Website I found on a Dragon School

Has anyone looked into this website and how true it is?

I was just looking around and found this website.


I have never come across this website, but I also don’t work with dragons, so never looked into them.

I did find this information on the site owner:

Alphedia Arara LinkedIn

@Kasandra may have more information on this site or know of some other resource sites for you to look into.

If there are any other members that also work with dragons, they may be of more help too & are welcome to add any information they may have.

I know @Phoenix_Rose & @Nixi have also done the dragon challenge. So they may be able to help with resources & sites also.


I spoke with that gal on Facebook a handful of years ago in a private message with questions I had. She was very lovely and insightful. :heart:

She has a YouTube channel as well:

It looks like she focuses on Crystal healing and light / star beings. I haven’t looked into her content for quite a while.


Since the copyright at the bottom says 2023, I assume that this is a new site! I skimmed through it and there is a lot of info.

When I first started practicing dragon magick, (it will be two years in March) I used a site called Dragon Dreaming. It‘s kind of a draconic practioner’s personal blog. However, the site seems to be dead now, since I haven’t seen any recent updates. I think the last one was around 2018, 2019.

EDIT: I can confirm that air dragons are great to work with when you’re anxious or depressed. I called on Sairys, leader of the Elemental Air Dragons, and did a letting go spell with feathers to free myself from a guy I had feelings for but couldn’t be with, and now it doesn’t hurt anymore when I think of him (or listen to songs that I associated him with).


Hello, I have just started working with dragons and that is with tarot and oracle cards and the dreams that I have had. I haven’t done much search on the web yet except for the youtube guided meditation. I was glad to see it referenced here also. I plan on doing that meditation a few times so that I can strengthen my connection with my spirit dragon. That Alphedia website looks like it has lots of information.


Thank you all !!!


I think it would be a site worth looking into, she has a good amount of background & this may be a way of her sharing her knowledge & path.

I poked around a little bit & she does some other work that coincides with the dragon workings.

Hopefully its a good resource for you & those working with or wanting to work with dragons :hugs:


I foud this site about dragons, it’s been around for years.



Thank you all I’ll definitely be looking into all the resources y’all have provided for me :relaxed::relaxed:


@brandy20 @Susurrus , a thought just came to me to share…when I am new to exploring something, I like to work with it first before researching. That way my experience is not preset in my mind. I will meditate on it and also set intentions to work with it(whatever that is ) and then start my research after.


@Phoenix_Rose I do something similar. I start simple & if it feels like something I’d like to know more about or possibly continue in my practice, then I will start reading. If it keeps me engaged, then I just continue to learn, research, relearn… its a cycle for me of learning & reinforcing. As my practice chamges I go back over it again & keep going as far I am able to with the time I have available. :two_hearts:


Thank you so much!


@Garnet you know I have been following this site for years LOL. I used to never remember the name and I even have printed out spells from long time ago in boxes in my house somewhere. I was looking up something not that long ago and it popped up again. I said I am going to bookmark it now.


@Kasandra it may be here in this post and I’m just not comprehending but was an active site with accurate information identified?

I know others practice dragon magic but your the one I know the most about.

A while back I posted about Dragons seeming to be trying to get my attention and not knowing what to do with it or where to go to find out.

I have been dealing with other things both Magickal and not so I put it all on pause.

You may have given suggestions then but if you did I don’t remember.

Kasandra help, I think Dragons are trying to get my attention but I knows nothing and I don’t know what to do. I’m ready to try to figure it out. What should I do?


@Nixi I have a few posts she gave me here is one I am on now. I will get you the other one I have them bookmarked. The first one is a lot of info, I have been pacing myself already, LOL.
Dragon Dreaming
Dragon Wisdom School


Thank you very much


Your welcome!


When it comes to dragon magick, I’ve had to forge my own path because of the limited number of websites and knowledge on the Internet. I can say that dragons love to take you on adventures and part of the adventure is making the unknown known.

I’ve learned through my time with working with dragons that there are countless numbers of them and it’s not limited to the lists you’ll find on websites. The Dragon Wisdom School has some types of dragons that I didn’t know existed. Cosmic dragons could be the Galactic Dragons that Caroline Mitchell mentions in the instruction booklet for Dragon Path, an oracle deck.

I meditated with my dragon guardian and teacher for the answer on how to tell if the information on dragons is accurate. Dragons are tough talkers, at least some of them like Courage and Orbron (dragon associated with the root chakra), but they will never talk down to you or make you feel inferior or worthless. If you work with dragons, they expect you to take your practice seriously. However, that doesn’t mean your meditations have to be long or your spells have to be elaborate with hard to find ingredients. They ask that you do everything with sincerity or with a genuine desire to work with them.

Dragons never actually called to me. I just approached them and they agreed to work with me. :laughing: Maybe they have and I just didn’t notice. I’m a bit oblivious when it comes to signs. :laughing:
Dragons love to use signs. I think you mentioned you once found a stick that looks like a dragon? I’d say that’s a sign that dragons are calling you to work with them!

A great way to get started is this YouTube video: Meet Your Guardian Dragon - Meditation | Psychic Protection :dragon:

I also recommend the dragon oracle deck Dragon Path by Caroline Mitchell for communication and advice from the dragons.

If you have any crystals such as amber, amethyst, green aventurine or moss agate, I recommend using them when working dragon magick. They represent the four elemental dragons. Amber clears mental confusion and is great for meditations. Amethyst enhances your physic abilities. Green aventurine attracts the unexpected (remember dragons love to reveal the unexpected). Moss agate will give you clarity of thought and intent.

Sorry if this post is really, really long. I know it’s a lot of information at once.


@Kasandra I see why it took you so long, I started my path last night finally but there is so much information to go thru and I appreciate any informtation that is shared. I know from reading one of the sites you shared it is hard finding information on the Dragons.


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