🌑 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Magick in the Dark

Oh, you’re welcome @Amethyst. I figured to share what I have on the subject because I have been working on it all week.


During this new/dark moon (tomorrow) I will be doing decluttering and clearing.

The New Moon will appear on December 14, 2021. In the world of astronomy, the New Moon phase happens when the moon is located exactly in between the Earth and the Sun. You may have heard some people refer to this as the “Dark Moon”; This is because we cannot see the bright side of the moon from Earth during this phase.

Spiritually a New Moon represents rebirth, regeneration, or new beginnings. A time of reflection, self-analysis, and an acknowledgement of both shadow and light.

However, this is a time to be extremely gentle with yourself, especially during this moon phase as it will also be a solar eclipse.

Eclipse energy is unpredictable and unstable. It is recommended to not charge crystals during an eclipse. This is a good banishing time. So decluttering, clearing, and cleansing would be ideal.


Krista really the first program that works on the shadow side that is affordable. You can donate if you like! Which is nice thank you for your insight!


I am working on decluttering my house. I have a lot just trying to eliminate everything I don’t need anymore! I feel really irritated lately! I need to really get down and be real with myself and dig deeper than I usually do!


A beautiful ritual bath, @Silverbear- and the moon cookies and hot cider are a perfect touch! Thanks so much for sharing :bathtub::sparkles:

It sounds heavenly, @Limeberry! I hope you had a great meditation and freed yourself from any negativity- nicely done! :grin:

Congrats on the shadow work, @Siofra_Strega! :clap: And the questions are wonderfully deep and introspective- thanks for sharing! The good feelings you felt when you were getting started are a sign it went well- but remember to rest and take breaks while doing shadow work. It is a particularly heavy and tiring aspect of magick that takes a lot out of witch. Treat yourself to some self-love and care too! :hugs:

Sounds like a great plan, @Laura6! How did your Dark Moon magick go? I hope you had a wonderful experience :black_heart:

Can’t wait to see what you come up with, @Christina4! :raised_hands:

The Goddess of Twilight sounds fascinating- thank you for the introduction to Bamya, @Amethyst! The prayer is beautiful and inspirational. I hope your illness is banished soon, and may light come to fill the darkness left by any bad feelings! Wishing you good health and many new exciting things in the new year :two_hearts:

You are so strong, @Rowan. And you are right- face the changes and let yourself grow into the witch you want to be. But as you go on that journey, rest assured that you are already amazing :hugs: From here the path goes up! I hope you had a wonderful time and were able to find a yule log for the upcoming holiday :evergreen_tree: Well done and blessed be!

That’s a great idea, @Jeannie1- our personal space can become a tangible reflection of who we are. Cleaning up your home is a great way to get organized- and those good, cleansing feelings can manifest inside too! I think this is great way to do some shadow work :grin:


Shadow Work Visualization

Like many of you, I also chose this time to dig into a little shadow work. Although I have to admit it’s not my favorite aspect of magick (many of you probably know I’m all about the happiness and self-care spells/recipes! :laughing: ).

I considered using mirrors, crystals, and other materials- but eventually decided not to use anything other than what was already inside me. So with nothing but the tools of my mind (my inner temple :hindu_temple: ) and a single lit candle in the darkness to bring me back- I dug into some shadow work.

For anyone who is working on meditations and visualizations, you are welcome to use or adapt the mental pathway I built.

(Mental Pathway into Shadow Work)

Shadow Work Visualization

Note: Shadow work can open doors you may not be ready to face- it is recommended to save work of this nature for times when you feel safe, secure, and in a place of mental stability

[This visualization begins when you are already in a meditative state. For advice on meditating, visit the many Meditation Discussions in the forum]

As you sink into the depths of your mind, deeper than any conscious thoughts, allow yourself to begin walking.

The open space will form cobblestones beneath your feet and old bricks stack into walls around you. Follow the path- and if there is a choice to go up or down, choose to go down :arrow_down:

Your mind is relaxed, your breathing is a distant echo. Remain focused on the vision and do not pay much attention if the edges of what you see become blurred or hazy- this is your conscious trying to pull you back. Accept it, but continue forward and hold the vision.

You will begin to notice enclaves in the walls. These are small concerns, trifling worries. Pass them by- you are here to deal with deeper matters.

As you go further, may see bars- gated doorways. You can peer inside and see these issues. Feel free to open these doors and talk with whatever (whoever) is inside. If you begin to feel threatened, simply step back and close the door behind you.

You may find that you can release whatever it is that is locked inside- after all, this is the prision of your mind. You are the jailkeeper. You hold the keys :old_key:

Some doors will be thick and solid, made of oak old or cold steel. Doors covered in cobwebs and barricaded shut. Only approach these doors if you feel absolutely ready. And do not feel bad if it takes several visits to address what lies beyond. Or even if it takes several visits just to open the door :door:

Proceed when you are ready and leave when you are ready.

The most important part of shadow work is finding control- and realizing that you have the power of choice within you.

After a shadow work meditation and visualization, it is a good idea to take a rest and/or practice self-love and care. Journalling your experience can also help you to come to terms with what you saw and worked with in the shadows of your mind.

