🧑‍💻 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Technology & Modern Magick

Merry meet!

Thank you once again to everyone who joined in for the previous Weekly Witchy Challenge - Magickal Names :name_badge:

Having come to better know thyself, it is now time to better know thy magick- so charge up and fill those batteries! It’s time to log on and explore a very modern side of the Craft :computer: :sparkles:

The theme for this week’s challenge was suggested by the lovely @Kasandra and is…

Spells8 Witch Challenge Technologic Techno Magic

:technologist: :sparkles: Technology & Modern-Day Magick :gear: :zap:

It’s all about the role of modern-day technology in the Craft-
How does it assist, enhance, or interfere with your magickal workings?

Technology is all around us- but when you hear the word “technology”, what comes to mind? Do you think of whizzing computers and beep-blooping robots? :robot: You wouldn’t be alone- but technology is much more than just nuts and bolts :gear:

What is technology? Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment.

Definition from Britannica

So while technology certainly includes the highly-advanced devices on the market today, it can also refer to the many ways that we have used our modern knowledge to improve the quality of life- attempting to make things better, safer, and more accessible.

Technology is about modern medicine, and transportation methods here in the 21st century (be it people :airplane: or packages :package:). It can refer to new methods- such as electronic correspondence, digital libraries, or home deliveries. There’s a lot that the word “technology” can embody!

But while technology in its many forms can be wonderful and even life-altering in positive ways, technology can also cause problems too (such as internet outages, overreliance, spreading false information, among others) :low_battery: . So while some embrace it fully, there are others who choose to draw a line between technology and their Craft, and yet others who choose to avoid modern-day methods entirely in pursuit of ancient methods.

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This week’s challenge is all about the role technology plays in your magickal practice- but as always, how you do so is up to you!

So are you ready? Because it’s…



Picture from Pixabay

STEP 1 : Exploring Technomancy :gear:

This challenge is all about technology in the Craft- but how you choose to take on this theme is up to you!

Still not sure where to begin? To help you get started, here are a few ways in which a witch might approach this challenge…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:magic_wand: Technomancy and Techno Spells

Consider exploring the world of Techno Magick (sometimes called Technomancy) by casting some Techno Spells!

Digital Protection Magick

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:speech_balloon: Communications Casting

One of the greater leaps in technology over the past century has been advancements in communications- no more messenger pigeons needed! :dove::laughing: Consider drawing on and further enhancing means of communication with communication-based spellwork.

Clear Communications Spell with Sigil

Candle Spell to Recieve A Message

(And, naturally, chatting in the online forum with your favorite fellow witches :wink::infinite_roots:)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:books: Digital Grimoires, Books, & Journals

Having a hard time keeping your magickal notes organized? A popular solution is to take your Book of Mirrors, Book of Shadows or other magickal records and make them digital- they can be local to your computer, or stored on a Cloud where you can summon them while you are out and about :cloud:

Digital BoS/Grimoire Recommendations

Spells8 has a vast collection of ready-to-go digital pages that can be added to your digital Books with one quick download (or printed out to have on hand when casting or kept in your printed Book!) :scroll:

Witch Cheat Sheets: Downloadable PDF Pages

Digital Printable Planners

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:thinking: Reflections

With the New Moon of January coming up this weekend, now is a great time for some deep pondering and reflection. If you feel drawn to it, consider pulling out your Witch Journal and explore the role technology plays (or doesn’t play) within your personal practice :writing_hand:

Some potential prompts you might explore:

Do I use any technologies in my Craft (phone, computer, USBs, etc)?

What areas of my practice are more “modern”, and what areas (if any) are more “traditional” or “ancient”?

Can technology be “sacred”?

Is technology harmonious or harmful to nature?

Does technology help my practice, hinder it, or is it a neutral influence?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:raised_hands: … And More!

The suggestions above are just that- simple suggestions! If you feel called to explore technological magick in another way, please feel free to do so! :blush:

As always, all witches are encouraged to embrace their own unique practice with how they explore the theme :star2:

Art by Spacemerperson: Techno Witch

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

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Everyone is welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For lurkers and those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

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Getting Your Credit :white_check_mark:

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Picture from Pixabay

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Light of fire or light of steel
What truly matters is what you feel
So cast with sticks or cast with clicks-
Online or live, the magick’s real!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Blessed Be! :technologist: :sparkles:


I am very excited about this week’s challenge. This is where I research and research and research some more. I look forward to learning more on the topic of technology and incorporating Magick with it. Also, learning from feedback and reading others Weekly Witchy Challenge.

Great Topic Kasandra! Blessed Be…


Have you heard of binaural beat? Basically, when you listen to them through your headphones, the frequency will be different in your left and right ears. They have been used to help with headaches, insomnia, and anxiety. Countless videos exist on YouTube. I have had varying results with binaural beats (i.e., they have taken the edge off my headaches, but once they stop, the pain fully comes back). Maybe I can find a binaural beat video for relieving stress?



