Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Props and Presents (Spell Master) 🐝

A round of applause to all of the brave participants who stepped up to the plate for the Fourteenth Weekly Witchy Challenge!

To those who shaped their will and crafted words with intention to create unique and wonderful spells- here is a special shout-out just for you! :mega:

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Well done to everyone! It was such a pleasure to read your spellwork- and wow! So many spells for so many wonderful purposes :sparkles:

I’d like to give a special acknowledgment to anyone who wrote their own spell for the first time. I know finding the motivation, words, and taking that first big step can be very challenging- but you did it!

Know that you are amazingly brave and feel reassured that you are now able to create your own spells whenever you’d like.

I truly hope everyone enjoyed testing their creativity this week! There is something very powerful about shaping your own words and taking your magic into your own hands. May you all feel inspired to continue crafting spells of your own in the future!

For challenge-seekers or anyone who missed this week’s challenge- no fear! There will be another challenge coming very soon . Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums for an announcement :speaking_head:

Blessed be!


Oh thank you! It feels good to be back in the swing of the challenges, next week I will do the tea. This week I have surgery on Thursday, I don’t know how I’ll be when I get home afterwards. I’ll check in on Friday though.

I’m glad everyone like my spell that I wrote! Thank you so much.


Intention – To remember my mother in law who died Sep 24th on my birthday

My hopes are to carry on her dreams of me and my husband doing well and being healthy. She would have wanted us to be completely drug free. I want to carry that on to my children.

God to Invoke is Hecate- The Goddess of magic necromancy and the haunting of ghosts of dead. She issued forth from the underworld with a train of torch-bearing Lampades, demonic Lamiae and hellhounds. Hecate was the minister of Persephone.

Hermes- The Guide of the dead who led the ghosts to their final resting place in Hades.

Tools for my spell

Pictures of departed family – I have a pentacle and I glued on a cloth hanger to hang pictures for all the deceased people including my mother in law who died last month.

Clear Quarts – Activate my intention

Piece of paper – To say goodbye (I never got to say goodbye) (To Burn of that resentment)

White Candle – Her name written on it (Valerie) Same as mine

Black -Candle to represent the Goddess (Heacate)

Orange – Represent Hermes

Dragon blood – Dress the candle with oil


Coal burner-

Rosemary - Protection during this time of grieving

Rose- around the pentacle in honor of my mother in law – Symbol of my love for her

Rue – Our kinship and continuing to remember her and never forget the good times and all the wonderful things she did for me and my husband.

Basil- So she will know that I am happy for her she is at rest.

Bloodstone – Healing and inner strength for me to move on

Cinnamon stick – To heal and protect my husband in this time, and to remind me to be supportive.

Sage- ward of any negative feelings

Patchouli Oil- Protects me and the family against any depression or anxiety due to mother in laws death.(on the charcoal)

Incense- nag champa

Valerie Blessed be!

Usually I say I cant do it but today I say I can do it!!

You cant take what is mine, its not fine its time I will take back what’s mine.

Sometimes I am my worst critic and I have not allowed myself to grow because I am stuck but on this day forward.

I want to take back what is my right to have happiness!!

Happiness within something

Clear Quarts – Activate my spell and hold my intention. To get unstuck

Jasper- to help with strength during this difficult time of reducing my habit

Sage – In the Caldron to drive all negative vibes away.

Flat Rocks to engrave Synonyms – Spiritual Encouragement, Hope, Strength, Confidence, Humility, Faith, Courage, Self -Acceptance, Self -Satisfaction, Self- Complacency, Self -Sustaining, Consciousness,(Build a circle around pentacle)
Trust, will-power, Power, forgiveness, True, Unconditional Love.

Piece of Paper with the antonyms to what resonates with you. Here is a list of mines to help you- Despair, Weakness, uncertain, Arrogant, doubt, Anxiety, Self-Rejection, Dissatisfaction, unfree, unconsciousness, mistrust, stuck, forgetfulness, untruth, hatefulness. (Burn on a piece of paper).

