Weekly Witchy Challenge - Props and Presents (Shining Bright) ⭐

A round of applause to everyone who joined in for the 33rd Weekly Witchy Challenge :star:!

To everyone who drew on the magick of the stars- here is a special shout-out for you! :mega:

In addition to new experiences, everyone who participated has received the prize of a shiny new title:

:star2: :milky_way: Shining Bright :sparkler: :dizzy:

star challenge

You worked hard for your fancy new title- wear it with honor! :star2:

To set your new title:

  1. Look at the top right-hand corner of the site and click on your avatar/picture
  2. When the drop-down menu opens, click on the gear symbol (:gear:)
  3. Then, click on the next gear symbol (:gear:) /“Preferences”"
  4. Scroll down the page until you see “Title”. In the small drop-down box, select the title of your choosing
  5. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page

There are many possible titles you can earn through interacting on the forums. Your chosen title will appear next to your username , and a full list of your earned titles is on your profile in the section “Badges” .

Enjoy- this is a trophy of your accomplishments! :trophy:

Congrats to all! Whether you chose to examine your personal astrology and read what the stars have to say about your life, or you used the energy of stars and their likeness to enhance your magic- well done! :raised_hands:

It has been a delight like always to see your star charts and hear about your magickal experiences. I hope you enjoyed this challenge and were able to explore an exciting new aspect of your magickal craft! :sparkling_heart:

For challenge-seekers or anyone who missed this week’s challenge- no fear! There will be another challenge coming very soon . Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums for an announcement :speaking_head:

Blessed be! :star2: :heart:


I love these challenges and appreciate all of the time you put into creating them and their corresponding titles. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Thank you, Brianna. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


Congratulations everyone! I, unfortunately, missed this one, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to catch up :star2:


Thank you so much for the new badge. You really work hard on these challenges and the care shows. Thanks so much for running them!


Oh, shiny new badge! :sparkles: Thank you! :grin:


Thank you so much for the new badge! I’m a collector of sorts I guess because I can never bring myself to change mine on my profile. I enjoy the weekly challenges & working on my craft each week. I learn something new each week with the challenges & from everyone’s entries.


This is the shiniest of all shiny badges!! :laughing: Thanks, Brianna for the challenge and the reward! Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Shine on!! :sparkler:


You are very welcome! :heart: Thank you so much for your kind words @praecog29, @Amethyst, @Kasandra, @Siofra, and @Francisco! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Making the challenges is fun, but the real pleasure is seeing everyone’s inspirational entries- you are all amazing!

And @MeganB is absolutely right- we’ll have a Catch-Up challenge next week to celebrate the 35th Weekly Witchy Challenge! (How have there already been that many!? :joy:)

Thanks again and Blessed be! :sparkles::star2:


Oh! I love the Catch Up Challenges! I can’t believe we are at 35 already though. That seems like a lot. I can’t wait to get to this week’s challenge either! Ah… I just love the challenges.


Thank you for my badge, and I love learning and expanding my knowledge!


You are very welcome @Jeannie1- I love your passion for learning! :star2:

I’m so happy you enjoy the challenges so much, @Siofra! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know the feeling- I saw the number and couldn’t believe it! But yes, we are on number 34 this week and the big 35 next week. How the weeks fly by! :laughing::dove:


This post is for a closed challenge- but no fear! Visit Activities to join in on current challenges and other fun happenings.