Weekly witchy Challenge – Beauty

This challenge is about beauty Magick, but I felt
that a reminder to the younger generations to pass
on their magic would perhaps be more apropos.
From me to them.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but remember, nothing lasts forever. Except a good, heart and Love.”

Magick, is a precious thing but sadly can be lost.
By word or rite, day or night we should count cost.

Mother to daughter, father to son
No matter to whom, tell someone.

Generations of knowledge lost forever.
Medicines brewed by medicine folk, clever.

An example is the mountain people
Potions, salves, tinctures and syrup

Recipes of great value, lost to time

So much has already been lost, by untimely deaths
Or forgetting that the old ways can sometimes be best.

This planet is ours with everything we need
Having said that, not all plants are weeds

So, my young witches, write it all down
And in the future you won’t have to frown.

Through You shall continue the craft
Pass it on is all that I ask.


Check out humblebee & me run by a smart business woman. Great recipes and wonderful advise. Her name is Marie Rayma and you can find her here.

Thanks Marie!


Beautiful message written by a beautiful lady- you have a very lovely and kind heart, Garnet! :heart: Thanks for taking the time to write this beautiful poem, you do have a talent for writing :writing_hand: :blush:

And thank you for the recommendation of Humblebee & Me- it looks like a really cute little store! I have to admit I love the name :bee:

Thanks Garnet- blessed be! :sparkling_heart: