🕑 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

For my Books, Tomes, and Tales challenge, I started reading A Natural History of Dragons A Memoir By Lady Trent by Marie Brennan.

I hadn’t seen the A Memoir By Lady Trent when I saw the cover (the image was low resolution). :laughing:

It is told from the perspective of the fictional Lady Isabella Trent, a noblewoman who made great strides in the field of dragonology. The setting is an alternate universe where dragons are as real as horses or chickens. The names of the countries are different and I still don’t have them all memorized yet. I think Scirland (is this supposed to be an alternate version of Scotland based on my phone’s spell check?) is where Lady Trent was born.

The first dragon readers are introduced to is the Sparkling, which is roughly the size of a dragon fly.

Lady Trent recounts her attempts over the years to perfectly preserve a Sparkling. She eventually succeeds with a solution that contains vinegar and nicknames her Sparkling Greenie.

She then tells how her fascination with dragons began. It all started with a simple question: why do birds have wishbones? It’s not so we can make wishes on them, as her maid said. The answer is it strengthens the bird’s thoracic (thorax) skeleton and is the point where all the wing muscles attach.

I read the first chapter quickly and can’t wait to hear more about her findings.

Will we learn that dragons have wishbones?


Hey all!

I decided to work with dragons this week. I’ve read a lot about them and got some good advice from
@Kasandra about those beautiful creatures. Thanks again!

I’m planning to invoke the fire element today and meditate on them :dragon:

Thanks a lot for this opportunity to work on past challenges. I wish you all a lovely Moonday :first_quarter_moon_with_face:


While I was very excited to see this challenge, I will admit that I have a “eyes bigger than stomach” case with it and wanted to do so much but couldn’t quite decide which to settle on.

In the end, I went with 🐾 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Claws, Paws, Tails and Scales - #3 by Saulamay

While I have always loved animals, cats especially, I admire the intelligence and quirkiness of crows. I really hadn’t given them much thought in terms of spirituality. A year past a friend gave me a welcome back to Wicca care package and one of the items she gave me because she said it reminded her of me. It was a cute little chubby crow figurine. As soon as I saw it, it clicked in my head. This, This was my animal. I never fail to notice them in my life, whether they are flying through the sky or caching a prize. I see them each and every day. They bring a smile to my face.

I know I have a connection to them and over the past few months, I’ve accepted the connection and now wear a silver pendant to keep them near to guide me.

Researching their significance and meanings, I find that they symbolize life, luck, magic, intelligence, and a higher perspective.

(The following article is from WorldBirds: Crow Symbolism and Meaning)

The crow is an intelligent creature that has a high power of observation and intuition that many other animals lack. They lend us the same characteristics by giving us the power of insight that is usually accurate. In short, the crow’s spiritual meaning is that of insight, which is hard to come by in any other animal.

Crow Totem Animal

People with a crow totem are well-known for their creative and handiwork nature. They don’t need to be artistic, but they can take bits and pieces of anything and transform it into something useful. In any complex or challenging situation, you can count on a crow animal totem person to come up with an unorthodox solution.

People with a crow totem are a weird breed. They have this unusual ability to display extreme personalities like tense and easygoing to frustrating and helpful. This ability enables them to shift from one personality trait to another as need be. Not many people have the empathy or insight developed so much as to not only understand and perceive the situation but also to modify oneself in accordance with it; this is exceptional.

People with a crow animal totem have a lot of personal integrity. They are not only insightful but also mindful of their actions and opinions. As a result, they embrace life’s mission and walk the talk. They shift from one life change to another with effortless ease. Like the crows, these people have an eye for spotting opportunities and swoop in as soon as they see one." - from Crow Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens) - World Birds

(The following article is from Uniguide: Crow Spirit Animal)

If a crow crosses your path, it could be sign that you have the ability to handle yourself in any situation – even if you don’t always feel that way. Don’t let sudden upheavals in your life or other people’s drama’s ruffle your feathers. The crow spirit animal helps you to adapt and to soar above the fray, find a safe place to perch, and watch it all unfold.

Be flexible and open to new situations.

