🔢 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE #111 - Numerology

Weekly Witchy Challenge #111 :wink:

For this challenge I want to talk about the 'Witch name" and how I became Sarall!
First off I didn’t understand that your witch name should match your birth number and I didn’t even know my birth number at the time! I just wanted to have a ‘witch name’!
When I signed up in the forum I was Sara11, which is cool, but I wanted to change it and I turned the ones into L’s.
Later on when I learned about numerology and how to do it I realized that Sarall is not a match at all. However, My real name is the same as my birth number. I really don’t think my parents planned that. It works with my married name and my maiden name!
I have made a list of names that match my birth number and so far nothing has stuck so I will remain Sarall for now. My instagram is Freydys which is the same as my birth number :three:. I had to change the ‘I’ to a ‘y’ to get :three:.
I heard that you are happier if you live in a town with the same name number as your birth number. I had to test that a bit. I knew my husband really preferred living in a town North of us so I did the math and it turned out that the town he likes matches his birth number :four:. Really neat :bangbang:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Well done to everyone who jumped into Numerology this week (especially those who are usually intimidated by math and numbers- extra points to you)! :clap::blush: Thank you so much for sharing your entries and digging deep into your personal/significant numbers- I think we can count this one a success! :wink::+1: :two_hearts:

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Thanks again for joining in the challenge! :partying_face:

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Blessed be! :1234::sparkles:


The Weekly Witchy Challenge - Numerology

I first started becoming involved with Numerology when I was developing an app called Angel Talk. When I was researching the section on Angel numbers is when I started learning about numerology. It was fascinating to me. At that point, I went to Pinterest and was downloading anything I could find on numerology but it wasn’t until now did I realize just how involved numerology really is and how other people, countries, religions, and the Ancient Ones view many different ways to use numerology and how far it really has been taken in exploring the world of numbers.

I decided to start the Challenge by obtaining my information already downloaded from Pinterest . The website below came from Kikimancy.com posted in Pinterest.This is a great website with a large amount of information. Here is a detailed explanation of the meaning of numbers (root numbers 1-9, master numbers, and angel numbers). The core numerology numbers, their different names, and what they mean:(r.drayer, kikimancy)

The root numbers 1 through 9 are categorized as odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) or even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8). The odd numbers represent the right side of the brain, which controls intuition and creativity, and the even numbers represent the left side of the brain, which controls linear thinking. In Numerology: The Power of Numbers, Ruth Drayer explains further: (Drayer, Ruth. kikimancy.com)

“The brain works largely through concrete thought – logic and intellect, generating rigid, programmed behaviors – as do ‘even’ numbers. Intuition and creativity are located in the right side of the brain, which generates behaviors that can be unpredictable, flexible, and too creative to be categorized – similar to the ‘odd’ numbers”.(Drayer, Ruth. kikimancy.com)

Okay that was the basics but then I went to Kindle and looked up books on numerology and this is where I found out how many different ways numbers are used and by so many different entities, for example, in the book by Charlie Emerson, 2022, THE MYSTERIOUS LANGUAGE OF NUMEROLOGY & ANGEL NUMBERS HOW TO INTERPRET YOURSELF, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, YOUR SOUL, AND YOUR HIDDEN FUTURE THROUGH NUMBERS, pg. 186 & 187.
In Kabbalah numerology, every letter from A to Z is given a corresponding number, starting with 1 and ending with 26; these numbers are known as the full numbers of every letter. Concurrently, every letter also has a root number between 1 and 9, and the allocation of Kabbalah numerology provides individuals a means whereby they can learn about their futures and destinies, as well as be guided as to decisions they have to make about their futures. Number interpretations in Kabbalah numerology reflect the positive, negative, and destructive sides of every number. Adapted from a chart provided by The Secret Science of Numerology: The objective of Kabbalah numerology is to calculate a life path number that will give individuals insight as to how they can play to their strengths and manage their faults, so they can achieve their ultimate destinies. Kabbalah numerological readings require a complex set of calculations, and for a complete and accurate reading, it is best to refer to the expertise of someone who has been trained in Kabbalah numerology. (C. Emerson, 2022)

By Medea Menefee


@Medea Thank you for sharing your numerology exploration! Your entry posted as I was writing up the Props and Presents, so I’ve added it in :blush: Thanks for joining!

The Props and Presents post for this challenge is now live in the forum!

Thanks again to all the Numerologists for joining in this week :1234: Blessed be! :heart:


For my entry i want to share my experience of use of numbers in my craft. The way i use numbers is by writing in my reflective journal in cipher sometimes when i do not want others to know especially if it is very private and i have not shared this information with anyone. To do this i replace each letter in the alphabet with a number such as: a-1, b-2, c-3, etc… I am aware this is not a very out-there way of keeping something simple but to people especially the ones around me, although simple it works.

(a1 b2 c3 d4 e5 f6 g7 h8 i9 j10 k11 l12 m13 n14 o15 p16 q17 r18 s 19 t20 u21 v22 w23 x24 y25 z26)

Khadija- 11-8-1-4-9-10-1


@TheMuslimWitch Within 3 minutes of posting Props and Presents is close enough for me- I’m glad I caught this! :blush: Thanks for sharing your entry about how you use numbers in your personal cipher- it’s a clever way to keep your journal personal! :open_book:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you thank you and thank you I did not think I was going to be able to make it in on time. I just can’t tell you how much I love being here this is just giving me such a new outlook everyone has been wonderful and helpful!



Ooh I like that! @TheMuslimWitch


I also “code” private, personal and things that are not public knowledge. If it was a sentence in a letter to someone, it would be every third word was the one you would read. Phone numbers were zip codes. If it was something that needed to say stay very secretive I would jumble foreign language words.



Hi Jessica,
Excellent job on your weekly witchy challenge. I’m so glad that I was able to participate and learn more about numerology. I thought I covered a lot of bases while I started researching it but I didn’t barely touch the tip of it. I didn’t realize how in-depth numerology really goes. This is now going on my list of research “things” to do. It seems to be that the mathematical system, equations and so on run our world and I’d like to learn more about that.
Again great job, Blessed Be!


I found these angel numbers and would be good to put in our Book of Shawdows !I found it on :pushpin: Pinterest


Awww Medea- it’s a pleasure having you here! :blush::heart: I am so happy that you are feeling at home here in your coven :infinite_roots: :two_hearts:

Thanks again for sharing your entry! Blessed be :sparkles:


Its a great way especially if you have something to say that could be dangerous or even cause issues… In saying that it could just also be for fun to have a coded conversation with someone knowing no one else knows… :blush:


@Siofra_Strega thank you so much for giving me some more numbers to explore!!!
@Medea Thank you :hugs: :blush:


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