:triple_moon_goddess: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Deities & Deity Worship

@stavroula ooh I’d love to meet your deities. Looking forward to this Lovely :sparkling_heart::hugs:



Many of you will be familiar with my connection to the Traid of Abydos of Ancient Egypt, consisting of Osiris, Isis and Horus. I do have them represented on my altar by statues, which are blessed and cleansed each day. I also “dress” them,make offering and send prayers to them each day. However, this week I took a different approach and reflected to answer the question:

How do I see my deities in the world around me?

Who is Osiris?
*I see Osiris in the cycles of the year, the changing of the seasons and even the change of day into night. He is those being born into our lives as well as those sadly being taken out of our lives. *

He is the growth of flowers in gardens, leaves on tress and crops in fields but he is also the harvest, the shrivelled flowers and dying leaves of Autumn and the baroness of Winter. Osiris is regeneration of wounds and the rebuilding of what has fallen

Osiris is the obstacles we face and the transformation we go through to over come them. He is our inner strength and our perseverence. Osiris is us treating others with kindness and fairness. He is the Justice we seek and the judges, courtrooms and law enforcement how help us achieve it. He is our ethics and morals. Osiris is our desire to help others and he is those who help us too. He is our positive impacts, our accomplishments and the legacy we desire to leave behind.

This is Osiris

Who is Isis?
Isis is the mother holding her children’s hand, the teachers working in schools parting wisdom and knowledge and even the birds looking after their eggs in the nest. She is the family sitting down to dinner together, the kids tucked up safely in bed and even the family dog sitting at its owners feet.

Isis is the rains that fall and fertilise the ground, prompting growth, she is the sperms and the egg uniting, the growing feotus and the baby that is born of its mother.

Isis is the medicinal plants growing in my garden, the therapeutic oils in my diffuser and even the doctors and nurses in the local hospital. She is our counsellor, therapist or even the friend who offers a listening ear or shoulder to cry on.

Isis is the care we show for the environment, our sustainability practices and recycling at home. She is our preservation of natural resources, saving of energy and reducing our carbon footprints.

Isis is magick, the spells we use, the tools we use, the chants we recite, the herbs and crystals in our spell jars and the words of our intentions. She is the abundance we seek, the energies we must banish and the positive energy we surround ourselves with.

This is Isis

Who is Horus?
Horus is the leader within us. He is our drive, our passion and our assertiveness. He is the voice that tells us to say no! He is the boss in workplaces, the city mayors, the councillors and the politicians. He is the armed forces and police who offer protection daily.

Horus is the law of the land and those charged with upholding it. He is the police, the prisons and those who work to fund and capture criminals. He is the lawyers and judges in court rooms and those who fight for equal rights around the world. He is those fighting for social justice.

Horus is who protects me. He is the safety devices in my home and car, he is the passwords on my devices, the PIN on my bank card and the security guards in the stores. He is the bird flying above me, keeping a keen eye and showing vigilance. He is the armed forces who protect our country and the brave men and women who are deployed worldwide.

Horus is the passing of knowledge from one generation to another. He is what we learn from our parents, he is the continuation of family traditions and the recieving of inheritance. Horus is how wee seek to help and support our parents in return for the Mentorship and love they have given us. Horus is the child growing into an adult, ready to take on the world independently.

This is Horus

Blessed be




I think everyone whether they know it or not, has Horus in their lives. This was lovely. :sparkling_heart:


Very beautiful! I love how dearly you speak of your deities! :blush::heart::star2::purple_heart:


Such reverence and devotion. Beautiful :pray: :sparkling_heart:


This is nice.


Cosmic Curiosity

I love your interpretation of life and death. I am wrestling right now with the fact that we die it’s a scary thought and it’s gonna happen to me one day and I’m trying to face all the bad things that I have done in this lifetime. I am trying to forgive myself.

Inner strength would be great thank you for that reminder!

