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Congrats on your new title :fireworks: ! It looks so very :thinking: Enlightened, Solid and Positive. It looks like you!

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Thank you and you are not going to believe this, but Medea just resonates with me.
I also found out that Medea did not kill her children.

Medea’s love for Jason was caused by Aphrodite because Jason could not have recovered the golden fleece without her help. The love which Aphrodite sends is incurable; as a rule the gods do not care about mortals whom they use. Compare the Hippolytus , in which Aphrodite wishes to punish Hippolytus so she makes his stepmother Phaedra fall in love with him. The goddess spends a line or two regretting that the innocent Phaedra must suffer and be destroyed, but says that the fate of a mortal is not as important as the honor due to a god.
Medea did not kill her children. The Corinthians killed them (in versions of the story earlier than Euripides).
Medea did flee to Athens to King Aegeus. They had a child (whom Medea did not kill), named Medos. He is the eponymous founder of the Medes (who, for Greeks, were synonymous with Persians). Medea left Athens with this child after Theseus arrived, and after she had unsuccessfully tried to do away with Theseus. (BS Rodgers, 2004)

Euripides’ Medea was regarded as a dangerous person not so much because of what she did to her children - especially since this is not original to the myth - but because she defended the rights of women and deplored their treatment by men. This was anathema in fifth-century Athens. In the play she is supported by the conspiratorial silence of the Corinthian women, although it is their king who is at risk. Euripides’ female characters were not the ideal females of the Periclean funeral oration: they were radicals with very dangerous ideas. (BS Rodgers, 2004)

Barbara Saylor Rodgers, 10/14/2004


:trophy:Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to change my name: I couldn’t find anything new but this Witch is In the working!
Thankfully I get to embark upon your adventures and journey with many of you! You all are so creative and talented!!!
I truly admire you all!:nerd_face: To all of you with new names now I get to remember new names that are very particular ! It will be a challenge but I am up for it!


Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry for the new badge!


You’re very welcome @Garnet, @Artemisia, @Jeannie1, and @Ostara- congrats and thanks again for joining in the challenge! :heart::grinning:

Omg! You’re right hahaha- now I’m glad I went with the name I did :joy::+1:

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You’re so right, Jeannie- the deadline passed, but the challenge lives on! :joy::+1: Matching names and pictures is kind of like one of those remembering games that test your memory. I suppose it’s good for memory training! :wink::two_hearts:


Yay! Thanks for the cook title :heart: :blush: Will wear it with pride! Especially love the ‘Thyself’ part :wink: :blush:


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