🧰 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Holistic Magick: A Witch's Apothecary

A warm welcome to all!

Thank you once again to everyone who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- The Wizardry of Words :writing_hand:

After sharing our magickal talents through text, it is time to take a look at another important tool in a witch’s practice.

This week’s challenge is…

:toolbox: :herb: Apothecary - A Witch’s Holistic Toolbox :funeral_urn: :sparkles:

The word “Apothecary” can refer to both a person and a place where one goes to find cures (most often natural) to any ailments they have.

The word apothecary is derived from the ancient Greek language. It is the identification of an establishment or individual who dispenses medical materials. In this way, an apothecary is the old form of a pharmacy.

[From What is An Apothecary?]

As workers of Green Magick, Kitchen Magick, and practicing in harmony with the earth, it is natural for many witches to be drawn towards the study of Holistic Magick. Also called Natural Magick, this branch of the craft involves ​learning about the magickal and mundane properties of plants with the goal of healing.

This week’s challenge is all about experiencing Holistic Magick by learning about, starting, or building up your own apothecary!

Are you ready? It’s… CHALLENGE TIME! :bellhop_bell:

[Picture by @roxanne in How do you store your herbs?]

STEP 1 : A Handy Witch’s Toolbox :toolbox:

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to having an apothecary.

An apothecary can be anything from a shelf laden with jars and bottles of every herb available :funeral_urn: , to a small pouch with a few simple balms tucked into a backpack or purse :purse:

The amount of herbs and ointments doesn’t matter- the most important thing about your toolbox is that you understand what is in it, and that it works for you! :grin:

Need more ideas? Check out Ideas for a Good Herbal Apothecary

[Picture shared by Francisco in Making a Travel Altar]

There are many possible ways to approach this challenge, here are just a few suggestions to help get you started!

:herb: Learn about a medicinal herb or plant

If you are new to Holistic Magick, why not get started by learning about one medicinal herb?

Here are some common ones that are easy to find and have a vast variety of uses:




And the newest course, just added: Witch Hazel

The world of Green Witchery is fascinating- there is a reason this is one of the most popular and most widely practiced aspects of magick! If this is something that calls to you, the Green Witchcraft Course on Spells8 is a great place to grow these skills.


Want herbs, but sticking to a budget? Find tips in Growing Your Herb Cabinet

:funeral_urn: Healing balms, ointments, sprays, salves, and oils

For those with a talent for potion making, consider combining medicinal plants with other ingredients (and a touch of magick!) to create ready-to-use healing products.

Here are few recipes you might consider:

Magical Healing Salve

All-Purpose Natural Healing Salve

Sunburn Relief Blend

Natural Bug Repellent Spray

:open_book: Learn a new healing spell

An apothecary doesn’t have to be something physical- you can keep your witch’s toolbox loaded with helpful information in the safety of your mind! :brain:

Consider practicing holistic magick by adding a new spell to your mental apothecary:

Healing Illness Spell

Healing Spell for Someone

:raised_hands: …And more!

Feel free to let your creativity loose as you explore holistic magick and/or finding an apothecary that works for you and your practice.

:warning: Safety Warning!

If you are planning to consume or use plants directly on your skin (either raw or in a product), please thoroughly do your research beforehand! Not all herbs and ingredients are safe for consumption or bodily use.

A note taken from Potion Making : Some herbs are harmful to animals . Some herbs are harmful to humans . Please use precaution and if you are unsure, consider checking with your doctor before use.

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

No matter how you choose to tackle this challenge, you must share your experience!

Please share:

  • Your experience exploring holistic magick and/or your own apothecary

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience in the comments below and/or create a new post in the forums.

If you create a new post, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink back to this post - thank you! :bowing_woman:

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Tuesday, April 20th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

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After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

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For those new to challenges, know that the goal of these activities is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

With all the tools you need at hand, may your magick and wisdom help you always be prepared for the many ups and down of life!

