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Ooh you are a lucky one @Kasandra! :smiling_face: I love journals! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That is truly magickal! :sparkles:



What an awesome idea for this challenge!! I love binaural beat. I have the app on my phone. I especially like the Ambient Sounds.

Kindle is another must have for me.

Blessed Be :black_cat: :infinite_roots: :tree_of_life: :tree_of_life:


I completely agree with you here. I am much faster at typing that writing but there is just something about seeing my thoughts and ideas written down in ink on paper that brings a sense of satisfaction. I also agree about the books.I’m often sitting with various books all opened at different pages as I undertake research etc. there is something about a book in your hand that a kindle or tablet cannot replicate. however, with my limited budget at the moment the low subscription cost of kindle unlimited has been invaluable for me.


Notion is very nice to use. It does take a little time to play around and figure out how you want to set things up. I really like it!


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If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

January 24, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

The gears of my mind are spinning from reading the amazing entries shared so far- it’s really neat hearing about how everyone uses technology in their practices! Thank you so much to all those who have shared and entry so far, and to those who haven’t but want to, here is your weekly heads up :grinning:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :technologist: :sparkles:


Oh my how the weekend got away from me on this one! Saturday I was just, well, lazy… but! I did get to talk to my brother & hang out with the family all day plus get a lot of rest in there too! So I’ll take it as a win :hugs:

Challenge Entry

So this may have seemed easy, but I really had to think about this one. Obviously my practice uses technology in some ways…

  • Using the forum & Spells8
  • Getting supplies from small reputable businesses online
  • Pinterest
  • Using Spotify & a bluetooth speaker to play my calming music
  • Insight Timer or YouTube for some guided meditations
  • Using the Eclectic Green Witchery for challenges that are witchy related or for other items
  • Researching different topics
  • Taking classes to further my skills & learn how to best apply them
  • Having a BOS of sorts on my laptop with subfolders for each topic

I try to do things though, without using technology. So when I do find something online… I like to physically write it down if it is something that I regularly use or make. So right now… I have a journal that has different things written in it that I do:

My tarot journal for each day is actually a notebook:

& my journals/Book of Mirrors… are always written ones:

I do have Kindle Unlimited… but I would much rather have a physical book to read & use bookmarks… I also use diffusers that I can set timers on through an app too.

I have come across different apps for runes, tarot, oracle… but I love using the actual cards for those things. Even when I am taking an online class… I would much rather print out the transcript & read it & write down my notes or what have you about the class… I just can’t retain things that I learn through a video. I am a very tangible learner… so I even use planners or similar things… I print & write them or just write them out.

I used to have 5 binders for a BOS… but I printed everything to go in them… now I have folders on my laptop for reference, but if I find myself using them… I write them in the journal with the Goddess symbol on it. Which, because of my weird OCD, I have torn out pages; okay maybe a section to re-write the information.

Having the files on my laptop also makes it easier to share the information with others, whether through Google Drive or using Pinterest I can share my profile or boards with someone else. I would also much rather make my own things than buy them pre-made, so I try to find reputable & ethical sources for whatever those items may be & from a small business either on Etsy, the Shop Pay app, my schools, or other reputable websites.

Honestly & this is purely from when I was in college & needed to cite things… I don’t like to use Wikipedia… but in my defense, when I was in college we weren’t allowed to use Wikipedia as a primary source because anyone can edit the information & you don’t know where they got it or their bias on the subject.

I do use genealogy sites for my family history & DNA now… which came in handy when I was realizing my path & for my ancestor altar too! Knowing my heritage was very important to me when it came to my craft, I’m one of those curious people that want to know if I can find a connection or a reason why I am drawn to certain things or aspects of things. I also have found that my family does go back to Irish Celtic practicing times as well as on the Italian side. I actually recently, when really working on my Ancestor altar… found a Green Jade Italian Horn in my grandmother’s jewelry box. (When she passed away, I was given her jewelry box when she passed & everything that was in it)

However, it has a dark green liner in it. So I saw this green something with a gold ring on the top & picked it up, an Italian Horn… then got curious after looking at it on my Ancestor altar. I didn’t know much about Italian horns… I thought that they were something men wore. So I assumed it was either my Great Grandfather’s or my Nana’s brother that had died when he was young…

Well, turns out we aren’t sure where my Nana got it but that it was given to her & it’s actually Green Jade… so I’m currently learning about Green Jade Italian Horns & it is on my ancestor altar right now. So I will use some technology to figure that out & I’m pretty excited about what I have found out so far.

