💚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Natural Health & Healing

I have used energy medicine & one of my providers helps me release pent up energy, whether anxious, angry, nervous, or any combination that is building up & I can’t seem to release on my own :hugs:

I do have some guided meditations & other practices to sort of help smooth out my energy too.

I’m going to check out the channel & see if maybe there’s something new for me to learn too! :heart_eyes:


#GardenGoals Looks lovely and has such great herb choices! I am building my raised garden this week to get my herbs in the ground; your post is inspiring!


I am hooked on it now, thank you!! I’d love birb friends too (my friend code is: LFVEHLMCRE ) :baby_chick: :baby_chick:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

The gift of good health is a blessing indeed! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to explore the theme this week- there have been so many wonderful spells, recipes, photos, experiences, and thoughts shared with the coven. Great job to everyone who explored natural healing magick this week! :herb::pray:

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Blessed be! :green_heart::sparkles:


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@MeganB Here are the benefits for cupping:

Cupping benefits are the following:

  • Release scar tissue and fascial adhesions.
  • Reduce painful trigger points.
  • Improve circulation, blood and lymph circulation.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Promote mobility and range of motion.
  • Improves mature scars.
  • Decrease toxins.

Here are 3 negatives to it, but I have never had any issues.
Cupping can cause side effects such as persistent skin discoloration, scars, burns, and infections , and may worsen eczema or psoriasis. Rare cases of severe side effects have been reported, such as bleeding inside the skull (after cupping on the scalp) and anemia from blood loss (after repeated wet cupping).


Oh wow, that’s a lot of benefits! :astonished: I’m glad it helps you – I would be personally hesitant to try it because I bruise/scar easily and I have pretty bad eczema. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough :sweat_smile:


I bruise easily too but it is not so bad. You can also keep it to a certain area, I only do my back and back of arms and legs.


:laughing: I don’t know what it is but indoor plants and I do not get along. Glad I’m not alone! And that’s awesome that your did that with your front yard. I have a long ways to go, but it seems so much more appealing than mowing and just grass.

And that’s a fun surprise for when they bloom! :rose:

Thank you! I’m hoping to find a good area for clover in our yard, too - it’s so helpful for the garden!


My best friend bought me some tea a year or two ago for my birthday. One of the boxes has reishi mushrooms, cinnamon, and some other ingredients I can’t remember. It tastes… like fall. Maybe it’s the cinnamon flavor. :laughing:

Another thing I forgot to mention is mushrooms can balance your hormones. For the last several months, my PMS was bothering me, as in I was having more mood swings between day fourteen to twenty-eight.

My doctor’s first suggestion is to put me on my birth control, but that’s not an option since they’ve been more than they’re worth for me. I’ve noticed that when I added more mushrooms to my diet in the last month and a half, my symptoms of PMS have subsided!


Mushrooms sounds like a nice suggestion. Going to have to look up some recipes I have some picky eaters. I could always add them to my Pizzas I only get on Fridays.


You’re welcome :blush: I can’t do most green tea unless I get it decaf. Maybe? :green_heart: I hope you get a liking for green tea :blush:

You’re right! There is absolutely so much to learn :herb: Thank you for providing the wealth of information that you did. It’s inspired me to look into some more natural methods of treating some of my illnesses rather than modern medicine. :potted_plant: There was a point in time when I worked for a natural food company in the vitamin and health & beauty section. I learned so much but have since forgot a lot of it. :heart: Thank you for sharing!

Ahh, that’s true! Here’s the calendula coming back to remind me that I have some steeping. :yellow_heart: Thank you!

Thanks for this – I’m gonna look into this energy healing. Maybe it’ll help me kick my allergies out the door! :clap: They’re constantly making me sick… ugh!

Oh how fun! I’ve added you :heart: My friend code is Q5WD5QL5FP

I may see if I can use it as ground cover to keep weeds out! :four_leaf_clover: I for sure want to use it as a walkway in my garden rather than the rocks and weeds that grow rampant here lol

Oh wow, that’s really amazing for a fungus! It seems like mushrooms have many uses that modern medicine (and people) are just now finding. :mushroom:


I almost forgot to mention that penicillin, one for the world’s greatest inventions, is made with fungi specifically penicillin mold). There are lots of ways fungi are beneficial to our health!


@Susurrus I have lemon balm growing fervently under my cherry tree! I think it has taken over my mint - poor thing. I have big bush of Rosemary growing next to my front porch - I didn’t know it could grow that big until I made a visit to Sodona, AZ and it is all over the place! I have to full it off to my sisters for their uses - LOL!


It is stunning! If I got a tattoo, I would want one exactly like it. I just love it. :slight_smile: I would totally buy it as a t shirt!


The wealth of information in this challenge is amazing! I need to bookmark like every post.


Agreed- the collection of entries is really a treasure trove of wisdom! I completely understand wanting to bookmark all the posts :smile: :+1:

I suppose you could always bookmark the entire challenge (aka put a bookmark on the main/first post) and then it should be easy to get back and browse the entries whenever you’d like! :bookmark: :blush:

Blessed be and happy studies, Mary! :green_heart:


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