👛 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Making Objects Magickal

@Temujin_Calidius I admire you for standing up for what you believe in.
Digging deep for the courage to make that stand is an admirable trait that we should all strive to have. After all, that’s a way we can ensure that a message will be heard, even if the rest of the world or government isn’t prepared to listen.


@Jeannie1 we could never be" tooo much witch" :purple_heart:
Get what you want to get and stock up if you wish! -much love


me2! I love the skull!


@moonshadow - actually I’m on the other end of the deal stuck in the middle and midst.

I’m a police officer :wink: so, no, I didn’t get to stand up for what I believed in, in that sense. But I also wouldn’t throw my career away, as the greatest part of the day for me is helping those in need.

I take things as they come in life.



I love that too!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I honestly do whatever feels right! I don’t ever look anything up by recipe! I always tell people don’t force anything do whatever resonates with you and let it flow :relieved::sparkles:


For my challenge this week I charged and blessed a new set of Witch’s Bells I got from Amazon.

First I cleaned them using a sage stick and then rosemary incense. Got them all nice and spiritually squeaky clean. Then I set them on my windowsill to charge under the full moon. I used a chant I got from the Spell-a-Day Almanac from Llywellen. This one. With this chant:

Moonlight, cast your magic glow
upon these items that I choose.
Moonlight, with your energy
these items now infuse.

Then I used the chant that the lovely @SilverBear posted here.

And hung them from my front door! Now they don’t jingle too much but they’re pretty and I’m happy with them so it’s all good.

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Ok I’m going to try this , I was playing with my grandkids and I made a pendulum! They were just watching me lol I’m not sure how to post a picture. I’m not very good with computers.


Right now it looks like the internet is not letting us post pictures, but you see that arrow pointing up right there? Click on that and it’ll let you upload. Usually.


I love this! Thank you for sharing :sparkles:


You’re welcome, my friend! I’m only sorry I can’t post a picture for some reason.


@Amethyst it is happening to a few users, I believe it started yesterday. I will let @Francisco know that it is continuing into today. :two_hearts:

Currently, I am waiting for my husband to wake up for the day. (He works long & hard hours during the week, so I like to let him sleep :sleeping: in on the weekends.) Then I am going to enchant the new necklace that I received this week. I have already cleansed & charged it under the moon :full_moon:

I also want to do the Black Tourmaline Activation Meditation today. I have been doing really well getting 1 meditation in a day so far this week. It feels good to be back on track & connected again. :hugs:


Pic might be a bit blurry, but my new necklace finally came!

I filled it with cloves and said,
Cloves, Garlic, Pepper, or Rosemary,
I now carry the protection of fire with me

Side note: I smell like cloves now. :laughing:


@Kasandra… yes there has been an issue for some users being able to upload images. It is being looked into though! It started sometime yesterday. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi made a pendulum out of my granddaughters necklace pieces. I was playing with them and that’s what came to me . I don’t know how to bring a picture up.


Oh thank you :pray:t3:


Hello everyone!

I blessed/made magickal my journals with the energies of the Harve’s full Moon. I know it doesn’t look like a big work but I feel really connected with Her right now, I feel that the Goddess is calling me :slight_smile:

I’m planning to bless a very antique piano inherited from my great granny, but I’m not sure how to bless it yet. Do you guys recommend something that might be best for such a piece? It’s big, and it has pretty much my family’s energies contained (very important, in resume) lol.

Thank you, @kassandra for the recommendation and @BryWisteria as always, for setting it up :stuck_out_tongue:

And, this is the piano :musical_keyboard:


I know I already feel bad as it is I need to get a a good printer so I can show you all you can make transfer candles and make sigils on the candle I can’t wait to get it! I am heading to the store to get more skulls to dress them up for Samhain!
I used a tea potion that I got from Heckates Garden by Cyndi B She uses crossing the veil tea :tea:
Tsp mugwort
Tsp yarrow
Pinch Mint
13 Junniper Berries

I made some incense too it is 1pineapple crushed
1tsp Rosemary
I pinch :pinching_hand: of cinnamon
2tsp of mugwort

I concentrate this Tailsman to help with transformation


For some reason my pics won’t process?
I really appreciate and love my craft it helps me to keep my goals into perspective! I really do believe this isgoing to work!
Also I did my ritual in my robe and I really want to make my life a ritual that is my goal.


I charmed a necklace with the same properties as a spell jar I am working on for legal ease, abundance, prosperity, & calm.

I lit white sage incense, a green candle that was dressed with clove oil & cinnamon & put them with my Black Tourmaline & black candle. I cleansed the jar of negative energies & to work for my highest good with the white sage smoke. I added 1 of each coin (US), Green Aventurine, & Amazonite.

I used specific herbs to go into the jar. Celandine for legal ease, Rose for abundance, St John’s Wort & Lemongrass for calm & anti anxiety along with Chamomile, Dill for prosperity, good fortune, abundance, White Sage for prosperity attraction. Finally I added 1 drop of Clove essential oil for prosperity & money.

I dripped some of the green candle wax on the top of the jar to hold the candle in place. The candle & jar are inside my cauldron, (I want the wax to drip over the top & sides but don’t want to have any issues otherwise.)

I took my necklace that I had cleansed with smoke & held it above my altar:

I charm this necklace with the same properties as my spell jar. As is my will, so mote it be

(my creative juices aren’t flowing readily lately :rofl:)

I place the necklace on my altar so the incense & candles can finish burning through & seal the jar.


@Jeannie1 How lovely :star_struck: What a wonderful recipe thank you for sharing. Your work is impressive and I admire your creativity as well as your craft. -much love


For this week’s challenge, i crafted a pendulum board. I am just getting started with pendulum work and found the book at Goodwill :slight_smile: Thanks for another fun challenge.