🏔 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Land Beneath Our Feet

Since it is kind of relevant I have decided to share something I learned recent. Judaism got its start as a polytheistic religion and the deity was worshipped on mountain up. That’s why he’s the most high god.

So here is a list of witchy Hebrew words: (phonetic translation in parenthesis)

  • Trouble - לטרוד (tarad) More in the tone of “Don’t trouble yourself” I think.
    as a verb; to expel, to drive away, to drive out
    as an adjective; busy, occupied
  • Gather - לאסוף (asaf) to gather, to collect ; to take up a collection ; to give someone a lift
  • Magician - קוסם (kosem shem)
    as a noun; magician ; (biblical) sorcerer, soothsayer
    as a verb; to enchant, to captivate
    as an adjective; enticing, captivating, alluring
  • Witch - מכשפה (m’khashׁefah) as a feminine noun
  • Magic - כשף (kishׁef) to cast a spell, to perform magic ; to enchant
    or (kushׁaf) to be enchanted, to be under a spell
  • Altar - מזבח (miz’becha)
  • Reverse - להפוך
    as a verb; ('hafakh) to turn over ; to turn into, to make into ; to become ; (colloquial) to turn upside down, to make a thorough search
    as an adjective; ('hafukh) reversed, inverted, inverse ; in disarray ; upside down ; backward
    in masculine; ('hipukh) somersault, roll ; reversal ; opposite ; inversion

So beautiful and serene Marsha :heart:


Wow it s all so beautiful. I am a bit jealous of all of you living near these gorgeous mountains !


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

My mountain puns have already peaked (ha! okay, I’ll stop :laughing:) so I just want to say a hearty thank you to everyone who joined in the challenge this week- there were so many amazing entries (and some truly breath-taking pictures!) and I can’t wait to jump back in to tally up the entries and leave comments on each :blush:

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in to share their mountain magick this week! :sunrise_over_mountains: :heart:

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Blessed be! :mountain_snow::sparkles:


This is late, but it’s ok! I have had no internet or phone signal and so t for a few more days. We went hiking, not in the mountains per se, but to one of our favorite landmarks. This is a big hunk of granite poking out of the ground along one of our hiking trails. I had kids with me, so didn’t get to do the meditation I really wanted to, but the kids and I spent some quiet moments breathing with the earth and listening to the world around us. It was nice. Then we played Gaursian of the mountain and asked each other riddles to earn passage up the rock. It was fun!


I’m still tallying up entries and the Props and Presents post (along with the badges) haven’t launched yet- as you beat me to it, @AileyGrey, I’m adding this challenge entry in last-minute! :grinning: :+1: Thank you for sharing it!

EDIT : The Props and Presents post for this challenge is now live and badges have been sent out to everyone who submitted an entry- thank you so much again to all those who joined in! :partying_face:



The Californian in me loves this challenge, but mourns for the fact that I currently live in Florida. Starting remote work later this year though, and looking forward to being able to travel to mountainous places!

For this challenge, I studied and did the Earth and Air invocations, studied crystal grids, and studied Kelpies at otherworldlyoracle.com . I am so excited to be finding all of these websites!

I wish I could have done a mountain hike for this challenge. Back in California, our local small mountain by the Sequoia National Park is Mt. Baldy. I almost got to the top once! One of my bucket list items is to get to the top of that some day, and also Alta Peak, in memory of my dad.

Thanks for reminding me of how awesome mountains are! Here is a mountain pic from that area of California, attached.


We’re the same! I grew up in Bakersfield, CA, and currently live in Florida too!


Bakersfield, wow! I grew up near there too, went to middle and highschool in Visalia. Did you ever go up to the Sequoia National park? so beautiful! sad to see how much it’s burnt up recently.

What part of FL are you in? I’m in Central FL.


Beautiful pictures @Mistella :heart:


Yes, I have been to the Sequia National Park! It’s so beautiful there :heart_eyes: I haven’t been in a really long time, though. I’m in West-Central Florida now over in the wider Tampa area :blush:


Oh my gosh, that is a big piece! I’ve always loved petrified wood.