Undoubtedly, one of the keys to crows’ survival in environments that are challenging for other animals is that, like coyotes and raccoons, crows are omnivores. Crows will eat anything – from other birds to fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, mice, fish, frogs, carrion, and dog treats. (If you go to dog parks, undoubtedly you’ve seen crows hanging around looking for spare treats.)

This too shall pass.

If the crow was a Sufi poet, he would say to you, “This too shall pass.” The crow reminds you that the one thing we can all be certain about is that things change. Resisting change is like living in a state of denial."

Crow Meaning: Transformation

(To read more, please visit the original source at Crow Symbolism & Meaning & the Crow Spirit Animal | UniGuide)

Moon Crow by Deep Coloured Water
Moon Crow by Tamara Philips, Deep Coloured Water.

(The following article is from Spirit Animal: Crow Spirit Animal)

Crow Totem and Power of Insight

Crows are known to build their nests in very tall trees. Doing so, they can get a better vision or perspective on the rest of their surroundings. By affinity with this trait, those who have the crow as a spirit animal or totem will enjoy a position from where they can see things from a higher perspective.

The crow is also watchful of intruders and predators. The sound it makes is characteristic of a loud, strident bird noise that can warn the other members of it clan over great distance. When you see your crow spirit animal, be on the watch.

The Crow Spirit Animal, a Guide about Fearlessness and Determination

Have you ever watched a group of crows ganging up together and chasing out birds much bigger than they are? This behavior makes the crow a useful animal totem to call when you need support in dealing with adversity. If the crow chose you as your power animal, you are encouraged to develop your personal willpower and speak your truth more loudly.

Crows always seem to be able to get away with what they are after, be it a piece of food left on the road or sneaking into other birds’ nests to steal or eat their eggs. Echoing this trait, those with the crow as totem or spirit guide might watch for the tendency to trick or be a bit manipulative."

from https://www.spiritanimal.info/crow-spirit-animal/

I find that I am and have always been an uncanny judge of character and very intuitive in most situations. I can pick up on small details and glean information from what people say or how they say it. Crows are intelligent creatures that use their skills to read environments and other animals to make decisions about intent and outcomes. They have an uncanny nack of being clever, intuitive, and surprising.

The hardest things for me to accept in life are always the unknown and things I can’t change. I grew up in a household where “This too shall pass” was the mantra that I never could take to heart. My anxiety would always get the best of me and the mantra never took hold. Researching this reminds me, that this IS the mantra for me, like it or not. That I NEED to believe in it and accept it as part of my life.

Crows, in addition to being curious and courageous when circumstances require them to be. Leaning on friends and family to rally and overcome obstacles that they encounter. I will take this to heart and go out of my comfort zone and ask for help when needed to defeat life’s unexpected challenges.

I’m including pictures of my crow altar figurines and my necklace.

Thank you for the opportunity to revisit a challenge I wanted to work on!



I’ve been completely off my game with challenges the last couple of weeks, missed last week’s completely. So I’m going to go through the list and see what I can do this week to catch up on a couple…


Ok so for my first catch up I’m going with:

:open_book: Books, Tomes, and Tales - Book Lover

For this challenge I’ve been continuing my learning on Persephone and now have three books in my collection:-

  • Pagan Portals: Persephone - Practicing the Art of Personal Power by Robin Corak
  • Persephone’s Pathway - Wisdom, Magick & Growth by Jennifer Heather
  • Persephone Rising - Awakening the Heroine Within by Carol S. Pearson

In learning more about Persephone I didn’t want to limit myself to just one source hence several books as well as online resources I’ve been using.

The first book is quite thin, but I’ve also got other books in the Pagan Portals series and find them to be an easily accessible introduction to learning about Goddesses. There are a number of rituals in this book that I want to try but I’ve a few materials I need to gather first.

There’s also a great section on journal questions that I’m going to work my way through. I want though to be able to dedicate a decent amount of time to it when I have peace and quiet, this weekend whilst we had the kids with us was not the right time! But hubby is working away from home every day this week so I’m hoping to fit it in later in the week.

