Weekly Witchy challenge - of Seas, Sand and tides, Garnet

Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Of Seas, Sands, and Tides
Challenge entry - Garnet

I’m not sure that this is so much about Magick or me being fanciful, but I thought send it.
I have a love/hate relationship with the ocean. I don’t go to the beach because no matter what sunscreen I use, 20 minutes and I’m a lobster.

Cruises are beyond belief, you can sit on your balcony and watch it all day and not get wet. And they feed you all the time…

It is fun to think about mythology and the ocean. Pirates, sailing ships, Skull and cross bones, Mermaids (who were actually Manatee’s), sea monsters, 2o,ooo leagues under the sea & a giant octopus, and believe it or not-Unicorns. This came about when men saw the Narwhal. The lost city of Atlantis and the Tsunami’s that probably sank it. I hate to mention Romance now but it is romantic.
(Speaking of Romance…)Aquaman (Jason Mamoa – Sigh). Grr Argg, Yo ho me hardies, yo ho (That’s Captain Jack)
The Ocean is big, I mean really big, deep, full of things that want to eat you and fish pee in it. Nasty.
It’s overwhelmingly beautiful to see, amazing to hear and smell. It’s just…Magick without any Wands needed.

Watch the moon sometime over the sea, breathtaking. Think of the element of Water so necessary for life of all kinds, animal, mineral and vegetable. Medication, hydro electricity…amazing.
Humidity might make it hard to breath, but if you’ve ever been to a desert, it’s so dry it feels like the inside of your nose is burning when you breath.

I can admire but am overwhelmed by the sea. I’m a girl from farm country in western New York, the most water we saw was the ponds that the cows drank from. Yep, the ocean is pretty darn big.

We get our salt from the sea but not always the ones at the beach. Areas near the great lakes have deep salt mines. Then there’s the salt flats at Bonneville both are leftovers of dried up seas.
I absolutely love jasper and some of it from the sea is the most beautiful in the world. Coral, pearls, the treasures are limitless.
Rich and I were talking about life today and he said that “Every thing has a soul, trees, grass, animals, everything.” I just smiled and said. “You’re right Babe.”
And the Magick of the sea, is it’s soul.
Thanks and Blessings


Oh, I loved this trip to the sea you took me on!

I went to the Bonneville Salt Flats thirty+ years ago. It was an amazing place. I remember standing on a surfact that seemed to be like moist, packed salt. I couldn’t see anyone else but my husband, no animals, people or plant life. I remember seeing lightning snaking over the horizon. It felt like I was on another planet!


I felt like I was riding the waves while reading this lovely entry- up and down, smiling and laughing! What a fun ride this was, @Garnet- thank you for this delightful ocean exploration! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :ocean:


I remember when someone (can’t remember who- probably a cousin) told me the ocean was full of fish pee. I wouldn’t go in for weeks :laughing: Then I got over it and went back in. And then someone told me that chocolate milk is made from seaweed (check the label- look for carageen. Boom. Seaweed) and I wouldn’t drink chocolate milk for a very long time. Finally got over that too.

The ocean and the gross, wonderful, disgusting, beautiful things in it never fail to throw us for a loop and catch us off guard. Such is the exciting magick of the sea, I suppose! :grin: :+1:

Thanks for such a good laugh and bringing back fun memories- your words are real magick, Garnet! :heart::blush:


Love it @Garnet :heart::heart::heart:


@Garnet you crack me up! :joy: I really enjoyed your post, Cruises and Jason Mamoa :drooling_face:

I was thinking about going for a hike at the Bonneville Shoreline for this challenge, its not far and I’ve never been there! Or maybe the Salt Lake, I heard you can dig up selenite there :star_struck:

I love the Ocean and its AquaMen! Thank you for making me smile @Garnet
:shell: :dolphin:


@Mistella, @Sarall. @mary25. @TheTravelWitch_Bry
I really tried to be solemn and knowledgeable, then my be dammed funny bone tickled me and it was anchors away. Sigh. But I’m glad you enjoyed it.
Naughty Garnet