Thanks again to all challenge entrants! :heart: I’ve finally got the time to sit down and give each entry here the attention it deserves- apologies it took me a while to respond! :pray:

@Phoenix_Fire Look at those pretty cards- I particularly love the colors and imagery from the first deck! :heart_eyes: I think it is a really neat idea to combine the decks in your readings, along with your crystal work and magick of the day. Well done! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@crystal5 You live in a truly amazing place, Crystal- those photos are breathtaking! :star_struck: And lovely work with your Root Chakra, that is a perfect one to explore for an earth-based challenge. The garnets are so cool! :heart: Also, your very own “mini mountain” made me smile- I love the idea of making your own sacred mountain :two_hearts: As for attuning your crystals, I don’t think there’s a set period- I’d check in with your crystals to assess their energy and attune as needed. As for a good time, the full moon is excellent for charging and cleansing crystals! :full_moon_with_face:

@Amaris_Bane That sunset is stunning- the colors look otherworldly! :orange_heart:

@stavroula You did it!!! :heart_eyes: Ahhhh I squealed when I saw the pictures- Mt Olympus is so amazing to see! :mountain: :two_hearts: I cannot put into words just how cool it is that you were able to go and explore there- I very well might take you up on your (extremely kind! :heart:) offer- it’s a dream goal to see the Mountain with my own eyes someday!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Martje This is awesome, Martje!!! I know you were a bit unsure at first about what to do due to the flat terrain, but you went above and beyond with the challenge and it sounds like you were truly able to connect with the earth around you- and such beautiful nature it is! :national_park: :heart: Although the most beautiful picture is the one of you- you look so relaxed and at peace in your special spot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m really happy you had such a lovely outing and powerful experience- and that you were able to share your joy with the butterflies, gnomes, and beautiful scenery all around you. Thank you so much for sharing! That was a real honor to read about :pray::two_hearts:

@Siofra_Strega Hooray for barefeet time! :footprints: And that’s really sweet of your husband- it sounds like you have a secret mountain of your own. That’s very special on an island space like the Cape! :mountain: :blush:

@Ostara I’m sorry to hear about his truck breaking down, but what a neat gift from your husband! :wood: And I think that is brilliant to use the wood in a past life spell, from looking at its associations, that seems like a very clever way to put it to use! I’d love to hear how it’s been working for you so far! :star_struck:

@Amethyst That is one impressive bridge- I can see why it has earned it’s on special day! :bridge_at_night: :sparkles: Although I’m not sure about catapulting off it though- sounds scary! We used to bridge jump as kids, but the “bridges” were tiny little things. Even that is scary though, I can’t imagine flying off such a big bridge! :laughing: Thank you so much for sharing your love for the mountains, your home, and also the pictures too- it makes me feel like I’m in the beautiful mountains! :heart::blush:

@Kasandra Bravo, Kasandra! :clap: Thank you for all the love and care you put into making this ritual- I can see why it was a lot of work to put together! The details are really lovely and the chant is dovahzul is amazing- you’re making me want to learn how to speak it too haha! :dragon_face: :sparkles: Beautiful work- this was a blessing to see!

@katnabis A meditation is always a great entry to a challenge- thanks so much for joining in to explore this theme, Kat! :blush: I know you worked so hard last week, I hope the meditation was soothing and relaxing for you :person_in_lotus_position: It sounds like you were able to revisit a really lovely place. Please keep resting out- I hope you give that bug the boot and feel much better asap! :pray::heart:

@Jem1 Hooray for a mountain tarot spread! :mountain: :star_struck: That is a very creative idea and goodness knows we can never have enough tarot spreads- I love it, thanks Jem! :heart:

@Wysteria_Norn You put your passion and love into this entry, and you did such a great job of exploring the power and potential of the mountains! :raised_hands: Reading your words (and seeing those gorgeous pics) made me feel such an appreciation for the mountains and all they offer. Really beautiful, Wysteria- thank you! :two_hearts:

