📚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - History of Magick

I know I was going to post my findings on Joan of Arc, but out of curiosity, I searched “West Virginia Witches” and found a few articles on the “Granny Witches of Appalachia”.

The term “granny witch” is fairly new. Not all of them considered themselves witches because many of them were (and are) Protestant and included Biblical verses in their “spells”.

Living in the Appalachian Mountains, residents didn’t have regular access to doctors, so they turned to some of the local women for treatment of their ailments or when they needed a baby delivered. These women learned much about the healing properties of herbs from their mothers and grandmothers as well as from Native Americans and escaped slaves from the South. They practiced dowsing to find water and some of them practiced divination using coffee grinds.

You can read more about them here: Appalachian Folk Magic and Granny Witchcraft