow, great for cooking, smells nice. I water mine with a little moonwater from my rituals saying "Receive the blessing of the Goddess, little friend" or something similar)
      Ground Cinnamon
      Oil. Your choice, I used good old Olive.

Cleanse your tools.

Mix your herbs (exact amounts do not matter. We’re not baking! Equal portions is fine) and oil in your dish or bowl. Some might say stir widdershins, but because I am bringing my intent to the mixture I mixed it with my finger d… deo… uh, clockwise. Three times, thirteen times, whatever works for you. The whole time focusing on my intent for protection.

Then, I annoint the candle from middle to top saying, “I annoint this candle for my protection.” Then, I annoint the candle from middle to end saying, “Protect me from negative energy.”

At your altar you can place the candle in a holder, or what I do since my holder is basically a metal dish and my candles are slender, light the candle and tip it so the wax drips onto the plate, then set your candle in the wax before it hardens.

If you have time to cast a circle and call the corners, feel free. Otherwise, don’t worry about it.

Call the Light: close your eyes and envision the light of the Goddess, the Universe, or whoever your Source is, growing anf glowing about you.

Ground yourself. Normally, I dip my finger in a bit of water, imagine roots growing from my feet to tap into the energy of the earth, branches growing from my head to embrace the air and the fire of my spirit connecting them all. Take a few breaths. Light your candle or candles if you haven’t already.

Say three times:
“By the power of the Ladies (Goddess, Universe, whatever your source) that I revere,
And the Elements I hold dear,
All negative energy I now clear.
Ill will and influence I cast away,
I will be protected all this day.”

Toss in a “An it harm none, so mote it be!” at the end.

Take a moment to imagine a protective image. For me, it was an old fashioned Tweety-bird cage made of light rather than metal, with the sides spiralling down rather than straight lines. Snuff out your candle and use it again tomorrow, if you wish. It took more time to write this than it did to do the spell.

If you feel something during the day begin to challenge you, take a long blink (not too long or someone might think you’re weird) and see your protective image flash to repel and repulse the negative, like a spiritual bug zapper. Flies and lies need not apply.

We are not Watusi.
We are witches.

Love, Light and Laughter, my friends.

Blessed Be!


@Undomeher another great one. Thank you for the lovely spell and the laugh :joy:.


@Undomeher Love the Tweety bird cage of light visualization


Great spell! Thanks for that!


Many thanks for the lovely protection spell and the smile, @Undomeher! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: This is beautiful spellwork written in a very fun way. Have you ever considered writing a spell book? You’ve got a knack for dazzling your readers! :sparkles::blush:

Blessed be!


Thanks, everyone, for the supportive comments. I’m happy to report that this was even more effective for me than I had hoped! It was automatic. Several times during the day, as I blinked the Tweety-bird cage popped into my mind’s eye without me being aware of what the negative thought or source was. Further, I had a disturbing dream, the content I remember almost nothing of. What I remember most was the flash of the protective cage as the dream was dismissed!

Your mileage may vary, as they say, but this really worked well for me!


Oh my gosh, a spell book? You are so kind! Maybe someday when I am more experienced. Thank you!!


Haha I love this guy!!! :joy:

Again :rofl:

Seriously, thank you for the spell and for the laugh, I needed that so much!!! Nowadays, when others hear me laugh, they think something’s wrong with me!!!


When people ask “What’s wrong with you?” I usually suggest that we talk about what’s right with me. It’s a shorter list! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m joking, of course. I am well acquainted with my strengths as well as my, uh, “lesser strengths.” Gotta stay positive!

I’m glad I could help you to smile!


I had to look up that scene of the movie because I didn’t remember it! :laughing:

Thanks for sharing this spell @Undomeher. I like this attitude!! Relevant quote from The Spiral Dance:

“Aspects of Witchcraft rituals may sometimes seem silly to very serious-minded people, who fail to realize that ritual is aimed at Younger Self. The sense of humor, of play, is often the key to opening the deepest states of consciousness. Part of the “price of freedom,” then, is the willingness to play, to let go of our adult dignity, to look foolish, to laugh at nothing. A child makes believe that she is a queen; her chair becomes a throne. A Witch makes believe that her wand has magic power, and it becomes a channel for energy.”
― Starhawk, The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religions of the Great Goddess