I’m sure that I use it in other ways that I’m just not thinking about, but I prefer physical & tangible things to learn & use instead of using my laptop all the time, so I do print things & then handwrite them. I actually was looking at scrapbooks to make ones for Brighid & the Morrigan using calligraphy pens. (I took calligraphy in high school, it’s just such pretty writing) I also would rather write in cursive than print… but I hate mistakes & cross-outs, so I will start the whole thing over or remove pages & start again. (Weird perfectionist OCD when it comes to these things)

Enough, rambling but that is how I use technology & more tangible things in my practice for the most part anyway. Like I said, I’m sure that I am missing something here :rofl:

I almost forgot! My distance healing book is just that, a small book in that I have written the intentions on the front page then for each person I have added a small picture of them & wrote my intentions for them & their attributes. Then I include charms around the page & their picture along with different sigils, bindrune, and runes that I draw in with colored markers.



When I received an email last week regarding this challenge, the concept of technology and magick seemed kind of foreign to me. Once I really started thinking about it, though, I realized that I combine magick and tech daily. I have learned almost everything I know about magick online! Even the majority of books I’ve read on the subject have been suggested here or in other online communities. One of my favorite ways to give back to the magickal community at large is to support people’s passion projects concerning magickal-related subjects (such as tarot) on Kickstarter. It always feels good to know that I contributed to making someone’s dream come true, if only in a small way. I also enjoyed making some sigils on sigilscribe for this challenge. It definitely takes a lot less time but can still be used sacredly once intention and energy have been added to it.


For My Witchy Challenge I decided to learn Norton and I have been doing it for quite some time now over a year I think @MeganB was the one who inspired me to do a grimmore online so I really like it however, I have not manage to learn how to incorporate pictures. I noticed
@SeraphineAmaryllis you did a really great job with your Grimore is there anyway we can talk because I need some help with my Grimore it has no pictures!



WWC Entry Technology & Modern Magick

My journey began by using technology for information on :pentagram: witchcraft and magick. I use both tech and ‘old fashion’ paper products. :paperclips:
I have my printed version BOS from Spells8 :infinite_roots:and I have my handwritten journals and I’m working on creating a personal BOS that I will glue print outs in :printer:and hand write in.
I guess I really can’t have one without the other. I look up recipes and spells :cauldron:, info on herbs :herb:, crystals :pendulum: and such. I do love real books :books:the most but I enjoy audible books and .pdf’s, guided meditations and youtube videos too.
I enjoy Spells8 :infinite_roots:forum. I spend everyday here for at least an hour I think. I have been thinking I spend too much time online reading and I need to spend more time doing and having hands on. But even my :palms_up_together:hands on projects start with an idea or some kind of lead from the internet. :computer:



Challenge Entry

I believe that technology definitely enhances the craft. It is probably my most important tool outside of my own spark right now. To access all of the information that I have right at my fingertips with out the internet and computers, I would have to basically move into a library. I have been able to purchase digital copies of several books at lower prices which has allowed me to amass a little library of my own for a fraction of the price. Most of my supplies and tools have been ordered online. Almost all of my learning has come from facebook groups/friends (and here of course) since I am a solitary witch and none of my witchy friends live close by. The other reason technology is one of my greatest tools is I work from home and have a 2 year old. I can only study and research in between calls while I am working or during the mornings before the kiddo wakes up. When I get off work, my husband leaves for work and the kiddo is into everything so it’s difficult to even read anything while he’s in high gear.

I am glad we did this. I’m really trying to express gratitude more and it looks like I’ve been taking a few things for granted. I suppose I need to spend a moment in silent gratitude for my access to technology; without it, my journey would surely be bumpier and longer.