Shadow work is a very difficult practice. It is natural to shy away from pain and harmful memories. However, despite the discomfort, there are many benefits of shadow work. It opens blocked doors and allows helpful emotions such as forgiveness, compassion, and love to take root and grow in previously barren soil.

And like they say- after the darkest part of the night comes the morning :sunrise_over_mountains:

I’ve come to realize that a little shadow work and facing your fears can actually lead to increased happiness in the long run! It was a tough meditation, but I’m glad I did it. If you feel you are in a stable enough mental place to put some fears to rest, then I highly recommend delving into shadow work :black_heart:

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


It has been a pleasure to read about everyone’s entries to this challenge!

I realized that several folks are waiting for the moon tonight, so rest assured- this challenge will be extended to give everyone enough time to process their experiences.

This challenge has been extended to:

Wednesday, December 16th

Wishing everyone a very blessed New/Dark Moon! :new_moon::sparkles:


Thank you, dearheart. I have three doctor appointments this week so I’m hoping that they can put their heads together and come up with something to help me. But I’ve been forbidden drinking too much water, pop, and sadly, tea. I’m dying for a cup of tea. :tea: Hopefully this is just a temporary thing with my antibiotics and I can have some tea this week later on.


I’m taking a break from my Shadow Work today while I get other things done. I have an Elderberry Syrup ritual that I would like to do and some spellwork. I have to go through my books and see if I can find something to read for the next book reading challenge.


Today I focused on three things. The first was myself. Everyone seemed to be doing shadow work so I knew I needed to do some, too. (Why, people? Shadow work is hard. :rofl: ) I used @SilverBear’s Shadow Exercise, mentioned in the first post of this thread. The other two things were spells of healing and protection for specific friends in the coven.

(If you are not mentioned, sorry, I still love all of you I have been blessed to get to know, but I was drawn to these specific people on this specific day. I don’t know why. So for the people listed, that is between you and the Divine. I, and the coven, don’t need to know unless you care to share.)

I followed that up with something I have never done before. Taking all of the Full Moon cards out of my Moonology Oracle Deck, but leaving the rest of the moon cycle and the special cards in, I did a spread of exclusively oracle cards. Since each card holds multiple meanings, I felt this would be an interesting way to see what message I would be told concerning the shadow work and the three spells from this morning.

The main spread was focused on me. The top right of the spread was a special pull related to the spell work for the listed friends.

Past: Fixed Moon: Hold Your Vision
I’ve been in a holding pattern as stories from this year played out. While there are still a couple that will play into next year, I was consumed with this feeling of being stuck. This was something I routinely said to my therapist, too.

Present: New Moon in Leo: Confidence Is Your Key To Success
Now that I am healing and I am finally able to move past this stuck feeling, I need to focus on the present. I can be so focused on the past and future but I need to work on the me of right now. A new start has come and I should stay focused on that new start.

Future: New Moon in Pisces: Meditate and Contemplate
This is tied to my shadow work but my future is one devoted to The Divine, specifically my Goddess. As I follow my path, the Message from The Divine(see below) will become reality.

Shadow Self: New Moon in Libra: A New Romantic Cycle Begins
This is going to be hard to share because it is so honest but here we go:
A giant fear I face is being abandoned or alone. I long for companionship so much I have had girlfriends from Poland and Australia just to keep me company through chats and video during the night. (I feel unlovable so I see in others reasons why I am unloved and it makes it hard to love those around me.)

Challenge from Shadow Self: North Node: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Only when I face this fear and accept this time of healing will I finally be able to love others as I love myself. Only when I do that will I attract the good I am looking for. I always run from the good things The Divine gives me because I feel they are too good to be true and I don’t want to be hurt if I prove to be correct.

I am also scared of what I don’t know and understand along my path. While it is easy to accept others and what they love and believe, accepting the good coming to me isn’t easy because I know and I am comfortable with not having what I dream for.

Divine Message: New Moon in Sagittarius: Luck is on Your Side
Whatever comes my way is a gift. Whether challenges or blessings, there are gifts within each. Blessings within challenges so the valleys aren’t so dark and gifts for my friends during my mountaintop experiences so that they may share in the joy.

Special Card Relating to the Healing and Protection Spells for Specific Friends: Balsamic Moon: A Time Of Healing

Specific Friends Listed But Maybe The Message Below Is For Others, Too

Whatever deities you hold on to, use them as guides for your present self. Receive the healing and protection they provide. Whatever comes from your spell work, remember self-care is important. Even if physical healing cannot be an option at this time, you can still receive emotional and spiritual healing to help you. To those needing protection from fear or uncertainty, whatever you fear, release it. Whatever you need, ask for it. You have The Divine and friends to carry you.


I have been curious about the Moon Oracle deck. I saw it recently and it’s really been on my mind.

I just recently started acknowledging the presence of my spirit guides.

Because I feel like the place I just came from needs to be realized and worked on because it was dark where I was hanging out. I need to know that my future decision is what was meant for me and hopefully, my stuck feeling will subside. I have my health, well, what’s left of it :laughing: and I’m trying my best to maintain it. I enjoy shadow work, but I didn’t always want to go there. I kept it locked up for a very long time and only this year started acknowledging that it was there and how it affects me.

