Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Props and Presents! (Oneiric Witch) 😴

A round of applause to all who joined in on our Fifth Weekly Witchy Challenge!


To all who closed their eyes and delved deep into the hidden depths of their own minds- here is a special shout-out for you! :mega:

In addition to new experiences and insight, all participants have received the small present of a shiny new title!

:sleeping::milky_way: Oneiric Witch :sparkler::thought_balloon:

:sparkles: “Oneiric” comes from the Greek word oneiros: of or related to dreams :sparkles:

You worked hard for your fancy new title- wear it with honor! :trophy:

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Thank you again to everyone who participated in this challenge!

I loved reading your dreams, recipes, and seeing your beautiful crafts- there are many talented and fascinating witches here, with very creative minds! :brain::sparkles: I know some of you struggle with remembering your dreams- I hope that you were able to pick up a few tips and strategies to help you remember and record them! :open_book:

For both those who were successful with their endeavors and those who are working on their sleep and dream magick- great job! :clap: This can be an illusive and difficult aspect of magick- so stick with it and I hope that your dream magick continues to flourish and grow! :seedling::sleeping_bed:

For challenge-seekers or anyone who missed this week’s challenge- no fear! There will be another challenge coming soon! Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums for an announcement :loudspeaker:

Blessed Be to All! :sparkling_heart:


Thanks again, @TheTravelWitch! I enjoyed this week’s challenge! It really meant a lot to make the dream pillow and share it with amazing people :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch I had a lot of fun working on this and I am happy that I actually got to remember at least one this week! I now have a journal on my nightstand for when I wake up with the last pieces of a dream in my mind.

I hope everyone has a great day! Blessed Bed! :star2:


Really enjoyed this one :blush::yellow_heart: thanks @TheTravelWitch!


I’m happy that I actually remembered to write down my dream and then I entered it in my new app. It will be interesting to see what else I am able to remember. I think I have found a good routine at bedtime for calming down and getting to sleep in a better state.


Thank you again @TheTravelWitch, for the title! I look forward to the next challenge!


You are very welcome @christina4, @krissie117, @mrs, and @kasie! :heart: I am so happy that you enjoyed the challenge, and had a meaningful experience deepening your dream magick :sparkles: It was truly a pleasure reading about everyone’s stories, dreams, and crafts!

I’m cooking up the next challenge now- it’ll be posted soon! :sparkling_heart: :blush:


I can’t wait for the next one. I had a really good time with the dreaming one, I am going to keep practicing my dreaming skills.

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I realize that this is a bit late and I apologize.

Wanted to share something with the others - sometimes while dreaming; especially in lucid dreams, there may be a sense of de’ja vue - do not be afraid. These calls of portent or past have something to share with you as an individual. Whether it is a lesson one has not quite earned or the ability to rectify a past transgression, it is perfectly okay.
Personally, I have had the ability to dream travel and love it! There are places that I have seen that I will probably not be able to see in my own natural life and they are glorious! De’ja vue instances have driven me insane; mostly having to do with houses. Do not know why just yet, but working on it.


Very interesting, I also dream quite often about houses! It’s mostly positive though, like I’m in a big house and just exploring everything. I have had these kind of dreams for a long time now - also haven’t figured out yet why that is!


All of my de’ja vue instances have to do with people around me or situations that I am in, usually in a social setting.


This uncanny feeling of having been or done something before is fascinating to me too, @da1! Although the experience can be a little unsettling, I’ve often heard that Deja Vu is interpreted to mean that you are on the right path.

For you and also for @christine4, the feeling of deja vu around houses could mean you are moving forward to owning your own house/your dream house/a very special home. Or perhaps it is tying you to a particular home or setting you had in a past life, or even a home you will find in a future life? Very exciting possibilities! :house_with_garden: :blush:

For everyone else fascinated with this feeling, there is a great article in Forever Conscious about the Spiritual Meaning of Deja Vu- it’s an interesting read! :open_book::sparkles:


Thanks for sharing the article @TheTravelWitch! I like the idea that a deja vu is that you are on the right path - very reassuring :smile:

Very exciting indeed :laughing: Often the houses I keep finding myself in are massive, and I happen upon room after room while exploring. I wouldn’t mind a house like that in real life :joy:


I once had the strongest occurrence when I was 20, I met a guy, we both knew we knew each other in a past lives. His group of friends were people I had shared several lives together. It was over a dozen that we were in life cycles with. It is still one of my most special memories.


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