With the exception of my candles, wand, crystals, moon water and incense, this witch is All-Digital-All-The-Time!! I rely on my devices for enrolling in magickal instruction, keeping my library of books on witchcraft, for staying in touch with my coven and for keeping my Book of Shadows. Spells 8 alone has made my techno-witchery journey resplendent! For a witch in the broom closet, It’s a portable and private way to keep everything at hand. My bathing rituals are always accompanied by positive energy music stored on my mp3 player. Car rides are always accompanied by Audiobooks on witchcraft. Currently listening to: " Scottish Witchcraft: A Complete Guide to Authentic Folklore, Spells, and Magickal Tools".

I would love to have a beautiful leather-bound BOS to flip through and write in, but I just can’t have those things out in the open right now. There’s a wonderful thread comparing and contrasting keeping a hand-written BOS vs. using a computer to do so on our forum: Handwritten or Printed

I know that technology might seem less personal than other traditional tools of witchcraft, but these devices are so full of personal energy! We carry them around and channel energy through them all day. Not to mention almost all these devices contain a quartz crystal for controlling the timing of the computer chips! I think this little fact is such a witchy-fun one!!

It’s amazing the vast amount of information I have learned and stored on my devices that I could not have acquired or accumulated as quickly without. I guess that’s stating the obvious, but I say this as an expression of extreme gratitude!! I was not fortunate enough to have grown up with parents or grandparents who could pass down the traditions of the Craft and came to my practice late in life without a teacher in my proximity. And most importantly, I couldn’t have found all of YOU without technology!!

I love that we share links in the forum and discuss topics so far reaching across the web! At the moment, I am enjoying an in-depth study of the Tarot via an online course: https://www.biddytarot.com/

This course includes some wonderful soul meditations on the major arcana and some creative ways to connect with these cards. For instance, if a tarot card was a famous person, who would it be?

It’s all Techno-tastic!


127 - Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Technology & Modern Magick

Challenge entry - Garnet

What an interesting topic.

It makes one think deep thoughts, like; IS technology magick? or is magick technology?

Yes, we’re sophisticated, educated, and not superstitious, Blah, blah, blah. But we were not always.

Can we believe in magick and technology together?

Just because you can explain the scientific principle of a thing, doesn’t mean that it cannot be both Magical & technological.

Back in ancient times, when men wore nothing but loin-cloth (sigh), and women wore animal skins, without repercussion. Magick was considered the cause of most things, birth, rain, floods, etc. As man evolved, it was believed that anything they didn’t have an explanation for was Magick (evil) or foolishness.

Was the ancient light bulb considered Magic or technology


he Dendera light*,

Temple of Hathor, Dendera, Egypt.

How does this earliest of lamp fall into the Magical/technology categories?

Magick -

Used in the magick ceremonies in Ancient Egypt

Technology -

This is an ancient discovery that was believed to denote the first source of artificial light, and or electricity. It is called the Dendera light, and it ran off a vase with an iron rod and rolled copper sheet (essentially a battery). Although it has been debunked, I beg to differ.



Even in ancient times, electricity was unexplainable, ergo, magick.

Today we know that lightning is electrical energy produced when warm air(which contains moisture droplets) meets cold air (which has ice crystals) During the storm created when these two meet, the droplets and crystals rub together making static electricity leading to Lightning!

Ancient Greece explained lightning as Zeus, the king of the gods, sending lightning bolts to punish man.

I’m going to stop with this before I get into the physics of gravity and how it is related to lightning, you know the old positive and negative magnetical, & gravitational pull…

And you’re welcome, knowing how much we all love PHYSICS!

Blessed be



Hey, my little dragon princess!
Have you heard of a binaural beat?
Yes, brain waves come in alpha, beta, delta, and theta.
Unfortunately, Theta gave me headaches.

I don’t think about these too much, but some find them exceptionally helpful.
Thanks for the reminder.


Challenge Entry

For me, this is all about balance. I love technology, but I find that too much time with any sort of technology (phone, tv, internet, etc) weighs me down, adds to my monkey mind troubles, and leaves me feeling disconnected.

A lot of my learning is mixed. I love learning (like courses from Spells8) and connecting with others in the forum, but there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a physical book and a mug of tea or coffee in a cozy spot with no technology in reach. I also love handwriting what I learn to really create space for it in my brain.

I do rely heavily on technology for relaxing music and guided meditations. While there are times I like silence, my family does not :upside_down_face: so I use calming music to help keep the peace in our home. And headphones with the music or meditations helps ground me.

