🌱 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - From Seed to Sprout

Imbolc - aka Bridgid’s Day or Candlemas - Greater Sabbat

:sunflower: February 2nd / August 2nd

:sunflower: “Celebration of the earth waking up… preparation of spring… Time to honor the Triple Goddess… Let go on unnecessary aspects of your life that you have been carrying around for a while… Clear old and unwanted thoughts… Spring clean your room, house, work place, etc… Change up your altar… Plant seeds outside…”

:sunflower: Sunflower, Pumpkin, Poppy Seeds, Cake, Bread, Oats, Dairy, Garlic, Onions, Peppers, Baked Goods

:sunflower: Yellow, Pink, White

:sunflower: Daffodil, Iris, Peony, Violet, Tulip, Basil, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Vanilla,

:sunflower: Amethyst, Citrine, Yellow Calcite/Jasper, Ruby, Garnet, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Jade

Imbolc Making Brigid’s Cross

Imbolc Candlemas Brighid’s Day Sabbat For Witches


This is my first year celebrating Imbolc, & I really appreciate this guy because he explained how the Brigid cross is relevant to the seasons Imbolc, Beltane, Samhain and Yule. They correspond to the solar system and sun. He said once you understand that it corresponds to the wheel of the year it’s easier and you will have a better understanding. The celts liked to bring hope because it was the start of spring and the sheep have milk in the belly. It’s the start of spring and gives us hope. It helped me to have a good understanding!This was a learning experience, Using the pipe cleaners for the Brigid cross is an easier than useing rush.

Honestly I didn’t think everything through before I went to the store. You should know what colors you want before you go to the store. I like this video because he explains all the different types of crosses. You can use rushes but I don’t know where to get them here in Sacramento! I learned the technique which was nice. The hole reason why you should start with the pipe cleaners. He uses color craft paper too with a natural :eyes: look! He explains how if you use four different colors it will Easier to work with the cross. He also uses a wool that is an organic wool and uses a willow branch and makes it into a circle. Sorta like a dream catcher and I would like to try that one! I just don’t know where to get the material. Here is the link
He grew up inn a farm so he has a lot of info.

Hope you all have fun with this Tutorial!
Blessed be

Hope you liked my first cross in honor of the Lady Brigid! I feel extremely blessed that I am apart of the pagan community! I believe this is we’re I need to be. I feel mor confident in my craft. I want to try more poetry since she is all about poetry.


That is a lovely cross! Great job! Everything is frozen where I am so I am going to find something like ribbons to make one out of today. Also a lot of great information!


Thanks Marissa, I need to set my alter up!This will help me to get the alter up! Thanks


I plan on doing the Imbolc ritual on Tuesday when I can get some sunflower seeds, but I did the Bridghid Invocation tonight! It went really well I think.

I also wrote a poem last year that I thought I might share here since y’all haven’t seen it yet.

A spark, a flicker.
Light, heat, struck from the matchbox.
The Brigid provides.

Hope everyone else is having a happy holiday, no matter what hemisphere you’re on!


I bought my silver candle on Friday and it’s ready to light. Instead of blue candles, I am lighting one green candle and one yellow candle with the silver candle in honor of Brigid and of Imbolc.

With the exception of Samhain, I don’t really celebrate The Wheel of the Year, but I enjoy learning more about the Sabbats and about the various deities. I remember being in India and learning from Hindus about their beliefs even though I was a Christian at the time. It’s all enlightening to me and I always feel humbled when others share their practices with me. Thank you, everyone, that has taken part in this challenge.

Blessed Imbolc, friends.


Blessed Imbolc!! :pray: :seedling:

That was a great tutorial @Jeannie1! Thanks for sharing! Your cross looks awesome!

Beautiful haiku, @Amethyst! Read it several times. Thank you

Really well put. I enjoy learning about all religions because it helps me understand others and myself better


Lots of helpful information about Imbolc- and great correspondences too! Thanks @Missa :blush::green_heart:

Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing your cross- it came out beautifully, @Jeannie1! :heart_eyes: You are so talented with your crafts, they are a delight to see! :two_hearts:

It sounds like you have a lovely ritual planned, @Amethyst :blush: I hope the Invocation went well! Your poetry is always stunning- thank you for this lovely piece, it is perfect for Imbolc :two_hearts:

You put it perfectly, @praecog29- learning the religions of others is a sign of respect and an open mind. Not to mention to helps us to build on and strengthen our own spiritual and personal views of the world around us! :earth_asia: :heart:

Wishing everyone a very blessed Sabbat! :pray: :seedling:


Friendly reminder time!

:grey_exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :grey_exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your experience by the deadline: Tomorrow: February 2nd, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :seedling: :ear_of_rice:


Thank you, kind sir! I’m glad you like it!

Thanks love! I wrote that last year to honor Imbolc. I’m glad you liked it! I’m looking forward to my Sabbat participation too!

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sabbat!


For Imbolc I had intended to light candles all around my apartment yesterday - and good thing I wanted to, because I lost electricity for most of the day!
I’m still lighting candles today - and a bit later I will run to the store to get some Lemon and Poppy seed to bake a cake.