Blessed be! :toolbox: :sparkles:


This challenge is PERFECT for this week! I just ordered some seeds for different tea herbs (lavender, chamomile, etc.) that I’m planning on planting! :heart_eyes_cat: I’m also planning on doing some more research on the different plants I’ve found in my yard recently. I transplanted some of the catnip and some of the plantain I found before my dad puts broadleaf killer on the yard (:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:). I’m going to try to rescue a few more specimens before he sprays!


Wow the timing of this challenge is amazing! I’m just starting to work with creating oils!


Oh, this is a great one for me. I just finished labeling all the herbs in my witchy space & I have 1 drying in the kitchen right now that I found in my yard. I think I have plantain, but the dandelions, clover, & plantain are still waiting to pop around here. I did find some celandine though & lemon balm. I already love this challenge!


This is perfect, Im going through the green witch lesson now, started it two days ago!
Also during the peak of Covid I had gotten a bottle of thieves oil and mixed it in with coconut oil/coarse sea salt to make a balm for my husband to dab under his nose when he went to work. A few co-workers asked him what it was and he told them the story of how thieves oil was used during the plaque by grave robbers. Before you know it I was making little jars for people at his work.


Challenge on!!! I’ll take it.


What an awesome challenge :slight_smile: I’ve got the seeds iv already planted, not sure how much growth will happen within the week but I will get pics anyway :slight_smile: I’m also filling out my BOM and BOS as well so it’s a fine time to put recipes for different oils in them along with my herb info <3 Blessed Be <3


I was looking through my old grimoires and found a few interesting things.

Baby Bum Balm

10g | 0.35oz chamomile infused olive oil (pomace)
10g | 0.35oz calendula infused olive oil (pomace)
20g | 0.7oz olive oil (pomace)
or just 40g (1.41oz) plain olive oil (pomace)
10g | 0.35oz beeswax
10g | 0.35oz zinc oxide

Melt the olive oil (pomace)s and beeswax together in a small saucepan over medium low heat.

Remove from the heat, let cool slightly, and add the zinc oxide. Stir to blend with a silicone spatula, using the flexible blade to smash the zinc oxide around and bust it into smaller bits. Keep stirring as the mixture cools.

Once the mixture has cooled enough to be about as thick as custard, decant it into a 60mL/2oz tin and let it set up.

To use, smooth a small amount across the skin.

DIY Egyptian Magic

37g| 1.3oz chamomile infused olive oil (pomace) (or plain olive oil (pomace))
10g | 0.35oz beeswax

5g | 0.17oz raw honey
½ tsp ground bee pollen
40 drops bee propolis tincture (or make your own)

Weigh the olive oil (pomace) and beeswax into together in a small saucepan and melt together over low heat, reserving a teaspoon or two of the olive oil (pomace).

Whisk the honey in a small bowl, slowly blending in the pollen, propolis, and reserved olive oil (pomace). I found the extra moisture from the propolis tincture helped incorporate all the pollen. You’ll need to whisk very thoroughly to ensure the olive oil (pomace) emulsifies into the honey.

Once the olive oil (pomace) and beeswax have melted, remove them from the heat and let cool, stirring, until you have an opaque, creamy substance. Transfer the honey mixture to the pot and vigorously whisk everything together. The reason we have to let the oils cool before adding them to the honey is so we don’t cook the honey, destroying the enzymes.

When the mixture is thoroughly mixed and emulsified, pour it into a small 30mL/1oz tin and chill in the fridge (I found this helped with any potential separation).

Use on skin, lips, blemishes, and small boo-boos. Enjoy your very own Egyptian Magic!

Balm of Protection Recipe


• 0.5 oz (14 ml) Beeswax

• 0.25 oz (7 ml). Saint John’s Wort oil

• o.25 oz. (7 ml)Wood Betony oil

• 4 drops Geranium Essential oil

• 4 drops Frankincense essential oil

• 2 drops Copaiba Balsam essential oil

• 2 drops Vetiver essential oil

• 2 drops Blue Yarrow essential oil


• scale

• pot

• rubber scraper

• spoon

• foil or other protective covering for counter to catch drips as you pour

• 7 lip balm tubes or a couple small tins

• labels and pen

This recipe yields approximately 1 oz finished balm.