Also, I really love using my senses with my craft. Physically using pen and paper will always create a deeper connection for me than typing. Physically lighting the candles helps me meditate better. Specific smells help me focus more. Feeling the grass between my toes when I’m outside helps encourage gratitude. And all of this helps me slow down a lot more, too. Technology ends up feeling like it always needs to be fast (at least for me) so I feel like disconnecting helps me be more mindful about everything I do.

So I guess overall, my practice is both ancient and modern. I need balance between the two or I feel disconnected.


I hadn’t thought of that with the computer chip! That’s super cool.

I think I may use this in the future for making sigils. Thanks for sharing the links! This helps a lot.


I am new to Wicca and the craft. I am a tech geek.
I’ve been stuggling with the best way to create a book of shadows / book of mirrors that I will use and that is easy to keep up to date.
I decided to use a digital grimoire created using Notion software. I started with a template created by Steph

from Witch Wednesdays Podcast. https://www.patreon.com/witchwednesdays/posts

Then I modified the template to meet my needs. I have been really happy with the results.



I love your digital grimoire @SeraphineAmaryllis. I see that you used Notion and a template created by “Steph”. Is this something that can be purchased? It’s ideal!


Technomancy in my life -
When I started on this journey, I read a lot and took a lot of notes on my laptop. Of course, me being me, when I took notes, I added my own interpretations and made changes to some spells and rituals to make them more my own. I was really happy with all the information I had collected and all that I had learned. Then one day, I went looking for a particular Wiccan story because I wanted to share it with someone and when I went to open the folder, half of the story was missing. From that point on, I started a new system.
I now have four different folders for my Wicca work on my computer. I have one folder called ‘Everything Wicca’ where I keep poems, cartoons, and Wicca website addresses. The second folder is my Book of Shadows, this folder is a Wiccan Doctrine. It has things like the Thirteen Principles of Witchcraft, The Wiccan Rede, and Wiccan Values etc. Since I don’t want to lose this information, I have also printed this folder to keep in a tactile Book of Shadows. (Yes, I feel guilty about all the trees that have been cut down.) Then I have a Book of Mirrors, which is a folder of the lessons that I have learned with a paragraph or two about how the lesson applies to me. Finally I have a folder called ‘My Moon Journal’ where I keep my journal writings.
I also have four different notebooks for Wicca information that I like to have at my fingertips like recipes and spells, correspondences to help me create my own spells and recipes, Esbat and Sabbat rituals, and a book I call ‘The Power of Magick’. It has a section about what magick is and what it isn’t, a section about the magick within (everyone has magick, it’s just a matter of recognizing it), a section about the magick without (types of magick we perform to support our magick within), and a section about knowledge is power (whenever, a topic is learned, power is attained. When the new knowledge is used, it becomes magickal.).


Ordinarily, this would be a difficult challenge for me to find something BUT as fate/luck would have it, I already have an idea for this challenge!


Challenge Entry

The digital world has helped me a lot on my journey! I hope to share some of the ways I have used it on my path.


More than ten years ago, I was able to keep secret by saving things to Evernote, and to safely explore tarot, oracle cards and runes through apps on my phone. :iphone: I also carefully choose my phone wallpapers to align with my intentions. :magic_wand:


I am often mindful of emojis :pentagram: I use. Not always, sometimes they’re just for fun. But when I want to add a little extra intention, I carefully pick which ones I want to add in conversations.

Elemental Balance

I OFTEN use digital technology for changing the energy of my space. I’ll use immersive videos on YouTube to balance my elements and to honor the seasons (fireplaces :fire: in the winter and aquariums / farmlands / rain :cloud_with_rain: in the summer) - this is something I’ve been doing for years.

Immersion / Inspiration

I’ll also put on an immersive video when I need inspiration for my path. I can’t often do rituals or have much of a sacred space. So I create them digitally or with my mind. Videos help! :fire: :film_projector:

Here’s one I am using today: :candle: 🕯Virtual Candles: Relaxing Burning Tealights with Soothing Wind Chimes (HD) - YouTube

A wonderful YouTube channel I go to often for immersing myself in spirituality and the seasons / sabbats: The Dead of Night on YouTube


And of course the plethora of videos, websites and digital books available that were not just a decade or two ago. Resources like that are great for solitaries, especially people unable to share their path openly.

Digital Art

When I was doing art, I mostly did it digitally on my iPad due to space and lack of supplies (and cats :black_cat: lol). I treated my Apple Pencil like a wand :magic_wand: and put my energy into my art with imagery and color. It was a very magical experience for me. I was very intentional in everything I created and shared online.

