💰 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Ka-Ching! Money Magick

Oo, yuld ahrk stavve ! Bo voth ulaak! Bo voth ulaak! Bo voth ulaak! :eyes: Ah! Money and spells! Tread carefully! Tread carefully! Tread carefully! :eyes:


I was looking up herbs the other day and came across the magical properties of alfalfa. It is used for prosperity, anti-hunger, and money. Put a small jar in your cupboard or pantry to ward off poverty and hunger.


I was wondering how I could participate in this in a way that feels natural and not-too-demanding of the help of those beyond our understanding, and then I noticed the write-a-check habit, which is something I used to do at the start of each month. I fell away from it (just as a side-effect of forgetting to sit down and do it when the month changed) but maybe I’ll perform one on the 28th for this!

I also have had great success with Law of Attraction habits, which don’t demand things of the world, but lift our evaluation of our own selves, and reinforce that we are worthy of the things we want (and not to mentally shut down ourselves before we even have a chance to have them). I think these things are ways that I am comfortable asking the universe to bring me the things I want, without making demands (or offering trades and scary promises in return).

One of my favorite LoA messages for attracting and showing appreciation for abundance is simply:

Wealth and prosperity flow throughout the universe as a natural force – I will allow them to pass through my life, celebrate their presence, and show gratitude for the benefits they share with me.

It’s certainly not a bad time for me to re-focus on my abundance rituals. I’m in the middle of releasing lots of books and am self-publishing, so I could certainly use whatever endowments the universe sees fit to bring my way!


I want to keep trying new things to improve my situation.

I see $ magic as the smart thing to try


I love this quote!


I have a prosperity altar with a money pot, a green candle, green stones, a sachet with camomile, a magnet, citrine, cinnamon, a fat little golden Buddha. On the altar I have also a statue of Ganesh to resolve blockages, a bell and some cinnamon barks. Every day I light the candle , ring my bell, burn some cinnamon and say my spell ( in dutch) I also made the prosperity oil which I found here on spells 8. I rub my candle with it and smell it.
I will make a picture of it in the morning, there is not so much light anymore in this part of the world.
Since I do this things gradually change. And I think it is because I give it my love, my creativity and also because with this attention and ritual I can let it go.

My spell in dutch is in rime but when I translate it it isn’t anymore so I won’t, but is is a calling for more money to be free and make my dreams com true, and to develop and grow my craft and abilities to shine my light, and also be able to help others.

I have had more offers for work mostly, and they came from places and situations I didn’t expect. Things are in flow, and I am very grateful for this!

And here is my altar


If this isn’t a sign!! I was just thinking that I need to refresh my money bowl but have been putting it off. Looks like this week is a perfect time to do it!


I was just thinking this morning about looking at this. I need to pay off bankcard n student loan, im starting a buisness n started working as independent consultants recently to help earn a bit more as my situation means i can only work part time at current job. And at one stage id need to save for a car as i dont gave a car. So when i saw this challenge n i thought awesome! Brilliant timing especially with new moon. I already have the start of prosperity altar. N i decided the new moon prosperity spell will be good for what i need. I had a look and decided to add specific crystals to altar n the herbs or spices n of course the prosperity check made out to the amount i need to hekp my finantial wellbeing. Id love to not live of rice meals all the time ( they are alright but everyday n most meals, it gets a bit old sometimes), not to be constantly struggling no matter hard i work or how long. And to be able to really start seeing progress in the dreams ive been working towards for so long. So yes this is a great challenge to do, and awesome timing, cause new moon tonight. I already havr a prosperity altar that i can just add too. Ive burnt through two long candles on that altar already prior yo this but i have more of those candles and i just add them to the top to add the power so it builds, now i can add a few more correspondences to further assist this goal. I really want to be able to help ppl through play and art ( in general n in therapy) and education as well as holistic wellbeing and thats what my dream n buisness working towards is all about. But ive ofyen just struggled to get by but i look forward to a day when i can realise my dreams n see them take off. I believe that it will came.
Ive been also visualising money coming in like waves at the ocean n like a money flow like a crashinf wave so i might also add some shells to the prosperity altar to remind me of this image too. :grin:


Perfect timing with the New Moon in Leo! An astrology friend of mind said it looks like a good time for abundance workings :money_with_wings:


Hmmm, this is a bit more of a challenge for me. I am less comfortable just asking the universe for money. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, however, I do have a jewelry business that I need a push to get it moving again.

Long story short, I had attempted to move my listings from Etsy to my own shopping cart but after a year, something broke it in and I stalled and didn’t put effort into fixing it. Fast forward to now, I’ve restarted my Opencart but NEED to motivate and be disciplined to create listings and get the shopping cart integration working.

So I guess I"m looking for motivation for success? Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to have a think on this one…


I have to agree with @katnabis I’m also not comfortable asking for money seems selfish when there are too many who need so much more healing in one way or another.

