🎶 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Enchanting Chants

Merry greet to all!

Another cheer to the colorful folks who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - The Many Colors of Magick :rainbow:

After dazzling the forum with prismatic powers, it’s time to share our pride through another form of magick :notes:

The credit of the idea for this week’s theme goes to the talented @NickWick and is…

:notes::speaking_head: Enchanting Chants :scroll::musical_note:

Magick flows smoothly and flows through intentional words and tone in a chant.

Chant [ chant, chahnt ]


  1. a short, simple melody, especially one characterized by single notes to which an indefinite number of syllables are intoned, used in singing psalms, canticles, etc., in church services.
  2. a psalm, canticle, or the like, chanted or for chanting.


  1. to sing
  2. to utter a chant

[From Dictionary.com]

We use chants all the time to cast spells, invoke deities, recite prayers, and sing pagan songs.

Chants can be Prayers, Devotionals, Dedications, Songs, Poems- you can consider any series of words that carries a rhythm to be a chant. Chants are primarily read out loud (and can be wonderful for group casting!), but can be chanted within your mind as well :relieved:

This week, we will explore the many possible ways that chants can be used in your magickal practice :notes:

Are you ready?

It’s… CHALLENGE TIME! :bellhop_bell:

Part 1 : Chant Away! :speaking_head:

There are so many forms chants can take, and many ways that we use rhythmic words and music within our practices!

Here are just a few ways that you might incorporate chants into your magick for the challenge this week:

Listen to a Magickal Chant :person_in_lotus_position:

Who doesn’t love music? :laughing: This week, you might explore the many musical and rhythmic chants already out there that can add something powerful to your magickal routine.

Note : Many of the Spells8 Chants have audio :headphones: and even video :play_or_pause_button: so you can watch and listen along as you chant!

You might consider listening to one of the many Pagan and Wiccan Chants


There’s nothing like having a fun witchy tune to sing along with! Listen to your favorites, or check out some fun magickal music to fill you with energy and bring a smile to your face :dancer:

Enchanting Songs for a Witch on YouTube

Different traditions and magickal sects will often curate unique chants of their own. Consider exploring a new area of magick that interests you through their chants!

Dragon Invocation Chant

Deities often have chants dedicated specifically to them- find a chant to honor a deity that you work with, or learn about a new God/Goddess!

Charge of the Goddess Chant

Chants can be exciting, but they can also be soothing and relaxing as well :person_in_lotus_position: Consider listening and/or chanting along with a meditational chant and/or the soothing words of a guided meditation.

Chanting and Casting :sparkles:

Chants are the backbone of many spells- it is likely that you have cast a spell that uses a chant before!

Here are few simple spells that include chants:

Quick Caffeine Chant for Motivation
Quick Coffee Motivation Chant

Simple Elemental Invocation Chant
Elemental Invocation

Love Spell Chants

Write Your Own Chant :writing_hand:

Express your devotion for a deity, write a specific spell, or let your magick flow freely through words by crafting a chant of your own! :scroll:

There are many talented chant-makers in the forums, so feel free to be inspired by the works of your fellow coven members this week!

Here is just a very small sample of some of the content shared by coven members:

You might also consider consulting My Spellwriting Process and the How to Write Your Own Spellwork Guide to help you get started writing your own chant!


…And More! :raised_hands:

This challenge is designed to be open to interpretation- feel free to let your chanting creativity be free this week :blush:

PART 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

All witches are welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a shout-out, you have to share your experience with the forum.

Please share:

  • About your experience using chants in your magickal practice

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience in the comments below and/or create a new post in the forums.

If you create a new post, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink back to this post - thank you! :bowing_woman:

:exclamation: This challenge will close in 6 DAYS :exclamation:

To join in, please share your experience by:

Tuesday, June 15th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)
( 2021-06-15T05:00:00Z )

For their efforts, all participants will receive a special shout-out and the a small prize! :gift:

Acknowledgments will be given in a Props and Presents Post that will appear in the forums on Tuesday.

After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

:gift_heart: :gift: :gift_heart:

A warm reminder that all challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that honors and reflects their unique practice :open_book:

If you have any doubts about if something is acceptable to post or say, please double-check with the Forum FAQ and/or reach out to a moderator.

For those new to challenges, know that the goal of these activities is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

Let the power of your chant rise within you, the words guiding and channeling your energy along, setting your heart alight with the magick of music

Blessed be! :notes::heart:


Oh, this is going to be good!!! I haven’t written any chants but I will only for the challenge!! It’s a start. Thank you for the opportunity, @TheTravelWitch :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:


I found this, if you’re stuck on creating a chant:


Oh, I do write a lot of my own chants - or I find ones I like and chance them slightly to align more with what’s inside me. But this is one of my favorites…and my closing chant when I do zoom coven meetings for my Patreon site.

By chanting this mantra, we move from our personal self and radiate a prayer of love for the world around us. It is a reminder we are apart of the universe and can positively impact all of its creations.
Essentially, this mantra is that we are all beings sharing the same planet. It’s simply reminding us that WE ARE ALL ONE and we must care equally for other inhabitants.