Book of Shadows

Recently, I save a lot of Spells8 printables to Google Drive. It is a great way to keep them secret & safe and to access them. I hope to print some out soon. :open_book: :printer:

Coven / Friends

And of course our coven here. I have no local witchy / pagan people that I know. It’s just me and my daughter. So I appreciate being able to come here and to share my path with all of you across space and time. :infinite_roots: :rainbow: :candle: :pentagram:

Edited for formatting to hopefully make my wall of text easier to read, lol


Challenge Entry
My relationship with technology is a bit mixed, though I have been working lately to decrease my doom scrolling so it has been improving. It has definitely been helpful in my witchy journey.
Book of Shadows - I have a physical book of shadows that I am working on, but I also have a lot more information saved digitally that I need to print or hand write. I prefer a physical copy, but I must admit that being able to download information and spells is a great convenience.
Inventory - I keep an inventory on my computer of what I have - candle colors, incense, essential oils, herbs, stones/gems, and divination tools. When I have a specific need, I can simply search the document for a keyword and find which items I have align with my goal.
Information - I get most of my information from the internet and forums such as this. Even when I read physical books, they are recommendations I have found online and/or audiobooks.
Meditation - Spells8, spotify, youtube, etc are all full of meditations or calming music I can play when I want to slow down and reflect.
Overall, technology is a great tool and resource for everything I want to learn and do.


Oh gosh this is an important one!! Something I struggle with myself. I abandoned most social media platforms due to it.

This is something I’m especially grateful for! I remember back in the 90s and prior, you had bookstores and the library and whatever you could find on audiotape / cd / vhs or the TV. Not a whole lot of options compared to now!

I think that’s so cool that you keep track of glue magickal supplies. That excites me until I realized that all of mine could probably fit in a lunch box :sweat_smile: That’s such an awesome idea though!



Not sure if I am on the right lines with this challenge but here goes…

I love to learn and to acheive this, I love to read. This is where tech ology has been a real blessing. I make use of the Kindle app on my iPad to assist with my learning and increasing my knowledge and understanding of the craft. Money is a bit of an issue just now (as it probably is for many of us) so I cannot afford to buy lots of books. Instead I have a kindle unlimited subscription which gives me access to thousands of books (£7.99 per.montj). I am aware that the books available may not be extensive and suitable.for the established or experienced practitioners but for me they have been incredibly useful. I often use the highlight feature to record things I would like to explore further or put into my BOS. Its also great when an unknown word is used just to be able to click on it and gain an instant understanding.

Strangley, I concentrate more on things with music in the background. This is where my Spotify comes in VERY handy. When searching on YouTube, I came across a track called Osiris. I then discovered a whole album of music based on Ancient Egypt and their deities, each one aiming to capture their personality in music. I then discovered they were all.on spotify and was able to create my own playlist. I play these when working with deities in the hope that the gods and goddesses enjoy them as much as I do. I have also used Spotify for podcasts on mythology. Listening to them on the way to and from work was an excellent way to extend my understanding and knowledge of the trials and tribulations of various deities. Moreover, I even listened to podcasts which took me on the Fool’s Journey to help me.master the meanings of the tarot major arcana. Spotify offers so much more than the latest pop and rock songs!

YouTube is also fantastic for meditations as is an app I use called Calm. This app has meditations but also relaxing stories and soundscapes. I play the soundscapes at night when in bed. I match them to the element of the sign that the moon is in so it rotates between forest sounds, rain, a fire or wind. My colour projector is also set to a colour to match the element.

My stylus on my ipad has been useful in helping me to construct my BOS. I am normally.someone who loves everyhting to be typed up. However, I had an overwhelming feeling NOT to.do.this with my BOS. I wanted a traditional feel and that meant handwriting it. However, when undertaking research I record my notes on my ipad (handwritten) using my stylus. This then gives me reference notes to use to construct my entries into my BOS. A nice balance of technology and traditional methods.
PS my BOS is neater than the scribbles below🤣

I have a little app library on my mobile phone which is gradually evolving too. Some are simple apps which let me k ow the planetary times, moon phases etc while others are good for looking up correspondences and such.i also have a night sky app which allows me to gind constellations and planets in the sky.

A special mention must be given to Spells8. The courses have provided me with a wealth of information and ideas. The downloadable materials are extremely useful for someone like me who didn’t know where to start when it came to my BOS etc. The online coven here has also been an amazing find for me. I am a solitary practitioner who does not share my craft or beliefs with others. Therefore to find a coven with such friendly, welcoming and supportive members has really made me feel part of a group or family and I really appreciate you all.

Blessed be



Oh man! You are speaking my love language right now! I am such technology nerd. Fun fact, I am actually my school’s technology leader and a “Innovative technology leader” for my district. That’s teacher speak for “Go observe Ailey cause she’s good at using technology in the classroom with her kids.” It’s so much fun!

I can’t wait to reflect on all this! The endorphines are already pumping!


@AileyGrey Snap! My colleagues are sent to observe me using technology with my class too. It throws open the door for so ,any exciting learning experiences for the kids.


Yes! I teach littles, too, and most people don’t think they can do all the things… but they can!