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Thanks for this. It was an interesting read about a deity I’ve never heard of before!


Yay :grin: I’m glad you liked it it seems He was first referred to as a specific god in the Middle Kingdom but he remained fairly obscure until the New Kingdom. He seems to have been of foreign origin, and may have been an Egyptian version of Apedemak, the lion-god worshipped in Nubia.


Challenge Entry - Egyptian Traditions, Pantheon, & Magick
The Magick Wands of Ancient Egypt

I could find two kinds of magick wands: one type made of bronze, and the second type made from the ivory tusks of the hippopotamus.
The bronze type took the form of a cobra with either one or two heads. The one below from a Theban burial, 16th century BC, may represent the goddess Weret Hekau, ‘the great of magic’.

A curved hippopotamus tusk could be 4 to 29 inches long. They were split lengthwise to produce two wands, each with a flat side and a convex side.
The earliest wands were not decorated and date from the Middle Kingdom (2040 - 1782 BC).

Around 1850 BC we find inscribed on the convex side Apotropaic figures carrying knives to ward off evil forces. On the flat side protective text was carved. One example says “Cut off the head of the enemy when he enters the chamber of the children whom the lady … has borne.”
The most popular figure carved was the hippopotamus goddess of childbirth, called Taweret. She was depicted as a standing pregnant hippopotamus with pendulous human breasts, lioness feet, a crocodile back and tail, and holding the symbol ‘sa’ (protection). This was an example of the practice of combining all the powers of formidable animals such as the ferocious hippopotamus into one diety. Having the tusk of a hippopotamus in his hand would give the magician control over the evil forces.
The wands show wear in the middle where they were gripped (and often mended) and on the ends. It is believed their main use was to create a protective zone (maybe a circle) around pregnant women, mothers, and young children.
It is suggested that the wand my have been placed on the stomach of the soon to be mother.
Other wands name the mother and child and so may have been used in the seventh day ritual after birth.
Wands are found in the tombs and are thought to be used to protect the individual during the crucial period leading to rebirth in the afterlife.
Wands disappear around the time when the state-run temples were made accessible to the common people instead of just the priesthood.
Magic in ancient Egypt by Geraldine Pinch.
Apotropaic Wand | Middle Kingdom | The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


I’ve loved the Egyptian culture for a looong time! I had an art history class in college and half the semester was about the Egyptian culture; the gods and goddesses, architecture, spiritual beliefs, way of life, trade, agriculture and much more! I kept the text book just to look at the pictures!

This topic really piqued my interest because I didn’t learn about this in my class.

So here we go… Egyptian magick! This is what I learned…

“One of the most prominent gods in Egyptian mythology is Heka, the god of magic and medicine.
The etymology of Heka’s name comes from the ancient Egyptian language. The word heka (or spelled as hike) meant magic and referred to the god, the practice, and the concept of magic.”
Heka, the Ancient Egyptian God | Origin & Deification | Study.com.

The word Heka or “ka” was also used to define the force that created life. They believed people and deities possessed this force.

Isis was very important to the ancient Egyptians because she had so many different powers. She was both the protector of women and the bringer of magic. Isis began as a secondary figure to her husband Osiris, however after thousands of years of worship, she was transformed into the Queen of the Universe and the embodiment of Cosmic order. By the Roman period, she was believed to control the power of fate itself.
Isis - Explore Deities of Ancient Egypt.

I also wanted to explore some of the dark deities. Here’s a few I found interesting…

Ammit: The Devourer Of The Dead
Ammit, with a body part crocodile, part lion, and part hippopotamus, was known as the Devourer of the Dead. This terrifying deity dwelled in the Hall of Ma’at, waiting to consume the hearts of those deemed unworthy of the afterlife. The presence of Ammit added a layer of moral consequence to the Egyptian understanding of the afterlife, where the purity of one’s heart was directly tied to one’s fate in the hereafter.
Unveiling The Dark Side: 9 Evil Egyptian Gods You Must Know

Serqet: The Scorpion Goddess Of Venom And Healing
Serqet, the scorpion goddess, straddles the line between harm and healing, wielding her potent venom both as a weapon and a remedy. This duality underscores the balance of forces within Egyptian mythology, where destruction and restoration are seen as two sides of the same coin. Her headdress, adorned with a scorpion, symbolizes not just the power to inflict death but also the promise of protection and healing to those who pay her homage.
Unveiling The Dark Side: 9 Evil Egyptian Gods You Must Know

Here’s a love spell I found with the Goddess ISIS

A prayer to Bast from Spells8

I looked for a dark magick spell, curse or hex and didn’t find anything besides the curse of the mummy which isn’t what I was looking for.

I wish I could have remembered what I learned in art history to add to this. So, this is pretty much just research. I hope you at least enjoyed it and maybe learned a little something!

Thank you @BryWisteria I’m really enjoying exploring different pagan paths and religions!


