🎴 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Touch of Tarot

Oooh my first challenge!!! And I looove tarot!!!

Now, how do I decide on which deck to use…:thinking:


Use the one that calls you, you’ll feel it.


I’ve got a meeting with my department head tomorrow, so I decided to do a one card reading to see if I could get an idea of how it will go.

I shuffled the deck and the card I picked was the six of wands, which seems to me to be a very good omen.

My interpretation guided by the tarot course here and my Tattoo Tarot Journal is that it signifies success, recognition of efforts, victory and admiration. I need to believe in myself and recognise my contributions, and show confidence.

Just reading the interpretation has given me more confidence to walk into the meeting with my head held high and to be forthright and honest in my discussions.


For @christina4, @jessica55, @Ember_Lee, and anyone who is struggling to choose which deck to use- @janelle shared an amazing Multi-Deck 2021 Year Tarot Spread that combines several decks in one elaborate reading. You don’t have to choose which deck to use if you use a spread that uses them all! :laughing: :+1:

You’re very welcome, @Siofra! I hope you enjoy your new deck and continue to have wonderful tarot readings! :flower_playing_cards:

That’s such a cute spread, @Kasandra- and perfect to use with your cat tarot deck! :cat:

Congrats on your tarot studies and the confidence-boosting reading, @IrisW! :clap: That’s interesting that the numbers are switched around in the Tattoo Tarot :thinking: Maybe there’s some kind of explanation in the guidebook? You’ve got me curious!


For this challenge, I decided to use a deck that I think I’ve only used once. It’s complicated to explain the entire thing so I’ll make it quick and easy!!
I have this layout that comes with the deck:

Sorry it’s sideways :joy:
The first box is my personal influence.
The second is outside influences.
The third is things to consider.

I shuffled the deck and I drew:
March, the Ash Moon.
Keyword- growth
Crystal- green aventurine
Symbols- Ash leaf, magic, intuition, dreams.

July, the Buck Moon
Keyword- leadership
Crystal- red garnet
Symbols- stag, green beans, storm clouds, lightning

November, the Beaver Moon
Keyword- ingenuity
Crystal- Petrified Wood
Symbols- Beaver, snowflakes, icicles

What I interpreted from the cards was with the Ash Moon is I’m growing internally due to others wrongful leadership, from the Buck Moon. And with the Beaver Moon, I understood that like snowflakes, everyone is unique. Maybe don’t take for granted what you have today because it could easily be gone tomorrow!!

Thank you for reading my post! I know it’s probably hard to understand, but you’ve got to watch a video that my teacher makes to teach the usage of the cards. Oh by the way, my teacher, Ashley Leavy makes this deck, Crystal Moon Mystic Oracle.


Tarot, the magical item that started all. Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated about this magical cards. I used to watch a show Sakura Card Captor and I feel in love with the concept of having magical cards that could predict the future. I recreate some of them, but my grandmother found them and decide to throw them away. Almost ten years ago, my father took me to see a friend of him and she read me the tarot cards. She said things that caught my attention and I remember she told me that I was destined for great, but I needed to find myself first. At first I didn’t believe her, but I always felt the connection to the cards. On December 2019, I stumbled with a tarot reading in Youtube from the Tarot Priest. I felt that they were calling to me; her message was so personal even though was a collective message. After that I wanted to know more, and every reading I encounter that month was to the point that I decided to try for myself. I bought my first Tarot Cards, the Mystical Manga Tarot and I began my journey to Tarot reading. I have read tarot for several people now, and I finally saw the importance of this wonderful tool. I see tarot as an Extension of the human self rather than a divination tool. I feel that my readings are more about self discovery than predicting if you are going to win the lotto. It is uncertain if my readings have made a huge impact on people, but I feel that I have at some level. Nowadays, I am working on my Tarot Reading Certification, so I can open my own tarot reading business in the future. Tarot change my life and I feel connected to it ever since.


I have only been using the Tarot for about or 2 ‘ and I’ve never connected to a deck like this one. Every time I really put thought into a question and ask, it seems to know .
This time I’ve never felt more heard and more connected to everything.
This time I was asking what I should do concerning my job “I had just been offered a very good promotion at a different store ‘ a very busy one and our store is really suffering with no employees like the rest of the world” and I was really looking forward to a change in department and the opportunity to advance more”
And these spreads (I always do 2)
first the Father and 2nd for the mother
(If the topic is life or movement/journey type)

The answer I got was that I can do anything in the world if I put my mind, body & soul in it. I can live the life I’m supposed to. It was an amazing experience. I’m a Rising Scorpio and Sun Sagittarius so I had to keep the Temperance card and Start with it in the second spread. I knew it was the Mother calling me into my own . That’s My Spirit Card!