The last time, I tried a money spell, it didn’t quite work the way I had planned. I did receive a nice amount that I was not expecting, but then I received an unexpected bill that was for even more than what I received in the first place. So I learned my lesson, no more money spells.

Unless I can think of something to do for this challenge, I’m out. I’ve always believed it’s the treasures you keep in your heart, and not your income, house, or the car you drive!

Maybe I can think of it as an Abundance Challenge? What do you think?

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I would really appreciate your input.

Ok, I’ll stop rambling, and end this with love always…


My entry for this week’s challenge is a simple little pimple. I’ve been collecting an assortment of crystal chips. So I have been making little crystal trio crystal charm bottles. I have made one for a little boost for “good luck with money” for several friends and one for myself.

I used 3 Tiger’s Eye for fortune, 3 Citrine for abundance and 3 Green Aventurine for wealth and one little Clear Quartz for amplification all together in a tiny little glass jar sealed with some green candle wax.

I set up my altar with a little crystal offering of Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Green Aventurine and Clear Quartz and lit a green candle. I used one of my spell cards from a random little deck of spell cards that I found on my travels. So as I made each bottle repeated the following incantation:

“Towards my wish the money grows.
By leaps and bounds - it overflows!
Coins that jingle, coins that shine,
Come to me now - you are mine.
Fill my hands with silver and gold
All you give my purse can hold!
As I will so may it be.”

I think they turned out rather cute. I have noticing my luck increasing a little since and I have been winning small amounts in the lottery more frequently.

I feel the same I don’t want to outwardly just ask the universe straight up for money as I feel like that may be little rude and me wanty gimmie gimmie. But I don’t think that the universe would mind is asked for a little bit of good luck with money.


For those that are not comfortable asking for money, how about asking for money for your favorite charity? I do this often for several charities. Instead of asking for wealth for myself, I am for it to go to them.


I 100% think you can do abundance for this challenge @marsha and should, IDK if it would count, I guess that’s up to @TheTravelWitch_Bry, but yes, if that’s where you’re comfortable, you should do it - I believe that if you ask for anything including abundance or money - it’s no different than making your intention and carving out what path yourself to get there - I don’t believe we just expect anything to happen on it’s own with out our own affirmation, intention, purpose and power of attraction with thoughts, words, and deeds. If that makes sense. Also, regardless of what people may think about Gabby Herstick, there’s a Nylon article Q&A that touches on this subject, is apropos and gives good insight:

I plan on asking for abundance by balancing my sacral chakra and focusing on energy, abundance and focus on my health abundance which apparently I am in great need of right now — Being Wellthy is much more important than Wealthy at this stage of life. I just returned from my oncologist and things are NOT going to go exactly like they originally planned because of the aggressive nature my cancer has taken, so Wellness Abundance for me this week and I hope it counts for the challenge!! Either way, I think it will be good for me to focus on this this week. X


Looks like tomorrow is an excellent day for prosperity spells.


Thursday, or “Thor’s Day”, is a day dedicated to the mighty Norse god of thunder. As the day tied to one of the strongest of deities, this time of the week is believed to give magick of all types a thundering extra boost of power! Spellwork that calls on abundance , prosperity , and golden wealth are all particularly potent on this day.

And a new moon! :new_moon:


Last night I was looking through some spell books and came upon this spell. I may do it this weekend, but I will have to use a few substitutions if I do. This spell came from The Book The Book of Spells: Positive Enchantments to Enhance Your Life by Michael Johnstone.

The Money Bottle Spell

This spell was first cast centuries ago in a place where Voodoo had a strong hold. It originally call for Spanish gold or silver coins. It has since been updated but still retains its power to draw money to the spell weaver. You may need to search your pockets for loose change as the spell calls for five of various coins. Five of each of the other ingredients are needed too. For those who are interested five, like all numbers from one to nine, has its own significance. It is associated with freedom and risk-taking, change, quick thinking, youth and communication. Its sign is Gemini, so if this spell is cast when that sign rules, it will be all the more powerful.

You will need:

Five one pence coins

Five five pence coins

Five ten pence coins

Five twenty pence coins

Five cloves

Five kernels of dried corn

Five cinnamon sticks

Five teaspoons of dried flour

Five sesame seeds

Five pecan nuts

Five teaspoons of allspice

Five grains of rice

A tall, thin glass bottle.

Put all the ingredients in the bottle. (As five is associated with the color turquoise, a bottle of that color would add potency to the spell). Ensure that the top is secure before shaking the bottle for five minutes and saying words along the lines of,

Copper glow and silver shine

Amongst all others, make wealth mine

And it harm none, so be it.