The second book I’ve only just started to dig into but the blurb on the back gives a flavour of what it covers:

Persephone’s Pathway is one of balance and duality; embrace the dual goddess archtype of Underworld Queen and Spring Maiden in order to achieve harmony. This book shares the wisdom of Persephone, along with spells and rituals to help in your daily life. Shadow work exercises encourage you to work with the Underworld aspect of the Dark Goddess, whilst flower magick celebrates the joy and gentleness of the Spring Goddess. Blend the dark and light aspects together to experience how they shine a light on each other in the celebration of wholeness and authenticity.

I think the balance of light and dark, that we’re more than one thing, is possibly what draws me so much to Persephone and to want to learn more about her.

As with the Pagan Portals book, there’s a retelling of the traditional story whereby Kore, as she was also known, felt coddled by her mother and chose to go with Hades to the Underworld, where she became Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.

There’s also an invocation which I intend to use within my work with Persephone:

Persephone’s Invocation

Hear me Persephone, Maiden of light,
Be with me Persephone, Queen of the night.

Lend me your wisdom, your clear sight and justice,
Shroud me with sanctuary, this space encompass.

Help the seeds of my labour to take hold and grow,
Abundant blossoms above, sturdy roots below.

When the blooms are all spent and to death they sojourn,
Receive them sweetly in darkness before their return.

Blessed Persephone, Spring maiden of birth,
Thank you Persephone, fair Goddess of Earth.

PDF attached for those that would like a copy for their BOS:
Persephone’s Invocation.pdf (161.8 KB)

The third book is a bit of a weighty tome and I’ve not yet dug into it. It comes across a little like a self help book, how we can use the strategies from the Greek myths to find happiness in the modern world.


For my second catch up challenge entry I’ve gone with

:money_with_wings: The Thrifty Witch - Thrifty Witch

I will admit to having a bit of a frenzy with wanting “all the things” and spending a fair bit acquiring new things for my altar and craft. But I’ve also made quite a few things or bought them second-hand that I use regularly in my practice so here’s a summary of some of those items:

My cloak bought on Ebay

My staff made from a stick found in the woods

One example of recycled food jars used for storing witchy things

A rose quartz I’ve had since I was a child

Bird bones

One of many feathers I’ve acquired on walks

My painting of Iris made with materials I already had

My homemade fairy door (the mouse is Miss Agatha)

Salem the cat

My besom made from a stick found in the woods, twine I had already and some birch branches purchased on Etsy

The beautiful stones my husband has owned for years that he gifted me for use in my outside altar

My homemade Samhain pumpkin…

…and wreath

Anyway I’m hoping that this is sufficient for this challenge. Going back through my photos has given me inspiration to make some more things, part of my current pledge to be more environmentally friendly overall.


That looks like an awesome book @Kasandra! Right up your alley!


For whatever reason I just had a thought of Sully the monster from the Monters Inc movie pop into my mind. He has a very lovely shade of blue fur with purple polka dots. Well you never know auras can be more than one colour can’t they?


My catch up entry: Dragon Magic

I picked up a book called “Year of the Magickal Dragon” by Virginia Chandler. It’s about a wheel of the year invoking different dragons and their energies. I like the idea but the writing style for the rituals isn’t all that inspiring. So I’ve started reworking some of it to more suit my tastes.

The first thing I’ve redone was calling the quarters. The invocation given in the book is kind of dry, I like my rites to have a more dramatic feel. For inspiration I turned to a song by Lisa Thiel called “Invocation” from her album “Circle of the Seasons.” So I used the song as a basis but changed the lyrics from “powers of” to “dragon of” and then put in some my own words and some of the original from the book.

Here’s what I came up with :dragon_face:

I call upon the Dragon of east and air,
And all of the energies pure and fair.
Dragon of wisdom and of clarity,
Protector of winged ones and of faerie.
Dragon of thought and of the mind,
Bring forth ideas to inspire human kind.
Dragon of hope and the eternal dawn,
The power to begin anew and then to carry on.
Guardian of the sacred breath of life,
I, _____, ask you to be with me tonight,
Bring your blessing to this rite.