This was my first session where I couldn’t believe how the cards were talking to me.
(I may have cried’ lol)
I truly believe that the gods and goddesses came together to tell me that I could have the world if I really want it ‘ & I will succeed and take every day to show how much I can do.


I’d also love to try the runes as tarot ‘ as @Liisa posted not too long ago’ such a good way to try a new thing get out of my comfort zone. I may pull a spread and then pull a rune to put on top the card and see what they both have to say’ :relaxed:


Those oracle cards are gorgeous, @Christina4! :heart_eyes: Looks like I will need to check out the Crystal Moon Mystic Oracle. Really stunning- and it looks like the cards had some positive and inspiring messages for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for sharing!

It sounds like tarot cards were calling to you for a long time, @Fabian- I’m glad you took the leap and answered them! It sounds like you are studying hard and enjoying your journey with tarot- good for you :blush: May your cards continue to guide you, and I’m wishing you all the best with both your Reading Certification and future tarot business! :pray:

I agree there is something sentient about each deck, @Steph- and it sounds like you have really connected deeply with yours! I’m glad your cards help to inspire you with uplifting messages- it sounds to me like they are cheering you on and want you to succeed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Beautifully done!


:star_struck: I am super stoked we all have a connection to the tarot and we all have a story about how we came to the tarot! I love hearing your stories and what made you want to dive in intuitively. For me I found the tarot in a astrology book and kept digging because I knew there was more. I am a seeker of knowledge! I am very glad that I discovered the tarot it has changed my life. Allowing me to use my intuition.

I really like the 22 Major Arcana cards they are my favorite. Also the 56 lesser Arcana cards!
Fire/ Rods
Water/ Cups
Air/ Swords
Earth/ Pentacles

Page/Child, Student
Knights/ 35yrs and older
Queen/ Nurturing women
Kings/ Authority

Positive/ Negative side
Challenging position
Highlight a challenging or difficult position
Mirror- Opposite
Some don’t like to use the reversals! How has your experience been using reversals?
Blessed Be


Before I did my reading, I did a purple candle meditation. Towards the end, the area between my eyebrows was warm and tingly. I was going to invoke Veaug for assistance with the reading, but I had this feeling that someone was trying to tell me, “there’s no need to invoke me-I’m already here and ready to assist you.” :dragon:
Something I was really not expecting.:flushed:

For the Pet Spread Tarot, I drew:
the Seven of Wands Reversed (your connection to your pet)
the Queen of Swords Reversed (why you were brought together)
the Ten of Pentacles (what your pet loves)
the Eight of Pentacles (what your pet fears)
the Three of Pentacles (how to help your pet)
and the Three of Cups (a message from your pet)

According to the booklet, the Seven of Wands Revered hints of a stubborn nature and advises that it’s sometimes best to cut your loses. As a Virgo, I can definitely be stubborn, especially when it comes to solving a problem or completing a task/achieving a goal. My kitty can be stubborn too, especially when she wants something to eat. :rofl:

The Queen of Swords Reversed hints that you have become emotionally withdrawn and unreceptive to love. When I went to adopt a cat, my fur baby was a bit aloof and not very affectionate, but the people there said that once she gets to know you, she will open up to you. Still, I wanted to adopt her, and just like they said, she became a lovey dove-y companion.

The Ten of Pentacles hints that you’ve found rewards and fulfillment through your relationships with others. That tells me that what my kitty loves is that I’ve given her a home with plenty of food, clean water, toys, a warm bed, and a clean litter box. :heart:

The Eight of Pentacles hints that you’ve been rewarded greatly, but don’t get too cocky with the strategies you’ve used; sometimes, you’ll
have to rethink them.
Umm, I guess my kitty is afraid that her strategy of showing me her tummy and brushing against my leg will eventually not convince me to give her treats or her Fancy Feast (her favorite dish) at dinner? :rofl:

The Three of Pentacles encourages us to broaden our knowledge, be an active listener, and work with others to achieve big results.
Makes sense.
Knowing your fur baby, looking for signs when they aren’t well, and building a trusting relationship with your vet will ensure they’ll live a long, happy life.