  1. Heat the beeswax and oil until the beeswax is melted.

  2. Remove them from heat and add the essential oils.

  3. Stir well.

  4. Pour the balm into tubes or containers. For tubes, fill them proud; the balm will shrink as it cools. If possible, reserve a small amount in your pot, reheat it gently when the tubes have cooled and top off each tube as needed to make the tubes full

I’ve had these for years and don’t know where they came from.


It seems like many of us were thinking along the same lines- we were all of the same mind this week! Amazing :grin:

You are a plant hero, @Jewitch! :raised_hands: Good for you for saving the catnip and plantain- may they find a new life with you in your magickal craft :herb: Wishing you the best with your seeds- good luck! :green_heart:

Can’t wait to hear more about your oils, @AliceInWonderdab - enjoy! :sparkles:

So glad you like the theme this week, @Siofra_Strega- it sounds like you have lots of wonderful herbs popping up in your yard! :seedling: Can’t wait to hear about what you can find- good luck! :blush:

Sounds like perfect timing, @Rowan- what do you think of the Green Witchery course so far? And that’s awesome- your balm really took off at your husband’s work! It’s always wonderful when the hard-work that goes into crafting is appreciated. Nicely done! :heart:

Nice! Good luck, @Christina4 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So glad you think so, @Liisa :star_struck: You are on a roll with your planting- may your seeds blossom beautifully this year :pray: Do you have any particular oil recipes you will be adding to your BOM and BOS? :blush:

Awesome recipes, @Garnet- thank you so much for sharing! :heart_eyes:


I’m happy about the timing of this challenge too, I’ve been wanting to look into learning more about herbs to boost my potion making, I love using essential oils but there’s so much more to a plant! :seedling: The Green Witchcraft course looks like a perfect starting point! :green_heart:


This challenge is also perfect for me. I’m just about to start building my herb collection. I’ve ordered a storage box from etsy with jars inscribed with my magickal name. This afternoon I’m going to look for the herbs, so far I’ve only got three plus some black salt. Research time :slightly_smiling_face:





I keep the herbs in this gorgeous basket

I have way too many shells, so I’ll show you what I have out.

Oh and the shells my son made/bought me

And my decks n runes

**Thank you for allowing me to enter this challenge every week! It’s really been fun, seriously I love our Infinite Roots :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::heartpulse: **


@christina4 gorgeous pictures! I really enjoyed your entry! I hope you have a great day!


Thank you @Siofra_Strega I appreciate that


I planted cat grass for my fur babies and it was quite the ordeal~heck it practically could count for this challenge :joy_cat: like it’s seeds and water and it’ll take fifteen days to sprout~I didn’t realize it was that type of lengthy kit but it is sorta nice to pretend I’m a great grower


Before I started my Craft, I had (and still have) two drawers of herbs with just about everything (i.e., basil, bay leaves, garlic powder, rosemary, grounded sage) all in alphabetical order. :laughing:


I have mine all put away for now, waiting for the Goddess & God figurine to come. I also got a few strings of tiny Garnet stone…Gee garnet of any size is ridiculously expensive.


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thank you :slight_smile: I’m going to go through some of the oils on the website and handwrite them into my BOS :slight_smile: Then I’ll probably source the ingredients for them, my little garden will take a while before I reap what I sow lol. Very excited <3

@Garnet Thank you for the recipe ideas <3

@Rowan @CelestiaMoon I am also working through the Green Witchcraft course :slight_smile: I’m loving it :slight_smile:

@IrisW Love a good research :slight_smile: I hope you found what you needed <3

@christina4 What a collection :heart_eyes: I love the wee googly eyes on the shell your son made, really gives it character, so sweet <3

<3 Blessed Be <3


I love research too. Found what I need for now but then I need to research what to do with it!


That’s kind of how I spend most of my free time just now, researching herbs, crystals, meditation techniques and Rune meanings lol :slight_smile: