👂 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Magick of Sound

Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Magick of Sound

I love the sounds!
all my spells are accompanied by different sounds but this is my favorite
The Power of the wind and the cleanliness of the snow help me a lot!


Challenge Entry-Magick of Sound

I don’t use sound often, though I do try to. I have found an app on my phone the has sound waves and solfgetto (is that how you spell it?) that I am trying to incorproate more often when I do readings or anything with deities. I find it does make a difference.


#Weekly Witchy Challenge - The Magick of Sound
Love to hear the “chime” sound that bells make - especially the small ones! My grandmother purchased me a necklace of small bells one year - cannot for the life of me remember how old I was - perhaps “pre-teen” and I still have them to this day. My preference is to wear them at the ankle. :thinking: In certain cultures, aside from traditional music and dance, bells are used for deflecting evil spirits, spiritual cleansing, and for resonating positive energy. The sounds emitted from bells of anklets seemingly protect the wearer from subtle negative energies - okay so I had to look this up. I had a general understanding, but after more thorough reading - I am busting out those bells :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Enough reminiscing! Yes! I recently attended a “Gong Bath and Meditation” event that was put on my the Yoga studio I frequent - what an experience! The gongs, of various sizes, had been marked with planetary symbols that align and in-tune with each Chakra. Needless to say, it was a wonderful experience, which I will be repeating, and I would like to see if I have a difference experience on the next visit. I learned a little more about the vibrations and frequencies in our bodies :notes:

For this Challenge, the topic of “Vibrations and Frequencies” immediately caught my attention and I completely delve into it - if you haven’t read the notated links, please do! @MeganB, @August_Wandering, @BryWisteria and a few others (that I did not recognize - forgive me :roll_eyes:) engaged in deep dialog about vibrations and frequencies, quantum and human design - so worth exploring should you wish experience a deeper “tuned” practice. There was so much information here I thought my head was going to pop off. BTW @CelestiaMoon and @August_Wandering I did the Human Design out of curiosity - I am the Alchemist :crazy_face: which would explain A LOT :laughing:

I have not included much sound in my practice, other than my little bell, I do not work with bowls, tuning forks, and other soul-sounding instruments - but, I do enjoy meditation-led music, chanting, as well as natural sounds since my preference is in working with the Elements.

@crystal59 thank you for posting some music that you enjoy. While I was scrolling through several comments, “the Brujas” - Princess Nokia video started playing. I believe this was not a coincide, and will be exploring this venue, so thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Between the information you @BryWisteria and @August_Wandering posted, I will return to these links and do a more thorough re-read. That’s really quite intriguing!


Your welcome @lisa67 I’m glad you enjoyed the song and your right it definitely wasn’t a coincidence. :butterfly: :crystal_ball::sparkles:


Jan The Green Witch,
This seems to be a great recommendation and resource for my yoga practice. Charm Yoga :woman_in_lotus_position: looks very inviting for a Full Moon as well and for my well-being!
Thank you for sharing I am so grateful and excited to try this soon!
Lisa -:bell:
These bells our so beautiful and charming! I have some bells on my door to bless those who enter so they will bless me since they are blessed :innocent:
There are so many ways to incorporate a good vibration! I have been listening to this music :notes: by a West Africa her music is so refreshing and relaxing! Her instrumental :musical_score: is so beautiful and her vibe is amazing! I left a link so you all could check it out!
West Africa instrumental
She wrote a song about love it is so beautiful!
Also for this challenge I wanted to listen on insight Timer :timer_clock:
There are so many ways to heal
Heal with Sound
For this challenge I want to get closer to the elements!
*Listening to the
rain :cloud_with_rain:
*Ocean :ocean: waves :ocean:
*Sound of Thunder

  • Water drops :sweat_drops:
    *Nature with the birds :eagle: and animals
  • Night Sounds
  • Wind :dash:
  • Fire :fire: crackling
  • Flute 🪈
  • Singing bowls
    have different notes :notes:
  • Drums :long_drum:
  • Symphonic Gong
  • Rain Stick
  • vocals
  • bar chimes
    For this lesson I want to bring more
    Sounds to the mind,body and soul!
    Insight timer has so much to offer! Please :pray:t4: try this app!
    Also my son suffers with depression and can’t wake up in the morning. In the morning we sometimes wake up and put the music on. We play the drums :long_drum: in the morning to wake my son up! It is not to be rude but to awaken him from his slumber! He can sleep :sleeping_bed: inn and I just get a kick out of it because it works! Lol :joy: Try it if you want to wake up kids in the morning!
    Also [Planet Drum :drum: Played for the dead :skull: ](https://Mickey Hart )
    Mickey Hart played for the Dead :skull:
    Plays Temple Caves great for connecting to Hecate !

**challenge entry **
So since being officoally diagnosed with adhd i am having to think how i am trying to do my practice and whether what im trying cause wgat done or learnt or what others found useful but maybe not helping as much as hoped. Im trying with work with my brain not against it for a change lol. . Music is a big thing abd as i was having one of those i cant sleep nights i found myself scrolling facebook hoping to distract self for bit n try again. My brain was going dark places. So sometumes it helps turn light on have glass milk or get up go do something or even just scroll a few minutes then turn everything off again n yry again sleep. I think its more the attempt to switch brain gears to more relaxing thoughts or something. . But anyways i digress. I found this n though this be great to look into incorporating with my practice n management of symptoms especially if incorporate with relevent crystals or teas candlrs or incence as well.
I screen shotted n rather than typinh out ill just upload screenshots so if anyone wants to look more into it thry can also see where got it from.

Ive heard of lifi music n binaural n obvioudly musical instruments n classical but not 8D but im going to try find someof these that might help esp when trying to concentrate n focus and can even have relecent crystals n scent n drink a tea etc. Think be a great way to cover both sides esp as i think ive seen lofi witchy music begore somewhere. . If only could remrmber where id seen it n msybe even listen to… :thinking::laughing:


Love the synchronicity, my girlfriend literally just messaged me that she got her ADHD diagnosis too! :sparkling_heart:

I’ve noticed that if it’s a mechanical task like washing the dishes or walking, music with lyrics is lovely, and podcasts too… if I need to think, read or use language in any way, lyrics make it really hard! The same goes for news or anything in the background with words, it’s just hard to tune out.

Come to think of it, it’s a huge reason why I don’t listen to more music than I do! And familiar tunes are “easier” to me as I know exactly what’s coming, and it kinda keeps my pattern recognition satisfied too.

If you have beautiful and enchanting instrumental songs to recommend I’m all ears! :smile_cat:



Lots of sounds play a part in my daily practice and in any rituals…

First is music. I often play music in the background when performing a ritual, meditation or even sometimes during my morning prayer. I have found a playlist of music on Spotify called Egypt. It is by a person called Derek Fiechter and has a track for different deities:

Then comes my daily prayer/devotional that is said aloud at my altar each morning:

A Prayer for the Triad of Abydos

Divine Triad of Abydos,
Asar, Auset and Heru,
I Come before you in reverence and love

Asar, mighty ruler of the underworld
Guider of Souls, Bringer of renewal Foremost of Westeners
I honour your wisdom & seek your guidance

Auset, Compassionate queen
and magical healer,
Mother and protector,
embodiment of divine love
I embrace your nurturing presence
and seek your Solace

Heru, falcon God of the Sky and kingship Avenger and protector
of your father Asar
I invoke your strength and justice to prevail

Triad of Abydos, united in divinity.

I Seek your blessing & divine grace
May your wisdom, love and power
fill my life.
Guiding me on the path of truth and transformation
Grant me Strength in times of Challenge, healing in times of pain,
And the courage to rise above adversity.

As I honour you, may your blessings flow, And may your sacred triad be forever praised.

Dua Asar! Dua Auset! Dua Heru!

I also have a shorter one that I say in front of my altar before going to bed:

In the realm of twilight’s embrace, I humbly express my gratitude,
To Asar, Auset, and Heru, whose grace is imbued.
With reverence, I thank you for your celestial sway,
As I surrender to slumber, your blessings light my way.

I also have this pathworking book to help connect with deities:

I have recorded myself reading these aloud and added background sounds and music. It was a bit strange listening to myself at first but I am used to it now…maybe I should have got a friend to record it🤣

Blessed be



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A big bravo to all those who have chimed in for some sound magick this week! I am continuously impressed by just how many ways you all incorporate sound and music into your practices- I’m learning a lot (and am loving the music and other sound recommendations!). Thank you very much to everyone who has shared an entry so far! :clap: :heart:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :ear::sparkles:


Challenge Entry - The Magick of Sound

While I don’t specifically use sound during my rituals or magick, thinking about it, I do use sound daily to ground, center, calm, and motivate me. If I’m not running with someone, I have a music playlist to motivate me, to find my pace, to sing to. :running_woman:

When I have to focus on a project, I put on a the sounds of rain while I worked on my shopping cart for an hour today. :cloud_with_rain:

When I get anxious I use the soundscapes from Finch - I like the waterfalls or the night sounds. :cricket:

Ever since Donut passed in March, whenever I go to sleep, I use an app with different cat purr recordings and a timer and fall asleep to the sound closest to his wonderful purr. Plus I just found this online one which is amazing! :cat:


There is ALWAYS music playing in my home!! I have soooo many CD’s and have been adding my favorite songs to a list (or a few) on Spotify. My library is almost 1,200 … so far. My daughter recently looked up “witchy music” and now we have a playlist for when we are doing spells and rituals and the like. I have always had a connection with music and definitely feel like “the universe” is talking to me when my music is on shuffle!!!

I remember in middle school that we had a project to create our ideal study area, and our parents were supposed to try and help us with bringing it to fruition. Music playing was #1 for sure, and I STILL do that when I’m studying… or cleaning the house, or gardening, or crafting… you get the picture. lol

I LOVE that I have passed down this “gift” to my children, along with my very eclectic taste in music! Music is all around us in the world too, if you just take the time and stop the crazy and hear it and really appreciate it.


Challenge Entry

I have not used music or anything yet while i casted spells. Im still trying to learn alot more.
The only thing i really use music for is if i am doing my yoga or my meditation courses on my switch. I got a game called yoga master and it has plenty of poses, music, background. When i use it i reqlly enjoy it and it helps me out alot when i need to relax or move around a little bit.
Im excited seeing and going to see how everyone uses this weeks challenge in their craft.


Challenge Entry
A recent discovery for me to bring myself to a place of grounding is to listen to recordings of crystal singing bowls. The sound quiets my energy and brings me balance. Here is a peaceful one I enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULlDahSkr9A&ab_channel=SleepingVibrations
It’s amazing how sounds can have such a profound impact on energy.


Challenge Entry

I recently discovered Sound Energy Alchemist in the UK and am thoroughly enjoying their sounds. For example,

I recently got an ADHD diagnosis (on top of my existing autism diagnosis), and I find different albums from them wonderful. Each one can fulfil a different need, with some helping me focus more and some helping me relax more.

Often, before a ritual, I’ll have a bath and listen to one of these albums. Or I’ll just lay on the floor, in view of the night sky through the window, and relax with these sounds.


Challenge entry:

I usually use sound before doing any type of work so that I can relax either by meditating or taking a cleansing shower (no bath tub :confused: )

I found this channel that I enjoy and mostly play his videos

And when I need a confidence boost I listen to this meditation


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