I am feeling more close to isis more than anything thank you Isis for looking over the children!
Blessed be!
I can’t believe this challenge is almost over! I wanted to dive into more diety!
For *”Kore ** she gets her name after she became queen of the underworld, She was abducted by Hermes the underworld god. She was tricked into eating some pomegranate seeds!
I wanted to honor her so I made a sugar scrub
I felt tricked into doing drugstore in my lifetime! I didn’t know any better!
:ingwaz::I cup sugar
:ingwaz: 1 pomegranate
Mix with Coconut oil till the sugar is filled

Can you see my crown :crown: on the Moon :first_quarter_moon_with_face::waning_crescent_moon::last_quarter_moon_with_face:
She is connected to the luminous moon so I used my moon so I could connect to the spirit of the moon like my fears and the subconscious and consciousness of my intuition. If I can reach into my heart and connect to to the third eye and work with the root chakra and shead the deep rooted feelings like my depression, fears, worries, anger, shame, any abandonment, low moods, I can start to let that go and descend down into my gut feelings I want to release!
She is the Destroyer! Persephone is connected to Pluto. She is connected to Mabon and the Harvest. The flowers :hibiscus: and seeds that are being nourished to be reborn again! She is also connected to the tourch! I am in the process of making an offering to her. A tourch so I can make a way to see the light ! I use pomegranate. trees she’s connected to is aspen, cedar, cherry, For, pomegranate, poplar, black, willow, I used Cedarwood!
In my bottle there’s
Ceaderwood and olive oil for an offering with some black chips to ward off any low moods!
her herbs and garden are daffodil, ivy, poppy, varian,
Misc. Plants :seedling: Dittany Grain : I used Ivy, ground cedar and used my astrological stones to add more power Virgo :virgo: and Scorpio :scorpius:.

I am using Rhodonite to help me stay grounded! I want to accept myself just the way I am!

Blue Lace Agate can aid me giving me that encouragement instead of self doubt!
Releasing all fear of judgement and my favorite part is get ready to leave any thoughts of inadequacy! I am a new because every day is a new beginning!

I used Llewelyn book of correspondences!



gods…still searching…
I am looking for information about Ekati …
For now we are dealing with my Angels and the Elements…
when I complete the search for the Goddess Hekati, I will make a dedication out of my joy!
For now Michael the Archangel has the first place on my altar as well as the Angelica Tarot
A white candle is always lit during my meditation, sometimes accompanied by the sounds of Fire [aries horoscope] and sometimes by the sounds of Gaia[Capricorn sign]


I can’t imagine this doing anything but making every day a joy to wake up to. :smile: :joy:

I love his changing styles. :black_heart:

That is so beautiful. :black_heart:

Thank you so much for also bringing this wisdom to us as well. :pray:

It’s difficult, indeed. But you are a beautiful soul, and you will find the grace to forgive yourself just as the universe has forgiven you. In Hekate’s embrace, may you find peace, and by the light of her torches, may you be shown the way. :black_heart:


Before I even read what the weekly challenge was, I decided to re do my Hekate altar this weekend. It is the Samhain season after all.

I am still a fairly new witch, (almost 2 years) and I was afraid of Hekate. It probably had to do with the brain washing of Christianity upbringing. I try to balance light and dark, and I remember in August I had 2 altars set up for dark goddesses, the Morrigan and Hekate. When I did that, I was thinking that I was breaking the rules. I wasn’t balancing the light and dark. The next day something horrible happened to an old friend of mine, and I’m still not over it. In the back of my mind I felt guilty. I know it sounds ridiculous, but there was a little voice telling me that I caused that unfortunate accident by worshiping 2 dark goddesses. There is a lot more to this story, but there would be a few trigger warnings, so I don’t want to go into the details. I haven’t touched the altars since it happened, but now I feel it’s time. I know now that the accident had nothing to do with me. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I don’t know if anything I’m saying is even making since, but it’s time to redo the altar for Hekate.


