Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Props and Presents (Pulchra magicae) 🌹

Beautifully done to everyone who joined in for the 52nd Weekly Witchy Challenge :rose:

To all those who explored Beauty Magick this week, here is a special shout-out for you! :loudspeaker:

In addition to new experiences, everyone who participated has also received the prize of a shiny new title:

:rose::lips: Pulchra magicea :heart::sparkles:

→ “Pulchra magicae” is a Latin phrase that can be translated as: beautiful magic

beauty challenge

You worked hard for your fancy new title- wear it with honor! :star2:

How to put your new title on display:

  1. Look at the top right-hand corner of the site and click on your avatar/picture
  2. When the drop-down menu opens, click on the person (:mens:)
  3. Then, click on the next gear symbol (:gear:) /“Preferences”"
  4. Scroll down the page until you see “Title”. In the small drop-down box, select the title of your choosing
  5. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page

There are many possible titles you can earn through interacting on the forums. Your chosen title will appear next to your username , and a full list of your earned titles is on your profile in the section “Badges” .

Enjoy- this is a trophy of your accomplishments! :trophy:

Whether you cast appearance-enchanting spells or delved into the magick of beauty within, congrats on your work with Beauty Magick this week! :sparkles: From Glamour spells to boosting self-confidence, there are many benefits to be gained when working with this area of magick. Great job!

Hopefully you enjoyed exploring the theme this week. As beauty blooms, so too does inspiration! Thanks for joining in and sharing your experiences with the coven. May your beauty continue to blossom, both on the outside and within! :rose:

For challenge-seekers or anyone who missed this week’s challenge- no fear! There will be another challenge coming very soon . Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums for an announcement :speaking_head:

Blessed be! :rose::sparkles:


Thanks @TheTravelWitch,

I am so happy and the badge is beautiful. Thanks a lot.



Thank you @TheTravelWitch maybe I’ll be sneaky and use it one day lol


Thank you for the badge and for your wonderful work creating these challenges!


Thanks for the badge! I like that it’s a Latin phrase badge! Been a while since I’ve seen one of them.


Thank you for the badge. This one stumped me for a few days. That just tells me that I need to work on loving myself more than I do now.

I’m proud to have this one & I’m looking forward to this week’s challenge too!


You are very welcome @anneshakargupta, @christina4, @Amethyst, @Kasandra, and @Siofra ! :heart: This title took a while to figure out- sometimes I know the name of the badge before the challenge even begins and other times it’s trial and error to find a suitable title name :laughing:

Glad to hear you liked it- thanks again for joining in! :partying_face:


Congratulations on the new badge everyone :partying_face: this one was fun to do and honestly, very, very much needed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


This post is for a closed challenge- but no fear! Visit Activities to join in on current challenges and other fun happenings.