And finally, the Three of Cups encourages indulgence. A message I would expect from my kitty! :laughing:


I have never done more than a simple 4 card spread. I didn’t make a big leap, but a leap nonetheless to a 5 card spread with my Tarot of the Divine deck. This time as I was shuffling 3 cards came out, Knight of Coins Reversed, Ten of Swords Reversed, & The Wheel of Fortune. My impatience, anxiety, & recovery from the inevitable has resolved themselves & I’m coming into some brighter days ahead if I keep going in this direction.

The Eight of Swords also jumped out later & it is what was happening to me earlier in the week. I couldn’t get over the trapped feeling & my anxiety was through the roof! Together, I have overcome a lot of anxiety & been healing for a little bit & finally have come to the next phase. I feel like my path is being acknowledged & recognized as an achievement for this year.

After that I took on a 5 card spread that was new to me. I found it in the book that came with my deck: The Tarot of the Divine

(Pic of the 5 card spread laid out in my guidebook)

The first card in the spread is the Present - King of Coins I am strong & successfully overcame what I was going through during a healing time.

(Since between my June psychiatrist appointment & a Shadow Work Challenge I was an anxious, overthinking, borderline depressed mental wreck. I am taking the summer off of Shadow Work because of the toll that I have been through over the last 4 weeks. I’m going to be sweeter with myself & protect my energies from taking on other people’s close to me or otherwise.

"I’m preventing me from enjoying my life that is unfolding. I am also free to forgive myself of the things in the past." - A cherished friend that gave me the release I needed from the torment of past experiences.

The second card relates to the Past - Six of Wands Reversed I did have a fall from grace that was very hard for me to come to terms with, it caused a major upset in my anxiety & I needed release. I eventually got it but not without some pulling of teeth first.

The third card is the Current Future - Five of Swords Reversed I am making a compromise & sacrificing some of myself to come to a resolution, whether it’s permanent or temporary will be determined at another time but it’s smooth sailing for the time at hand.

The fourth card is the Hidden Potential - Page of Cups my youthfulness & sensitivity will be a good accent to the healing that I have done. My inner child could shine & be healed to direct things in the future.

The fifth card Unforeseen Influences - Knight of Coins Reversed my impatience & anxieties can set me back again if I am not careful with those parts of myself. They could change the outcome of the Current Future as it stands right now.

I don’t think it was so much a BAD reading as it is a look at what I have recently overcome in the last month or so & that it is being acknowledged. I am still heading in the right direction & should be able to enjoy my time & what is unfolding before me. However, keeping in mind that my anxiety & impatience could change the course of my near future journey. I should be happy with how far I have come & the work that has been put in recently.

I’m in a good place now. I’m genuinely happy. I’m going to stay away from Shadow Work for a bit because I need a rest & to enjoy what I have going on now. Today my husband & son have the day off due to the weather :wind_face: :cloud_with_rain: Everyone is home & hunkered down for the time being, so we are going to watch some goofy movies :movie_camera: eat popcorn :popcorn: & just make the best of it. I’m enjoying being with my family & in the present with them. I’ve also enjoyed the energy shift to brighter days & everything. :star2: :sun_with_face:

I appreciate any feedback that you may have on my reading. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have come a long way with tarot. Oh! I also pulled an Oracle from my Way of Brighid Oracle Cards.

I pulled: Air - Today call upon Brighid, Lady of Air to receive the blessing of clarity

An area of your life exists where clarification is required. Call upon Brighid in her aspect of Air to help in understanding and resolution. Inhale and exhale deeply three times, asking Brighid to help you find clarity. Feel the sacredness of the breath that she shares with you and that you, in turn, share with her. Allow your breath to make life clearer, brighter, truer. YOU ARE CLARITY


I love my cat too, and I noticed you said

I have been feeling the same way Cassandra about really being withdrawn away from my kitty 🐈‍⬛ I used to always want to be with her and for some reason lately It’s been harder for me to stop and give her love!


Iris - Good job listening to the whole Tarot video lesson. Usually I use podbean which is an app made for apple and android.