This is a Sanskrit prayer and has been used for many centuries to invoke greater states of compassion and peace.

Lokah Samashtah Sukhino Bhavantu

Which translates to this…

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in someway to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

If you want to hear the pronunciation check out this video. Girish is singing the song. One of my FAVS!


Ok my chant is more like a poem.

It’s your love in which I desire
A love grown from only pure fire
It’s yours that I do adore
And of yours I’m needing more…


I think I’ll try to write my first chant to the dragon Singold (I might be slow with it). Out of all the dragons in my deck, he has appeared the most in my drawings. He is twelfth of the sixteen that belong to the Earth-Walk clan, dragons who operate in the 3rd dimension and aid us on our journey here in our earth.
Singold reminds us to seek out the things that will make us happy, but never forget to give thanks for the things we do have.


Ooh, this will be fun! I’m getting a new pendant in Friday to replace one that broke. I can write something to cleanse and bless it! Thanks for the lovely challenge!


This is a great challenge! I think I will learn a little more about Artemis & see what I come up with for a chant. I could do it for Brigid too. Oh decisions, decisions. Thank you @NickWick & @TheTravelWitch for this challenge!


You’re welcome hun :heartpulse::heartpulse:


I am so excited for this challenge that my thoughts are running wild :hugs: brainstorming as I speak :thinking:.


I really love this @christina4 it’s really beautiful, short and sweet :yum:


“Ow my,” I love the Dragon :dragon: Energy! I like that we can incorporate Dragons in our rituals for extra strength and power! Thanks for sharing you always give thanks to what we do have! That is a good practice to have, and I am working with that too!

Christina, what a good poem and thank you for the chant information!



Your a natural!

Silver Bear


So mote it be! Thank you for your blessings!


So for the challenge, do we need to write our own? I can try my hand at this. For some reason I am totally freaked out, though!


That’s a great resource- thanks for sharing, @Christina4! And a round of applause to you for the chant poem- I am lovely the firey and loving theme! :heart::fire: Great job!

Gorgeous, @Silverbear! The content you create is always beautiful, and you have a real talent for writing chants :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for sharing!

It seems that Singold has been reaching out to you, @Kasandra- what a wonderful idea to write a chant in his honor! :blue_heart: :white_heart:

That sounds like a perfect task to dedicate a new chant to, @Amethyst! May your new pendant be lovely, and may it be cleansed by the power of your lovely chant! :notes::blush:

You’re very welcome @Siofra! Looking forward to seeing what you will do for the challenge- good luck and have fun! :heart:

Let your creativity soar, @NickWick! :dove: Your chants are always amazing- looking forward to reading your lovely words once again! Good luck! :sparkles:

Writing a chant can be very tricky, especially if it is your first time! Feel free to write if you feel the words bubbling up inside of you, but there is absolutely no need to write a chant for this challenge, @sarah29 :blush::+1: There are many wonderful chants and chant spells already out there- so feel free to explore and find a new chant, or follow along with a spell that uses a chant! These are all perfectly fine ways to tackle the challenge- good luck! :sparkling_heart:


Don’t be freaked out @sarah29 ! It can just be a short little thing. Chants don’t have to be long. You got this!

For instance, here’s the first of my chants for this week. I intend to write one to Gaia later this weekend but I thought of this just this morning.

The seed.
The sprout.
The bloom.
The fruit.

Say it over and over and it’s a chant! :smiley:


I added my entry to the challenge in a separate post: Witchy Challenge Entry - Ritual & Chant for Goddess Artemis. I learned a lot about her & I think I will look more into her throughout the day. Then I will get into the relationship with Diana, I can’t tackle too many things at once or the information gets all jumbled in my head. :rofl:


This one is tricky for me’ and it has been for awhile. Writing my own spells have been a challenge for me’ to Rhyme or not to, to making sure the right words are spoken etc. I mean’ I love my lil sayings that help me focus or should I say “get it together” lol. I clap a lot , along with a Mantra to awaken the stagnant energy around me. I’ve used chants before for my own energy work with yoga. So this shall be interesting’ & fun ‘ lol.


I know exactly what you mean :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I love writing spells! I think a good starting point is to use an existing one, like a song that I like.

Especially if the words have a special meaning (in my view). The meaning of the words is more important than who created it or what it meant originally.


I’d like to enter this challenge as my first one! @TheTravelWitch
When I cast circle, I like to chantI cast this circle thrice about, to keep all negativity out. All that’s raised shall stay within, and now the veil is getting thin!” I repeat this three times as I walk around the circle three times. I am also very interested in the practice of Galdr, or ritual runic chanting. I follow the Norse pantheon and am very interested in using the runes as a form of spellwork, which was historically done via Galdr and runstaffr (as far as they can tell). Galdr from what I have read, involves entering a trance state and chanting the names of the runes in order to invoke their essence and energy into your body. Different runes can be chanted together to weave a spell which begins to take effect.