This is my Challenge Entry

I have always been fascinated with Egyptian History and Deities. :ankh: :pyramid:

Invoke Horus’ power to help you find courage, strength, mental clarity, and prosperity.

To Horus who was born of Isis, I offer my praise.
O son of Osiris, true heir to his throne,
O savior of your father, contender with your uncle.
O Horus who joined the two great lands,
who wears the double crown, O king of gods,
O God of kings, I call to you, O Horus.
Upholder of the right and the good, defender of order,
guardian of Ma’at whose work is unending,
I honor your constancy, I honor your might.
Yours is the nerve to face what may come, whatever
the chances, whatever the risk. Yours is the will
to persevere through any misfortune, any restraint.
O Horus, give me your strength,
Give me the victory in each of my battles.
Help me to move forward no matter what the circumstances.
Where my strength ends, yours begin.
I come before your Eye of protection
To strengthen me and calm the wind,
the sea, the storm, and everything that rises against me.
Give me the courage to strive
to be the person that I should be.
Open my eyes so I can see clearly around me
And fight for what I want and deserve.
Do not let me sink into the sea of misfortune.
Make me live in victory.
I pray to you, O Horus, grant me, your grace,
grant me the gift of integrity, grant me the strength
to do what must be done, the will to pursue the true and the just.
Horus who was born of Isis,
the child born of magic, born of death into life,
I call to you with reverence; I call to you with faith.
Yours is the heart to fight the good battle,
to struggle and strive, and to succeed. O Horus,
mighty overcomer of obstacles,
Share with me, O God, your gift of determination.

My Altar to Egyptian Deities

My Ankh Earrings and Eye of Horus necklace, not sure who is seated on his throne.

Blessed Be :dizzy: :ankh:


Very cool! @bj1

I have book marked these tarot spreads @Artemisia and @Phoenix_Fire


Challenge entry

I grew up a cat person and loved all things ancient Egyptian. I had tons of items related to cats and ancient Egypt. I am not sure what led me off that path, but off that path I have been.

I do however have a symbol of Bast on my altar. It was given to me by my mother for protection.

I also did all of those past life tarot spreads listed by @BryWisteria

It was very interesting to see how there were similar issues (apparently I have always been slow on the uptake :joy:).

Really cool-the karmic lessons I should be aware of- the Emperor, which in this life time the Emperor is my soul and personality card.

Interesting- my role/career was the six of swords- maybe I was a bad boatman (j/k) or I was trapped/unable to leave my role/career. Maybe it was chosen for me.

How I died- two of cups- I am assuming I died peacefully. As I watch a lot of crime shows I joked I was murdered by my lover.

The struggles that follow me-three of swords :flushed:

Impact of past life on current emotional state- the Chariot- this has been showing up so much for me in readings.

Queen of Wands

Some associate Bast and the Queen of Wands

Some similarities- lions, cats, fire, sun, passionate, nurturing feminine/goddess of fertility and children, attractive, strong.


:smiling_face: It was my first go at creating a tarot spread. :cat2:

Oh my, she’s gorgeous! I’d love to see the side view as well!! Love the carvings :heart_eyes_cat:

Also reminds me what a nitwit I am, I have a Bast carving as well I should have put out while I did my tarot spread. :woman_facepalming:


You did a fabulous job at your first tarot spread!!

:joy:. Too funny. Sounds like something I would do.

You are not a nitwit BTW.

If it was important for your spread you would have been prompted and would have remembered.


challenge entry

I have decided I am going to read a trilogy by Rick Riordan called “The Kane Chronicles”.

Yes, it a children’s series but I hear it is accurate. The author says he has conducted a lot of research.

Rick Riordan on Writing, Fiction, and Mythology

I do not know much about Egyptian Mythology so this should be fun!

I found I can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited!


Im loving reading all of these entrys. Great to see the Egyptian love :heart: :ankh: :eye_of_horus:


Weekly Witchy Challenge for Amethyst:

This week I decided to do the Ra Devotional Prayer to the Sun. I did it today, Sunday, of course! With a gold candle and Sun incense.

I even found some great music, Energy of Ra, that helped set the mood. Not my usual Awake Nation, but it was nice!

I even did this later than normal, so the sun would be up! It was lovely and a good start to Summer! I enjoyed it!


Love that. I’m just going to share a playlist on Spotify for those who are interested, it is music for different Egyptian deities. I often use it for meditation and rituals. Sometimes I out it on to fall asleep to at night.


There’s also this project by a group called Nemuer. They specialise in ysing ancient insteuments and languages. They have just released a book of the dead album and use ancient Egyptian language. They were assisted by Egyptologists in the pronunciation. The album is called Going Forth by Day.. Scroll down the page after clicking the link to find it.


Love this spread. Bast seems to always crop up in front of me eveb though i havent worked with her. Maybe I should pay her more attention.