My Imbolc started in a very symbolic way but all too real, watching the moon set and the sun rise! :sweat_smile: In other words, no sleep at all this night, making my mind extra all over the place… :smiley:

I’ve been reading about Brighid and listening to people’s experiences about her, and got the feeling that she’s super strict and that I would have to be really careful with my words not to sign away my freedom and have her take total control of my life! But I also got a feeling that I might be missing some bigger picture here. I was fascinated nonetheless!

Being a perfect day for this, I decided to make an altar to her, offering her some cider and chocolate (who doesn’t like chocolate?) to thank her for the coming light that’s very much welcome. I used a pendulum (for the very first time I might add!) to ask her if it’s okay to take a picture of the altar and she said no, otherwise I’d love to show you!

The tiredness probably made it easier to fall into a kind of trancelike state, but it didn’t make it easier to think in words! :grin: I had (have) four candles on the altar, two white and two red… I had a hard time getting them to light up! I had to come up with the words, why I’m approaching her, what do I want, no what do I really want… I can say it was very fulfilling though! One by one I got the candles to burn, and I was kinda starting to get a more personal feel for her method, strict yes but still warm.

Sometimes if I deliberately close my eyes and let go I can enter a kind of half-asleep state, and it definitely gets easier if I’m already very tired. (Just have to watch out slipping into full asleep there! :sweat_smile:) I can even feel rapid eye movement when doing it.

I got a feeling that it would be the right thing to do, and when I did I felt like there was a flame right at my center, and it was not uncomfortable, more like ethereal, having a feeling of energy but not burning. It started out about as big as my torso, flickering like flames do, but slowly getting smaller and smaller. I consciously didn’t interject, wanting to see what it would do. It got really small, and I was almost sure it would just fizz out and that would be the end of the show and I’d have to just open my eyes. Instead I was starting to feel something on my back… the fire made its way out of there, slowly forming into wings on my back. I was feeling powerful. But it was gentle power. Not the hungry, passionate kind of fire, but instead warming and comforting. A feeling of self-confidence, the longer lasting kind, the grounded kind. Now I could open my eyes, and take that feeling out into the waking world.

I settled from a tense, laser-focused mindset into a more calm and mindful one. I listened to some music appropriate to the occasion (this one by Lisa Thiel gave me a very warm feeling!) and got some fresh air. After which I was prompted to put on warm socks. I have a lot to process now! Like tiny seeds that will sprout into something beautiful. I’m thoroughly humbled.


Beautiful cross! Great job on it!


This is my first Imbolc and was looking forward to it. First I cleaned my altar and changed the tablecloth. I used yellow and Orange colors. I wanted to get some flowers but we were in the middle of a snowstorm. Therefore, I had to use one of my potted plants to add some greenery to the altar. I arranged my crystals, did the :candle: ritual and put Brigid’s corn doll center stage on the altar. ( I almost skipped it because I had a death from covid over the weekend of a close family friend.) I was actually feeling sad through out the ritual. However, I did feel Brigid’s precense comfort me. I probably sat at my altar for 3 hours or so. I’m glad I got up to honor her day- it did brighten my mood. @Francisco thank you for the beautiful quote!!
Happy Imbolc to all!
Blessed be.(upload://zR7Tz8DbaOAyb2npA7vg2V5AHN3.jpeg)


The candles worked out well- I hope your electricity is back on now, @laurie! :pray::candle: Lemon Poppy Seed Cake is one of my favorites- a bright and cheery cake perfect for dark winter days :lemon: :birthday:

I hope you had a lovely Imbolc celebration!

Such an amazing experience- thank you for sharing, @CelestiaMoon! It sounds like you have a very successful and powerful Imbolc celebration. How lovely that you were able to forge a new connection with Brighid :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Treasure those warm and gentle feelings of power- and may your winds of flaming energy continue to lift you to new heights :dove::heart:

Congrats on your first Imbolc celebrations, @walter! :blush: It sounds like you had a lovely time. I’m glad you were able to find some greenery, it looks like a truly lovely set-up- the pictures are stunning! :two_hearts:

I’m so sorry to hear about your recent loss, but I am glad you were able to find comfort in Brighid’s caring and loving presence :pray:. May She continue to comfort you as you and your loved ones heal.


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Great job, everyone- it’s been a delight to read about your Sabbat preparations and celebrations as you welcome in the changing of the seasons! :seedling: :ear_of_rice:

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Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you, I will! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :fire:


@CelestiaMoon That was a great account of what you experienced during your Imbolc ritual! As I read it I felt like I was immersed in it too! Thanks for sharing

@walter Magnific work on the corn doll and a perfect altar setup as always! I like the seashells, they have a wild staring look! :nazar_amulet:


Thank you so much Francisco!


@TheTravelWitch , thank you for your kind words and compliment. Yes, I really did feel her true presence and it felt like she cradled me. Best way I can describe it. I went to sleep peacefully and felt her with me through out the night. Kept chanting her name as I slept- was even present in my dreams.
Blessed be.