🕔 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!

Challenge Entry one
Witchy Media
The Illusionist / Magos Eisenheim (2006)
We are at the beginning of the 20th century. Eisenheim (Edward Norton), a young wizard who, because of his magical powers, many believe is in league with the devil, falls madly in love with Princess Sophia (Jessica Biel). Although such a love seems impossible, due to their social differences, our hero does not give up. But things get complicated when the young princess announces that she has decided to marry the heir to the throne, Prince Leopold. The young wizard’s heart breaks. The only way to win his beloved is to use his magical powers. Spells, supernatural powers, sorcery, and whatever else the human mind conjures up, are employed. Along the way, the safety of an entire kingdom is compromised in order for Eisenheim to achieve his goal and for love to triumph!

*Challenge Entry two

Kitchen Witchery - Kitchen Witch

1 kilo wheat flour (hard)
1-1/2 sachets (12 grams) of dry yeast or 40 grams of fresh yeast
1 tsp sugar
2 kg. coarse salt
620 grams of warm water
A little extra flour for shaping
Put the bread flour in a bowl.
Add the yeast and sugar and mix with a spoon. If we use fresh yeast instead of dry yeast, activate the yeast first.
Dissolve the salt in the warm water with a spoon.
Add the water little by little and knead. The dough is ready when it gathers into a ball and the sides of the bowl come clean.
We take the dough out on our counter and knead it for 10 minutes until it is pliable and does not stick to the hands. If necessary, sprinkle the hands and the workbench with a little flour.
When the dough for the basic bread recipe becomes smooth and pliable, gather the dough into a ball with the joints facing down. Put it in a lightly oiled bowl and cover it well. Leave it for 45 minutes in a warm place to rise and double in size.
After the dough has risen, take it out on the counter and knead it for a while to deflate.
Put it back in the oiled bowl, cover it and leave it for 30’ in a warm place to double in size.
After the second swelling is done, we take the dough out on our counter and press it to deflate.
We divide it into 2 equal parts. We will make 2 loaves of bread.
Shape into loaves or loaves and optionally add sesame seeds.
Spread them out on a baking sheet sprinkled with flour, or lined with non-stick paper.
Cover the loaves and let them double in volume for 30’.
When the loaves have risen, score them in 1-2 places on the surface and bake them in a well preheated oven in the air on the middle rack at 200 °C for 35 to 40’ until they are well browned.
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