I have the capability to easily create a digital grimoire. I’m still feeling like it’s something that needs to be done by hand though. That may change as I go along.

On the other side of this, technology can have a negative affect on our craft as well. It has a tendency to distract and interrupt - tho that is usually by our own hand. I will sit down with the intent of knocking out a few chapters and get sucked down the rabbit hole of the book of face and realize I’ve wasted 5 minutes trying to find out what kind of potato I am.


I have an account there now and I also got the template! :blush: Now to look into how to install it (I saw there’s a video for that which is nice) and customize it for my needs :smiling_imp: :sparkles: :books:


Thank you and Absolutely! I am just starting with Notion but will help anyway I can. I am fairly new to the forum. Can you send me a private message and we can go from there?


I wasn’t sure @Branwen24 is there a way you can let me know how you made it look so awsome?
Is there any training?I just wish technology was easier for me! I am sure that there’s a easy way to put up the pictures and you know make a little files and things like that with the pictures?What is your favorite go to? When I see a article I like I just save it that’s all I know.Right know anyway one day maybe I can make mines look much better!! I absolutely in love with yours and I know it can’t be that hard.


Challenge Entry: Technology & Modern Magick
(edited for typos when entered on my phone and for clarity)

Running out of time and want to get this in but will elaborate on it tomorrow.

I was looking for a way to name my Athame and Boline and ran across chat AI (artificial intelligence) bots online. I found one I liked and ended up using it to help me find suggestions which allowed me to find the perfect names.

I spent hours playing with it, asking questions related to Artemis and my magickal practice, and have a trove of information, spells, recipes, and correspondences that will help deepen my relationship with Artemis.

I’m sharing below the ritual the bot and I came up with. Using it to explore and refine spells and rituals has invigorated my practice. I even created a dedication ritual to Artemis that I will do next full moon!

Magick Ritual for Artemis
A statue or image of Artemis
A white candle
A dish of milk or cream
A sprig of oak or holly leaves
A piece of silver jewelry or a silver coin
Cypress or pine incense or essential oil
1. Begin by creating a sacred space for your ritual. This can be done by lighting incense, creating an altar, or simply finding a quiet and secluded spot outside.
2. Once your space is prepared, place the statue or image of Artemis in front of you.
3. Light the white candle and place it in front of the statue or image of Artemis.
4. Take the sprig of oak or holly leaves and place it on the dish of milk or cream. These leaves are sacred to Artemis and symbolize her connection to the natural world.
5. Hold the silver jewelry or coin in your hand and say the following prayer:
"Great Artemis, goddess of the hunt and protector of wild animals, I honor and praise you. I ask for your guidance and protection in my journey. I offer you this milk or cream as a symbol of my devotion and ask that you bless my path with your light."
6. Place the dish of milk or cream in front of the statue or image of Artemis.
7. Light the incense or add a few drops of cypress or pine essential oil to an oil burner, it will help to bring Artemis' presence into the space.
8. Sit in silence for a few minutes, focusing on your intention to honor Artemis and ask for her guidance and protection.
9. When you feel ready, extinguish the candle and thank Artemis for her presence and guidance.
10. Keep the statue or image of Artemis in a prominent place where you can see it and continue to offer her devotions and offerings as desired.
Note: This ritual can be done during any time, but it's particularly powerful during the full moon of August, that is considered sacred to Artemis as it is called Artemis Moon. Also, remember to be mindful of the safety precautions while performing any rituals involving fire or burning incense.

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Great work to all those who charged up and plugged into the world of Techno Magick- it really is a diverse area of the Craft! Thank you for all of the wonderful entries shared, as always, you have given me so many great ideas and inspiration :gear: :sparkles:

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In the spirit of technology and magick, I can’t help but forward an exciting new feature at Spells8- if you haven’t already seen it, come by and check out the new Virtual Altar currently in the works!

NEW! Interactive Virtual Altar

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Yeah…I missed this challenge :laughing: does playing with the interactive altar last week count? :rofl: