Weekly Witchy Challenge - Props and Presents (A Living Legacy) 🪦

Merry meet and Blessed Feralia- the final day of the Parentalia Festival!

Thank you once again to all those who joined in for the 132nd Weekly Witchy Challenge :headstone:

Ancestor Spirit Work Heritage Challenge

To all those who explored ancestor work this week, here is a special shout-out for you! :mega:

There were a lot of wonderful entries out there! If I accidentally missed your entry or you forgot to label your post as your challenge entry- please let me know so I can add you in!

In addition to new experiences, everyone who shared an entry also received the prize of a shiny new badge:

:headstone: :pray: A Living Legacy :candle::place_of_worship:

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Picture from Spells8: Ancestor Altar Ideas

Great work, witchy challengers!

Whether it is or isn’t something you normally focus on in your practice, I hope you enjoyed the theme this week. By trying new things and exploring the entries of fellow coven members, the hope is that this challenge helped you to enrich your Craft :woman_mage:

Thank you again for participating! :tada:

Picture from Pixabay

For challenge-seekers or anyone who missed this week’s challenge- no fear! Challenges run every week from Wednesday to the following Tuesday, aka: there will be another challenge coming very soon!

Please keep an eye on the main page of the forum and/or stop by the Activities Category to see all challenge announcements :mega:

Blessed Be! :headstone::sparkles:


Thank you so much for the shiny new badge :star_struck: & congratulations to everyone who also received their badges! :tada:

I know that I couldn’t personally reply to everyone’s posts, but they were all fantastic. I loved how everyone chose a different way to look into this for their entries. I honestly got lost in rabbit holes in my tree & then searched all kinds of names & finding some amazing discoveries about past ancestors & recent relatives… that I had no idea I was related to, but have been friends with for a while! So that was an exciting find too & both of us were in a complete state of :exploding_head:

So I am sorry that I didn’t personally respond to each entry, I got lost in my own genealogy & finds over the end of last week. Everyone did a great job & I think the next goal I would like to try is some divination which I have already started & been keeping up on my ancestor altar. :smiling_face:


Thanks for the new badge and congrats to everyone who got one. This one was tough for some, I know, so kudos to you for making it!


Thank you for the badge! This was one of the toughest challenges for me, because I didn’t know where to begin. But it was fun learning more about Pre-Christian Scotland and sharing what I was able to find.


Congratulations to everyone that got a new badge today! :headstone: I had a very interesting experience with this challenge, way more than what I shared in my entry, and it led me to some answers I wasn’t expecting! I’ll be working more on my own family tree using a different program that was recommended to me. I’m finally getting used to it, I think! :thinking:

I’m making my way through all of the entries today, too. I won’t get to reply to everyone but I will definitely be reading them all! There are so many entries, each one with different information and fun things to learn and read. I really enjoyed this challenge! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve had so much fun reading everyone’s experiences! Congratulations to everyone!!


Thank you so much for the new badge and congratulations to everyone who got it! I still need to go back and read some of the entries, but this was a fun challenge.


You’re very welcome, everyone- and congrats again to all those who received a badge! :star2:

I fully agree with @Amethyst and @Kasandra that it was a tough theme for some folks. I have full respect for everyone who overcame any personal difficulties or encountered hard memories when exploring ancestor work and I hope that, despite the emotional aspect of it, that the work proved to be valuable and helpful in some way for you and your practice :pray::candle:

Thank you all once again (I can never say it enough!) for jumping in to join your coven and explore the theme- most especially to those who stepped out of their usual comfort zone to try something new or difficult. A huge props to you all! :heart::trophy::blush:

(Next challenge coming very soon! :soon::sparkles:)


This award post is for a closed challenge- but no fear! You can visit the Activities Category to join current challenges and other fun forum happenings.