@Reiko Despite not living near the mountains, you did wonderfully reaching out to connect with their energy, Reiko- congrats to you! :blush: Everest is a truly sacred place- just as beautiful as she is powerful and dangerous. Thank you so much for sharing your respect and love for the mountain. And granny magic is such a cool thing to explore! :star_struck: Wishing you all the best with your continued studies- if you find interesting things, please feel free to share them! :two_hearts:

@Sarall Staying safe in the heat always takes priority- you are really blessed to have not one, but two beautiful mountain ranges close by! They will be there for you to explore whenever the situation is right (and hopefully much cooler!) :blush::mountain: And look at all your beautiful crystals- all your treasures are awesome, and I love that little mushroom! :mushroom: :sparkles: Sounds like the Gem faire will be back before you know it- I hope you have a blast! Go find yourself some more treasures to add to your amazing collection! :gem:

@Marsha The mountains are a part of you, Marsha- you will carry their beautiful and might in your heart for as long as you live :heart: Thank you so much for sharing that powerful experience- I haven’t been to the top of too many mountains, but reading this made me feel like I was standing on top of the world! Really lovely- thank you! :mount_fuji: :two_hearts:

@Mistella Trying to meditate on the 4th of July is like playing on “extreme difficulty mode” haha- good for you for overcoming that! It sounds like you were able to find a lovely moment for your practice despite the holiday craziness- that’s quite an achievement! :blush: Your altar is gorgeous and those pictures! Oh, Mistella- I could get lost in those stunning views! :heart_eyes: You live in such a blessed place :pray: I did snort when I read about the goats though- as someone who lived on a goat farm, I have no doubt they enjoy trying to yeet hikers off the edge :joy: Naughty goats! :goat:

@Torista This was beautiful to read, Torista- thank you so much for sharing about these special words from Judaism :pray: As someone who doesn’t know very much about Judaisim, it is always a privilege to learn more and appreciate the shared love for something across religions- the mountains and magic (even if its perceived in various ways) truly call to us all, across traditions, cultures, and religions :blush:

@AileyGrey Were you able to get your internet back yet, Ailey? I’m praying the new modem comes asap- it is tough to be without internet! :pray: Despite the difficulties in connection, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with the mountains and earth- I can tell it is a sacred space for you, and I think it is so wonderful that you are sharing that love with your children :heart: And gorgeous pictures! You all look like you had so much fun on your adventure! :heart_eyes: :national_park:

@chaitea43 Congrats on the switch to remote work- soon you’ll be free to follow your heart and can return to the mountains (or explore new mountains) that call to you! :mountain_snow::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much for sharing and that really lovely picture too- I know you’ll be back in the mountains you love before you know it :blush:


This is such a beautiful ritual! Thank you for sharing. I’ll have to perform it some time soon to add my energy to protect Mother Gaia.


This view is amazing! I’m not at all jealous. :joy::joy::joy: My view is of other RVs and, of I’m lucky, the San Jacinto river. But that’s not much to look at either as it’s part of the Houston ship channel so lots of barges and it’s polluted where I’m at from an old paper plant.

I’ll just live vicariously through all this lovely pictures. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m hoping they can have it this year, they’ve canceled the past few years due to Covid. It’s a pain in the butt but it does bring in revenue to the area.


Hahaha! I think you are an Olympus fan girl :rofl: I will post the rest of the photos today, it has been a weird week with work and kept me from posting everything I wanted :sob: :sob: :sob:


@Amethyst Goodness knows the tourism sector needs all the help it can get- and I think that’s true for just about everywhere in the world! I hope they are able to have the festival this year and that it’s a big boost for your home town :blush::two_hearts:

@stavroula I am most definitely an Olympus fan girl! :joy::heart: And I would LOVE to see more of the pics when you’re able to post them! :raised_hands: Sorry to hear it’s been a weird week- I hope things are getting better for you :pray: We’ve made it to Wednesday, so just a few more days until the weekend is here :wink: Hang in there, Stavroula! :two_hearts:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry we should be back up and running by this evening! It is a gorgeous spot and we love it! Bonus… it’s so easy to hike too!! And thanks, the boys are mine and my sweet niece was along for the day! We had a blast!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry thank you much for your always so uplifting comments. It gave me a big smile!