Weird things are happening around here

Ok so early yesterday morning I got up just before dawn to try to harness the energy of the new moon and sunrise that I posted about in WitchTok strikes again and about 2 hours after I completed the ritual I heard what sounded like a male voice whispering my name loudly from outside the double Bay windows behind one of my altar tables but when I looked no one was there. Fast forward through a few tarot readings and babysitting and it’s time for my meditation for the lunar spell on spells8 and to perform the first ritual. Well I ended up having the energy to do 2 other spells as well. I finished them up, halfway tidyed up my space (meaning I still have herb jars sitting on top of my altar cabinet instead of IN the apothecary cabinet where they belong) and I go lay down on my bed and by candlelight so as not to disturb my already hostile mother I begin copying things on Pinterest that I had saved to add to my B.o.S and my Grimoire. Once again about 2 hours after the completion of my last ritual I hear a kinda throaty, raspy loud whisper calling my name from outside that same window but… Surprise no visible body for the voice to have come from. I’ve not had this happen to me ever yet the day I set aside for all my New Moon work I have the same occurrence twice and after very different type rituals. I should also add that for the last week (since my reset on the separation and the relapse that followed and now my detox routine I have been :100: no contact with Justin)out of no where last night just before I started my meditation and rituals I got a notification from TikTok saying that Justin had DMd me to say “I hope you are ok and that you’re safe.” I guess I assumed when he blocked me everywhere else to break contact that TikTok would be the same but apparently not. :woman_facepalming:t3:
Anyhoo… Thoughts, opinions and advice on this mystery voice that keeps calling my name? I have been on edge over it all night and have almost convinced myself that I need to consult my cards for a Divine Masculine reading in case it’s a message from the Divine Masculine needing to come through since I did seem to have problems snuffing out the Masculine candle on my altar at the end of my rituals :woman_shrugging:t3:?

Editing to clarify that the second whisper came HOURS after I got the message from Justin. And that both times I heard the whisper I had already extinguished all my candles and moved away from my altar to do other things.


Did you cleanse before, during and after?? Idk cleansing is always helpful. When you did the spells, were you able to keep focus after the tictoc message? I’ve noticed that if I don’t have complete focus on my work, the spell doesn’t work. That’s why meditation is important (toe anyway). That may not be your case but it’s possible. Idk, hopefully somebody else will be able to help you out.


It could be a message from the Divine, it could be a message from your ancestors or someone that needs to come through. It could also be a passing spirit trying to get your attention. If you feel like it’s important, divination could definitely help you figure out what’s going on. I definitely recommend cleansing if whatever it is feels malevolent.


The New Moon Sunrise combo you linked to, that’s good stuff, and beautiful. Checked it out to see what you were working with to bring about that voice, don’t feel anything to be alarmed with, doing what it’s supposed to do.

With that, don’t take the voice as being negative or alarming at all, did it sound like a dragon in a way, the raspiness and masculinity with it, if you ever read hermeticism, Hermès Trismegistus and the Great Dragon. If so, say it’s an element of that, I like to call it the smarter part of yourself - the one that our stupid ego occult’s, it’s calling you to stand attention. You’re breaking through addictions, with your practices moving to higher grounds, and this relationship with Justin, him breaking up with you and a lot of baggage with it, recall you dealing with a lot of unkind and cruel people, holding you down, voice is getting harsh for you to not fall down. Funny and I don’t find it a coincidence that Justin probing you “are you ok hope your safe”, he’s just probing, most likely he senses your attention is not on him, you’re moving away and moving on, the ego doesn’t like that, he’s scared, he needs attention and it’s just going to trip you up. And him hoping if your ‘safe’, we’ll he’s not doing anything for to contribute to your ‘safety’, protecting you from the elements of wind, rain, heat, coldness, or nourishing you, in other words not putting a roof over your head or food on your table. Don’t mean to sound harsh, but it’s a meaningless gesture.

Now with this voice, if it is what it is, still, it’s a strong force, harsh, don’t run into it, keep safe distance. Like a fire, within a certain distance, provides warmth, happiness, joy, but if you get too closed, will get burned. When you meditating, do a light protection circle, sometimes, to keep safe distance.


I did a spiritual cleansing before the morning ritual and I cleansed with sage and Palo Santo before the night rituals. And surprisingly yes I was able to maintain focus because I did my meditation before starting but I kept going back to deep breaths in of 5 and deep breaths out of 5 to recenter. Now that I have thought back on it some more though I left the room for the rest of the day and after the first voice and then when I heard it the second time I extinguished the candle and laid my phone face down and could see shadows moving across the window and hear what sounded like squishy foot steps (we’ve had a ton of rain the last couple of days so far the only message im able to grasp from the Divine by reading my cards is to rest. Apparently the Divine thinks that I jumped back into my practice too soon after the split and the relapse and is telling me that I need to stop and give myself time to recover from the hits I’ve taken recently. Either that or possibly to rest up because it looks as if I will have another early delivery but they are estimating me to make it to at least 34 weeks this time