Here it is Tarot Bytes on Podbean
She has a book to that is really good you can draw in it and helps learn as you go.
I also use the tarot Lessons by infinite roots. I feel using both of them has helped allot but I hit a wall. I don’t feel as motivated as I was in the beginning. In the beginning I made a tarot cheat sheet for myself I listen to Podbean and listen to the archetypal Tarot,
The Archetypal Tarot on Podbean
Archetypal tarot goes in deeper with the meanings of the Taro with the major arcan. I also listen to the
The Witches Den on Podbean
Kassandra- Thank you for the Pet Tarot Spread, a Cat Tarot deck for cats! I feel maybe know I can try to use divination to listen better to what my pet may be trying to say. Its a neat tool to help me get closer to my pet Millie she is a Tabby with freckles in her mouth. She is laying down right now lets see how long that last before she comes over hear to get some treats!! I love her she sleeps with me every night.


I know that my Inner Child needs work. I also know that I need help with that. I also need help with reading tarot. I figured somehow I can use it to help with the Inner Child. So I went on a hunt for tarot spreads & found an abundance of them on Pinterest. I found ones for the Inner Child, Connecting with a Deity, Brighid, New Moon, Full Moon, Scorpio, a bunch of different ones. Then this morning I went on Etsy & looked up Tarot Journals. I want to keep a good record of my readings to see how I am doing. I found a cute & whimsical one that I can print as many times as I need. It comes in different sizes so you can add it to any binder or planner that you may have. It’s a digital download so you can print it as many times as you need or in sizes. Tarot Journal Digital Download


I did one card reading earlier in the week, but also decided to do a second three card reading today to try and delve a little deeper.

As I said in another thread, I’m currently tackling issues with alcohol addiction, so wanted some insight as to whether I’ll be able to overcome those issues.

The three cards I pulled are:-

I see The Fool as very positive as I know it signifies new beginnings, which this very much is.

As well as the deck itself, I also purchased the Tarot Journal to go alongside it which has some useful starting points for interpretation and indicates that this is unchartered territory setting out on a new adventure. Little is holding me back and I should let myself explore, revelling in my freedom. If I do meet with dark clouds, they will pass.

The 4 of coins flummoxed me a little at first as it seemed to relate more towards wealth and financial security. However, drinking alcohol is not the cheapest of pastimes, and drinking less will improve our finances. There’s also a suggestion to work actively on purposeful savings, which I have been able to do for a number of years so will set myself and my family more securely for the future.

The King of Swords tells me to draw on my accumulated experience and to remember success with previous strategies; I know I can stop drinking, I’ve done it before. The key to success was finding other things to do, and not letting myself slip back into old habits. The guidance also says to be wary of crossing someone and to have a fair attitude. Maybe it’s myself I need to be kind towards and not cross?

Not sure if the above is even close to hitting the mark, but I think it was helpful to me.

Strangely the cards I pulled also seemed to be pertinent to another question I had in the back of my mind about our relationship potentially opening up again. New beginnings, avoiding complacency and becoming possessiveness, learning from past mistakes…


I was wondering if someone could help because I wanted to make a post but wanted to make a separate page. I forgot how to do it so can someone help me? So I don’t take up so much space and be rude?


Just go to the forum and go to the Activities tab, then click New Topic. That should do what I think you’re wanting it to do.


My entry isn’t a spread or anything like that. I took advantage of the New Moon last night to do a short spell. I’ve got this book called Everyday Tarot Magic by Dorothy Morrison. I haven’t read it all yet but I did look through the spells and found one that I like for new endeavors that you cast on the new moon.

So yeah, I did that. Here it is in case anyone else is interested. Again, this is by Dorothy Morrison, not me.

Spell to Open Oneself to New Endeavors.


Ace of Rods (Wands)
1 white candle.

Light the candle during the New Moon, and watch the flame dance until you feel its light completely enveloping you. Then hold the Ace of Rods in your hand and invoke its power by saying something like:

Card of all that’s fresh and new
Do now what I ask of you
Bring inspiration, bold and bright
Bring opportunities to light
Bring synchronicity to play
And new beginnings, toss my way
So I may start my life anew
Ace of Rods, I conjure you

Leave the card in front of the candle until the wick burns out, then carry the card with you.

I’ve got to admit I used the copier to do a copy of my Ace of Wands, I didn’t want to mess the card up keeping it in my pocket. I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. Here’s a picture of the original though, in case y’all want to see it.

So that’s what I did. Hope y’all liked the idea! Cheers!


Thank you Amethyst!