I’m really making use of my Book of Mirrors, unlike my BOS that has 3 binders dedicated to parts of my craft, I use smaller leather-bound books that are near me to write about what the spirits move me to right. Whether its’ my daily whatever, things my family, are up to, dreams, shadow topics.

I work with Brigid, she just feels right and close to me. I use her for my spellwork and rituals. I have her cross hanging from the window behind my bed and I wear a silver one with a Claddagh around my neck when I am going somewhere or just need to have her with me throughout my days.

I often forget about self-care but I will take the emotional and I am working on more on my spirituality because that just seems like the thing to do with Yule coming up. I want to feel better about myself, my life, and where am I going. However, I am usually one of those people that reject compliments and good things because I always have it’s too good to be true feelings also and self-care is a new thing for me, I use to just go through my days and get things done and let myself slide, I guess that’s a good way to put it.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I’m glad we got to talk and get to know each other too. :hugs:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry, I like your visualization, and it feels very similar to a dream I had this July! I had no idea about shadow work back then, but I think it captured the essence of it pretty well!

Shadow work dream

My home was dominated by a very large vault door, that was made of heavy black cast iron. It felt very… tangible. I knew that the vault was full of monsters, and I had a vague idea of what they looked like. Each of them felt terrifying. I knew they couldn’t escape from there, but they still were there, right behind that door…

The monsters also kinda fascinated me, and I started learning more about them and how they see the world. Each of them had been put there for a specific “crime” so it was very much like a prison. My fear of them became less and less as I learned more, and I started recognizing other sides to them too than the “offensive” side. Eventually I was eager to go into the vault to meet them.

I talked with the monsters, I think I played a round of cards with them too. They weren’t threatening at all, not to me. Rough personalities that had to be navigated around, sure. I knew I couldn’t let them out either, they’d cause all kinds of chaos, so I left them there for now and bid them farewell. The door seemed much less threatening now.

I feel dreams can have quite a bit of potential for shadow work. Our subconscious shows pieces of itself to us, and sometimes we can catch a glimpse of the shadow self inside it too. When it’s too much to handle, the dream becomes a nightmare and our body’s defense mechanisms activate: our heart pounds more oxygen to our muscles, we start to sweat to expel excess heat and suddenly danger is everywhere. To avoid that, just like the blurred out details in the visualization, sometimes our subconscious blurs the picture by stepping up the symbolism. It’s these symbolic dreams that seem familiar somehow that are good to write down and get back to once in a while. If it starts to feel overwhelming though, it’s a good idea to close that door and come back later.


Oh wow @CelestiaMoon.

I wish I could remember my dreams! I went back on 2 medications for my insomnia & I never remember dreams but I sleep like a rock & I won’t wake up until my body is damn good & ready!


Sleeping well really is another of those things you really start to appreciate after having it the other way for a long time… Sorry to hear you’ve had to go through that but I’m glad you’re sleeping better now. I’m an insomniac too, hopefully finally getting over it, turns out for me the problem isn’t (usually!) that I’m not tired, but that there are a million more interesting things to do and I want to do it all… turns out it’s not a sleeping pill I need but a stimulant, for my ADHD I had no idea I had! Oops! Sometimes a nice cup of strong coffee helps too… :joy:

I wish I could tell you the secret to having and remembering dreams! Sometimes it even feels the worse I sleep the better I dream… I don’t usually remember my dreams either, but when I do I can remember so many details!


I honestly think that I have had ADHD since childhood but because of my other mental health… things… it has gone undiagnosed or overlooked for all of these years. I’m just not ready to add another diagnosis when I have enough trouble managing the current ones! When I do dream, I remember very little & try to write down what I do remember in detail so maybe it will trigger a little more of the memory. I keep my Book of Mirrors right beside my bed with a pen, just in case.


That sounds like a good idea, though it might make sense to go through the dream in your mind before doing anything else in as much detail as possible. That “saves” it in more long time memory so that it doesnt fade away as soon as you pick up the pen.

I can relate to managing all the diagnoses, and ADHD getting overlooked seems to be the norm sadly, especially with girls… what people seem to do a lot is self-diagnose by doing tests and reading a lot of articles (I can warmly recommend additudemag.com), then go deal with the doctors who might not have even heard of ADHD… what makes it all worth it is that it’s not just a diagnosis but there’s an actual medication that’s like the mental equivalent of putting on glasses with the right prescription! I’m still just trying it out and finding the right dosage, but finding that there’s so much less resistance to doing things and managing life in general.


Amazing for you! I’m happy that it’s all coming together for you now. I wish you continued success and that you find the right dosage soon. :heart:

Thank you for the link… I will definitely look into it.


I really appreciate this :heart: And it means a lot to me that you felt called to do this for those of us that were mentioned :hugs:


Thank you, I hope you’ll find the answers you’re looking for, much love to you! :heart: It was a pleasure to chat :blush:


Thank you Ben, this message is much appreciated. Especially right now. And thank you for thinking of me. Makes me feel happy!