Blessed Be
Its 10.00 am in the morning her in Sacramento I thought it would have been on time but I still wanted to share!


@Jeannie1 This is a beautiful spell, it has a peaceful feeling to it. Im sorry for the loss in your family. :pensive:
Love & Light, :purple_heart:


Congrats Everyone! This was a fun challenge. It allowed me to step up and just be, in this case just craft! For it being my first spell I am happy it turned out.
Yay!! to you too @walter! I know you were feeling about the same as I was going into this one.
So thank you to each of the more advanced members for supporting and encouraging those of us who are still wearing our training brooms. :joy:


Loved reading everyone’s spells - so many beautiful, different styles of writing and all so inspirational :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: please keep crafting and sharing folks, you’re all amazing! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


I enjoyed reading your spell and process! Thanks for sharing, Valerie! It sounds like a very powerful spell.

@TheTravelWitch Thanks for organizing this wonderful witchy challenge! :+1: This was probably the hardest one so far and I’m happy for everyone who participated!!


Thanks Tamera, I just figured for Sawhain, I would incorporate this spell because it is a good practice to honor the dead and bless theme. I think I could have explained better but ill do better next time. Thanks for liking my post. I am trying to work on my shadow side. Appreciate your light extended in love, thanks! I had fun over all and that is what’s important.


Francisco, thanks for your kuddos, I am very happy, I did it!!! I was a little nervous being that it was my first spell ever did. I don’t have much practice, but I just have to give it some time and I will grow!!! This is why it was called a challenge. I think its exciting that I am participating like you said. I put in the effort too bettering my life spiritually, mentally and therefore physically. You and the coven help me. Thanks to everyone!!
Thanks to the Travel Witch for helping me grow, and thanks to all your love and support, I was able to believe in myself. I am happy with myself internally!
Blessed be!!


@Rowan, thank you! Glad u got ur spell in. Well, I need a lot of practice ! Wasn’t sure what to do. Only thing came to mind was consecration incantation. But now my feet got wet! Lol…


Welcome back, @Siofra! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sending you good thoughts for your surgery on Thursday- please check in and let us know how it goes after you’ve had some time to rest and recover! :pray: And congrats again on the challenge- your jar spell was truly lovely :two_hearts:

This is a beautiful intention and a truly emotional spell, Val! I can tell you poured your heart and soul into this. You did a wonderful job- thank you so much for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As I mentioned in the PM, since this was your very first challenge and it was shared just a bit behind the deadline (and I know time zone differences can be pretty confusing!) a few hours late can be forgiven. Well done and enjoy your new title! :clap: :blush:

I’m so happy you enjoyed the challenge- and props again for doing such a fantastic job with your first spell, @Rowan! :two_hearts: You really rose to the challenge and spread your wings. I’m proud of you! :blush:

You are very welcome, Francisco! I agree- this one was quite the challenge. Reading everyone’s spellwork was a delight- there are so many very talented and creative people here! :sparkles:

Consecrations are a fantastic place to start- and you wrote an amazing incantation, @walter! Congrats again to you- and yes! Now the ball is rolling. I hope you continue to craft such lovely spells in the future :blush:


I’m looking forward to trying the next weekly challenge. I find out what time my surgery is today after my Covid test. I have that at 7:30 AM today then I’ll get the phone call about what time to be there tomorrow. I’m happy that it’s a day surgery and I can go home the same day. I’ll probably pop on either later tomorrow or on Friday after I’ve had time to rest at home. I know from the past that this surgery takes a lot out of me and there are so many limitations when you can’t drive, walk, or sit up straight.


Krissie I hope everything goes well! I thought I had COVID too turns out it was a cold but its always good to be safe. I am sending you LOVE for surgery day!! Stay positive and wrap the white light around you!
Blessed Be


Thank you so much! It will go smoothly and I will be home before I know it. The waiting is the hard part. Especially when you are up way too early!


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