Put the money bottle on the table where you leave your wallet and loose change when you empty your pockets, or, if your magic making is unknown to others, bury the money bottle near your home


Ive used a couple of the spells mentioned above, particularly the World Check.
One thing I do ritualistically though is mint my doorways. Every Mon or Thursday I mint both front and patio doorways with a cold cloth (cold hard cash) with mint oil, I envision money raining down over me as I go from the bottom of the door frame on the left side to the top then down to the bottom right side. Ive had wonderful outcomes, and now my husband reminds me to do it.:joy::joy::joy:


For @katnabis, @marsha, and anyone else hesitant about money magick- I completely agree with what @Amaris_Bane said about wishing for prosperity for your favorite cause, charity, etc :blush:

I understand that the general impression of money magick is often associated with personal wishes, but there are certainly many selfless ways to pursue money magick too!

With a bit of perspective and creative thinking, a money spell can be offered up in the same way that one would offer a donation to someone in need.

That being said- while there are benefits to stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new, please do not ever feel like you need to forgo your personal ethics and do something that doesn’t sit right with you.

The challenge goal here is simply to explore money magick- so if someone gives some time thinking about the theme and decides that “hey, this isn’t right for me” than that also counts as a challenge entry :blush::trophy:


@Kasandra Ahhh, thank you for the warning! It is certainly important to keep a sharp and clear intention when casting money magick, especially one focused on wholesome gain (got to avoid that crazy overtime or ridiculous interest rates, etc.! :sweat_smile:)

@Ostara Alfalfa! That one has come up a few times in my reading lately, but I’ve never worked with it before. The only time I’ve ever used it was as horse food lol :herb: :horse: Very interesting properties in terms of finances- I’ll have to look more into it! Thanks for the recommendation, Ostara, as well as the Money Bottle Spell- that looks like a very interesting one! There certainly are a lot of ingredients involved- wishing you all the best if you choose to cast it! :jar: :coin:

@Gardenstone The write-a-check routine sounds interesting- and gosh, I really like that quote! While I personally tend to think of the LoA as more like a “Guideline of Attraction”, there are definitely aspects of it that resonate with me. And this quote is a great one :grinning: Wishing you all the best with your checks and abundance rituals- may the Universe have much positivity in store for you! :sparkles:

@john.knox Wishing you all the best with your money magick- I hope any blessings you bring help to improve your situation further! Good luck! :raised_hands:

@Martje Your prosperity altar is a masterpiece, Martje- I love all of the details and elements you’ve included :blush: (Although I don’t see the little golden Buddha friend you mentioned? Forgive me if I missed him!) I’m so glad your altar has invited more prosperity into your life and helped you with new opportunities- congrats to you! :heart: May positivity and prosperity continue to flow your way, welcomed in each day by the sound of your bell and what I’m sure is a very beautiful spell :sparkles::two_hearts:

@Amaris_Bane Sounds like we are on the same page, Amaris! :grin: :+1: Wishing you all the best with refreshing your money bowl!

@Phoenix_Fire Hooray- I’m glad the theme is well-timed for you too, Phoenix! :blush: Wishing you all the best with adding to your prosperity altar- it sounds like your business and intention are really generous and kind. I think it’s amazing that you wish to help others so much! I’m adding my prayers to your voice- may your business thrive and bring many blessing to you and your future clients! :sparkling_heart:

@MeganB Awesome! :star_struck: It sounds like abundance is in the air right now :smile:

@katnabis Motivation for business success would be a great way to approach this challenge, and it also sounds like something that would be directly helpful and relevant to you. I say go for it, Kat- I’m cheering on you and your business! Good luck with the platform transfer! :raised_hands:

@Marsha I completely respect your reflection, and if you decide that this theme isn’t one that aligns with your practice, then I respect that dedication too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Although your creative thinking works as well- interpretating money magick as abundance and/or prosperity is also 100% okay :ok_hand: :two_hearts: Either way, thank you for giving your time and attention to considering the theme, Marsha! Blessed be! :sparkles:

@jessica72 Your crystal charm bottles are adorable, Jessica, and how kind of you to share them with your friends! They sound like they make excellent gifts, not to mention very beautiful ones with pretty crystals inside! :gem: The green wax sealing it is a great touch too- they are loaded with good intentions and prosperity blessings :green_heart: Fantastic work!

@jan_TheGreenWitch You’re right on, Jan- thank you very much for your wise advice and guidance, it is very much appreciated! :heart: I also really love your point about “Wellthy vs. Wealthy”- that is a powerful message that rings true. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and, although I’m sorry that the original treatment plan isn’t going as expected, I pray your doctor can find a better path forward for you. Lots of love on your healing journey! :raised_hands:

@crystal5 Thanks for adding the correspondence of the day, Crystal- you’re right! “Thor’s Day” is a great one for money magick :dollar: :blush:

@Rowan Congrats on your successful mint oil washes- it sounds like it’s become a very popular ritual in your household! :herb::grinning: Thanks for sharing, and may the prosperity continue to “rain in” and bless your home :house: :two_hearts:


Today’s affirmation seems appropriate for this week’s challenge.