Challenge Entry

I figured out what to do for this challenge in the most unexpected way. I had a sudden Charley horse that seemed to last forever and I couldn’t help but cry out in pain. It was that bad for me. My cats came over to check on me and pawed at me, asking me to pet them. I hugged them and prayed to Bast for the pain to subside and it quickly did. There’s a reason cats are one of my favorite animals. :heart_eyes_cat:


Love the cat @Phoenix_Rose mine is smaller on my scented oil Egyptian stand. I’m still looking for Egyptian things .


Aww thats lovely that Bast was there when you needed her. She may have sent your cats to you to comfort you or mat even have healed you through your cats. I will admit though, i had to google what Charley horse was :rofl: :see_no_evil:


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It’s time for a friendly reminder:

:exclamation: This challenge will soon close :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience by the deadline:

Tuesday, May 28 at 7:00 AM ET (Eastern US Time)

Thank you to all those who have shared their Egyptian magick, wisdom, ties, and more with the coven so far! :pyramid:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have time left to do so.

Blessed Be! :eye_of_horus: :sparkles:


As I said above, I’m not familiar with the Egyptian deities at all, so I decided to look up a deity associated with weaving and textile crafts. As a fiber artist, this is usually my first go-to :laughing: Anyway, I learned about a Goddess named Tayt. When I looked for pictures of her online using just her name, all I got were pictures of leggings… :joy: and I couldn’t find any pictures depicting her otherwise.

I used Nightcafe to help me visualize the way I see her and this is what I came up with.

[image is AI generated]

Now, if an artist could recreate this, that would be amazing :laughing:

oops - I rambled about AI content... lol

I’m still very-much on the fence about the use of AI and generative content. I have friends who have had their art used to train AI models against their consent. I also recognize that I’m not using AI to monetize or sell anything, just as a tool…so I’m conflicted :laughing: anyway, that went in a different direction than I thought it would… oops :laughing:

[image is AI-generated]

Tayt was the ancient Egyptian goddess of weaving, textiles, and to a lesser extent mummification. Her role was similar to Hedjhotep. The name Taytet originates from a word meaning garment. Because linen was the most common textile used in ancient Egypt, Tayt often wove or gave linen headdresses to deities and high-ranked officials. Statues of deities were clothed in high quality linen, the linen being considered divine due to its quality and attributes. Linen is derived from the stem of the flax plant: the younger the plant, the higher the grade and the higher the quality of the linen product. Due to linen’s protective qualities, Tayt began being ascribed the role of a protective maternal figure. In Pyramid Text spell 738a, Tayt guards the pharaoh’s head, and helps him garner favor among other deities.

Tayt - Wikipedia

The Wikipedia entry mentioned a Pyramid Text Spell, so I went to go look that up, too :laughing: I couldn’t find Pyramid Spell 738a, but I did find a different one that’s called Utterance 81.

Utterance 81

56: You awake in peace, (the Goddess) Tayt awakes in peace,
Taytyt awakes
-two rolls of line-
in peace!
The Eye of Horus in Dep is in peace,
the Eye of Horus in the Mansions of the Red Crown is in peace,
which the weavers receive, which He-of-the-sedia adorns.

57: Cause the Two Lands to bow before this Unas as they bow before Horus!
Cause the Two Lands to fear Unas as they fear Seth!
Be seated before Unas as his god,
open his way in front of the spirits,
that he may stand in front of the spirits like Anubis Khentimentiu.
Forward! Forward, before Osiris!

English Translation of the Unas Pyramid Texts - Pyramid Texts Online



So I didn’t get the research done I wanted to for this challenge so changed it up a bit. I decided to do a weekly reading this morning and did it in the Ankh formation.

The Ankh is an Egyptian symbol that represents many aspects of life including physical, eternal, immortality, death and reincarnation.

Here is my spread and what I got from it:

Card 1 represents me and my week ahead - 8 of pentacles (R) Working to hard or over indulging

Card 2, obstacles, blocks, or challenges. Ace of Wands. New beginnings, follow instincts

Card 3, basic root of the situation at hand. 2 of Pentacles (R). Some things in life have fallen out of balance.

Card 4, deeper perhaps secret root of the situation that must be addressed. 9 of cups (R). Be as generous with yourself as you are with others.

Card 5, what is departing or has become obsolete. 6 of Wands. Beat the struggle. Your achievements will benefit many people.

Card 6, what is entering or new opportunities. The World (R). Boundaries have been set that are non-negotiable. It is possible to find freedom and doing so will bring joy.

Card 7, aspirations, hopes, desires. 6 of Swords (R) Transition

Card 8, Where assistance may be obtained. Wheel Of Fortune. Encourages optimism and faith. The universe will grant a good outcome. Good luck and success.

Card 9, Best course of action. The Lovers. Make choices about where to focus your devotion otherwise you will get trapped amongst our options feeling indecisive.

What I got from my reading is that my life is going to have some imbalances in it this week. A new opportunity will arise, but it is going to have limitations and hard set boundaries. I’m going to need to make good choices focusing on devotion to balance things out this week. I’ll need to trust and have faith in the universe that I will have a good outcome from my choice that will not only benefit me, but all involved.