Weekly Challenge Entry - Touch of Tarot

Merry Meet!

I decided to do a more complicated spread for this week’s challenge with Tarot. I have been going through the book The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals by Mary K Greer the last couple months. I have been really intrigued by the Hidden Influences Spread she has at the back but it was intimidating. This challenge was the push I needed!

To start, you select a Significator card. This is a card in the tarot deck that you identify with. If you are uncertain, she recommends using The Magician if you are male or The High Priestess if you are female.

Leaving this card in the deck, shuffle the deck until you are ready. Cut the deck into three stacks as evenly as possible.

Look through each stack looking for your significator card, leaving the cards in order. Keep the stack that your card is in and discard the other two sections.

With the cards face down, lay the cards on a large table (I found the floor worked best for me) in the pattern and order shown below. As you lay the cards, turn them face-up from the right to the left.

Look for your card. The cards that surround you are your major concerns. These cards affect you most directly.

Each row has specific meaning:

  • Top Row: creative desire, inspiration, intention; FIRE
  • 2nd Row: emotions, feelings, fantasies; WATER
  • 3rd Row: mind, thoughts, attitudes; AIR
  • 4th Row: physical manifestations, results, form; EARTH
  • 5th Row: unconscious motivations, needs, underlying causes
  • 6th Row: same as 5th but even more deeply underlying.

The vertical columns represent time. Your significator is always in the present. Any cards to the left occurred in the past; any cards to the right are in the future.

Cards in a diagonal line from lower left to upper right indicate energy movement from underlying causes in the past to future inspiration. Cards in a diagonal line from upper left to lower right indicate energy movement from old intentions to future manifestations or needs.

There are certain cards that can also indicate specific kinds of events. For example, the Lovers or Two of Cups will tell you where relationship issues are. Balance and choice cards like Justice, Temperance, or the Two of Pentacles suggests where options lie. Court cards can indicate your style or way of handling the situations that surround them.

If you have exactly 26 cards then the single card on the 6th row assumes extra importance as a motivating factor and points directly to an outcome at the 24th position, which instigates a new direction taken by the card in the 25th position.

Some additional suggestions are to tell a story with just the reversed cards, just the upright cards, and then all the cards together.

My Reading

Below are the details of my reading. I used the Hush Tarot deck and Hades was my guide (he usually is with my shadow work or any work with my depression). Overall I am very happy I attempted this reading, even if it took me two days to fully interpret it!

Above is my spread. I chose the High Priestess as my card because I am currently on an inward reflection portion of my journey and most associate with her. She appears in the 4th row, or the Physical manifestations and results row.

I also created a printable to record my interpretations. I would be happy to share but it is too big to do so here. You can see my results below.

Entry for Weekly Witchy Challenge | A Touch of Tarot


This is some stunning tarot work, @Amaris_Bane! :star_struck: Thank you for sharing both the spread and also your interpretation- it looks like Hades and the cards guided you to many revelations and insights :sparkles::tarot_card: And your deck! Wow, the Hush Tarot is gorgeous :heart_eyes:

Great job! :clap:


You have so much talent! Bravo :clap:
I like that you were so bold to do so many cards!
Thanks for sharing your wisdom!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry, thank you! I love the Hush deck. It’s by tattoo artist Jeremy Hush. It’s the deck Hades prefers to work with but I can’t complain, the artwork is beautiful. I love his interpretation for the cards.

My three favorite are The Devil, Death, and The Tower. These are usually viewed negatively but he’s made them “less scary” while also added symbols into them that help with their meaning. For example, with the death card, while you see the skull almost immediately, it takes a second to notice the hatchling in the nest. All death is necessary for the next cycle to start.

@Jeannie1, thank you! The number of cards is why I was intimidated and kept avoiding it! It took a lot of energy out of me but was very insightful.


What a pretty deck Jessica!


Oh my goodness! This is a massive reading :scream: Props to you for doing this because I would just…not :laughing: Thank you for sharing it with us and also giving me a new book to buy!


Thank you! It was quite an undertaking! The book is a great reference and I keep it handy as I’m still getting a feel for reversals.


I love this approach- the artist Jeremy Hush really knows how to bring the cards to life with some breathtaking art! The Devil card is super cute and I agree- these three cards that are usually terrifying have a more visually appealing interpretation than many other decks I’ve seen.

A really gorgeous deck all around :blush: Thanks again for sharing, Jessica! :sparkles: