Weekly Witchy Challenge - Props and Presents (Chant Witch) 🎶

A round of applause to everyone who joined in for the 47th Weekly Witchy Challenge :notes: !

To all those who explored the magick of chants - here is a special shout-out for you! :loudspeaker:

In addition to new experiences, everyone who participated has also received the prize of a shiny new title:

:notes::speaking_head: Chant Witch :scroll::musical_note:

Chant witch

You worked hard for your fancy new title- wear it with honor! :star2:

How to put your new title on display:

  1. Look at the top right-hand corner of the site and click on your avatar/picture
  2. When the drop-down menu opens, click on the person (:mens:)
  3. Then, click on the next gear symbol (:gear:) /“Preferences”"
  4. Scroll down the page until you see “Title”. In the small drop-down box, select the title of your choosing
  5. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page

There are many possible titles you can earn through interacting on the forums. Your chosen title will appear next to your username , and a full list of your earned titles is on your profile in the section “Badges” .

Enjoy- this is a trophy of your accomplishments! :trophy:

For all of the wonderful chants in their many magickal forms shared this week- thank you! Chants and their numerous possibilities are a backbone of magick and can be used in a delightfully diverse amount of ways.

Hopefully, this week’s theme and seeing the entries of your fellow coven members helped to spark inspiration and fuel creativity in your practice! I hope you had fun and were able to add something valuable to your craft :sparkles:

Thanks again for joining in! :tada:

For challenge-seekers or anyone who missed this week’s challenge- no fear! There will be another challenge coming very soon . Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums for an announcement :speaking_head:

Blessed be! :notes::heart:


Thank you for this challenge because it was a challenge for me!!!


Thank you! This one was definitely different & made me think a little bit more about what I was going to do with it. I had fun though! Thank you for the new badge!


Congratulations everyone! Doing this challenge brought up a few chants in my memory that I had forgotten about, too :heart: It was fun to read through everyone’s posts :partying_face:


I am so thankful for this title @TheTravelWitch I am more than honored for this title. I wear this one with pride, honor and power.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


I enjoyed reading everyone’s entries! Some great work in the coven! :heart: :infinite_roots:


I agree, it certainly was a challenge! :grin:
Reading everyone’s entries finally made it click to me what a chant is and where their power lies. And at the very last minute laying in bed at night I wrote my own!! A challenge to remember :heart:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch for the badge and title, chants can be done in a ritual too so I may have figured out its use for the practices I’d perform, I’m now debating how to make elements in this world fit the the theme the random generator link gave me for a different story I’d write of as a draft for now, and as @MeganB had said:

Blessed Be,


What an en-chant-ing title! :laughing:


Compared to those that put in so much effort and creativity, I don’t feel like I earned this title at all!! I know I say this a lot, but you are all truly inspiring and beautiful people!
I am honored to be counted among you.
Thank you, @TheTravelWitch!


Thank you so much for the new title, it’s lovely! Can’t wait to see what you think of next!


You’re very welcome everyone- congrats once again on your beautiful chant entries! :tada::partying_face: :heart:

Please don’t worry, @sarah29- your entry was absolutely perfect for the challenge, and you definitely earned the title! :heart: Good job once again, and rest assured that as long as you are inspired by the current theme, you are always welcome to contribute as much or as little as you want/are able to. After all, since everyone has different schedules, are in different stages of their practice, and have different tools/skills/interests, challenges are not about “gatekeeping”, but rather about encouraging magickal practices- that’s what important! :blush: :pray::sparkles:

And another big thanks back to @NickWick for coming up with the theme for this challenge! :raised_hands:

And bonus points to @Kasandra for the chant-tastic pun :joy::+1:


This post is for a closed challenge- but no fear! Visit Activities to join in on current challenges and other fun happenings.