I turn now to the quarter of south,
And the living flame of the dragons mouth.
Creativity, action, desire,
I call upon the dragon of fire.
Dragon of passion and of the heart,
The fires of poetry, music and art.
Dragon of the serpent flame ascending,
Blazing snake of the soul unending.
Guardian of the divine flame of spirit,
I,_____, ask you to be with me tonight,
Bring your blessings to this rite.

I turn now to the quarter of west,
The place where the sacred waters rest.
Dragon of the ocean, dragon of the flow,
Essence of the sea and it’s fierce undertow.
Dragon of the rivers and of the streams,
Delivering visions and the tides of dreams.
Dragon of cleansing and of healing,
Blood of being, and the source of feeling.
Guardian of the holy wellspring of love,
I,_____, ask you to be with me tonight,
Bring your blessings to this rite.

I turn now to the quarter of north,
And call upon the dragon of earth to come forth.
Dragon of crystal, mountain and stone,
Strength of stability, foundation and bone.
Dragon to manifest and to attain,
Power on the physical plane.
Dragon of abundance and prosperity,
Stand fast in practical integrity.
Guardian of the blessed body,
I,_____, ask you to be with me tonight
Bring your blessing to this rite.

The book

The song


OOH, that would be a nice combo! I wouldn’t mind if I had purple polka dots! LOL!


Purple has always been my favourite colour!


My first novel was Dracula ‘ in the 4th grade’ I remember climbing in the elementary library castle to read it; cuz I thought I had to hide to read it’ lol
But I’ve loved so many books’ first fiction than fiction became real. The Information that turned into knowledge’ has made me who I am , and I’m willing to read and become even more . One Book In particular

Has made me feel every emotion possible’
Has In Deed Awaken this Women from her slumber :cupid:

I hope this opens for You :cupid::kissing_heart:


Thank you! I copied for my BOS and can’t wait to do this at Yule :slight_smile: I love the Yule Cat reference!


I love how creative you are! Everything ws so beautiful. That wreath is incredible. Is it just me or does that altar stone have a face?


That is an interesting magical animal. I read in one of my son’s books that crows are quite smart. They can recognize human faces. If one of their flock dies, they other crows will gather and appear to say goodbye to it.


That is totally amazing! I have never seen a painting on a jacket before and I just love it. The eclipsing, blood moon! So very, very cool :sunglasses:


For the tarot challenge, I decided to go with the date. As it’s the 22nd, I chose the 22nd card of the Major Arcana, The World. For those unfamiliar with the tarot, The World’s number is card 21 (XXI) because The Fool (the first card of the Major Arcana) is card zero. The Major Arcana tells the story of the fool’s journey- from the innocent, young-at-heart soul at the beginning of their quest to the seasoned veteran who completes the journey, wiser, grateful, and more experienced. The soul becomes the master only to begin a new journey and become The Fool once again. I’ve been reading and studying the tarot for nearly 23 years now, and I relate to The World card as she is me. I was the young (maybe not so innocent-ha) soul who went on a journey to find herself, and damn, she went through hell. As I sit here writing this now, older and so much wiser, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for surviving a harrowing journey that I just narrowly escaped. And now, I am ready to dive into unchartered territory and take a leap of faith as the fool once more. :heart: :sparkles:


Nothing like waiting until the 11th hour to finish wrapping up the weekly challenges! This is my entry for the “A healthy dose of crystals” challenge. All of my friends know that at any given time I will have at least one crystal on me. When I travel, I carry no less than 7. I was named “most likely to heal you with a crystal” of my class when I became a registered yoga teacher. :slight_smile: And while I have used crystals in my reiki sessions for years, I am actually in the process of becoming a certified Crystal Reiki master/teacher now. I am also taking a course to become a professional crystal reader. I am loving all that I’m learning now because it’s making it new again and reigniting my passion and joy! :grin: :heart:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

So much creativity and diverse magick on display this week- thank you to everyone for joining in the Catch-Up Challenge! :partying_face:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :clock2: :sparkles:


@BryWisteria thank you for the chance of a catch up. I hope you aren’t going to be too swamped with sea of badge giving. I hope you don’t mind me picking 2 challenges this week. I just couldn’t decide so many amazing challenges to choose from.