Challenge Entry

There are way too many dragons a witch can work with. :sweat_smile: Choosing which dragon/s to work with takes time, but they can all help you become the best version of yourself.

The only dragons I am working with at the moment are my dragon guardian (whom I’ve nicknamed “Hank”) and my dragon teacher. Hank loves to curl around my shoulders and will switch positions from time to time (his head to my right, his head to my left).

In the two and a half years since I started working with Dragons, I have learned that offerings aren’t a requirement, though they will appreciate them.

Dragons love to communicate through symbols, but symbols tend to go over my head, so I talk to them through mediation and divination. I will feel an light “scratch” when I know that it is time to pull the right card.

Right now, I’m taking a break with tarot and oracle cards because my readings were suggesting I don’t
Before, I used to think that I needed the dragons’ help to “come out of my shell”, but I’m learning that being introverted is not something that I need to change.

I have been going through the second ring of dragon magick since April, May (?). Half of my journey has been learning more about green magick and the other half is learning how not to fret so much over the passage of time. I’ve been struggling with the latter lately. I can’t believe we’re almost a week into October, already! :pensive: Gradually, I’m learning to accept that time will never go as slow as it did when I was a kid. It would also help to limit my time on social media where people love to post countdowns to the holidays and how “September was going 70MPH in a 25 MPH.”



This is lovely. And I love your point

Looks like your beautiful dragons are helping you be yourself. I think we could all use the help of a dragon like that. My mum loves dragons too. :sparkling_heart:


@Ostara Sorry about that experience, that must have been upsetting for you. I’m glad you no longer blame yourself, and redoing your altar. Be lovely to see it when you’re ready lovely :sparkling_heart:


Thank you. I will share it when I’m done. :heart:


I am glad you took no fault of there karma!Kassandra your a good soul!

Some things that seem bad are actually good.


Hi kassandra, I just want to let you know that I feel the same exact way. I was really worried about time running out but but now I know that there’s no such thing as time.


Yes I think it is there in all of us. We all learn from those who raise us and at some point we want to return the favour for the support and love we were given. Horus learned from and was protected by his mother as she raised him in secret until he was ready to avenge his father. He banished Seth and regained the crown, continuing his father’s legacy of peace and abundance for all.

I held this view for many years. Dying was a frightening prospect and I suppose a part of me still thinks this. I think that losing my younger brother earlier in the year has made me realise and come to terms with my own mortality, that one day it will be me. However, I’ve had too many experiences to believe it is the end. Much like the falling leaves, rotting flowers and barren fields of autumn and winter, they spring back to life and are revitalised. Osiris has told me in meditation that he has my brother, that he is healing and that all is well with him and I believe that he will look after me in the same manner when the time comes…

If you have any questions or want to know more about her then please feel free to ask.

Thank you so much. It is important to me to have the deities represented on my altar but I wanted to use this challenge to see just how far they spread out in my daily life…turns out they are involved in many, many aspects of my day and life.

Thank you so much. Each morning I uncover the statues (the Egyptians covered them at night to provide rest). I say a short verse as I apply oil to their foreheads before placing their cloaks upon them. I then offer incense, lighting it and cleansing the statues before saying my morning prayer, addressing them and asking for their guidance and support. It sounds lengthy but in reality takes 10mins or so. Not a long time. At night, I extinguish the candles that burn by their side ( they are lit around sunset) and I thank them for their guidance. I also ask that their blessings will light my way as I surrender to sleep. This is when I then cover the statues.


Weekly Challenge Entry

My altar to Hekate is done.


@Ostara It is stunningly beautiful. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you tracy. I was playing around with my phone (I’m old) and I love the way this came out. Hekate is glowing in all her beauty.


Beautiful alter space to our Mother! Her protection and her guidance will be there for you! Our “guardian” and “guide” May her power and wisdom and strength come through the Earth, land and Sea :ocean: