Well I'm doing a thing

I’m Sarah
I live in Seabrook Texas.
I’m an animal shelter director and work closely with my sweet innocent animals.
I have a husband and two young boys.
While my energy has never been lower, I’m looking forward to talking with my brother and sisters here on the threads.
I love communication… so please feel free to talk to me about anything. I’m quite the lonley solitary.
I have dreamed of being part of a coven, but can never find the right people in my area.
Looking forward to talking :slight_smile:
Blessed Be :heart::heart::cat2:


Merry Meet, Sarah!! :wave:

It’s wonderful to have you here!

Yes, this is the common theme among pagans… But one day we will be the majority!! :laughing:

How long have you been practicing? Do you have any favorite aspects of the Craft? Are you reading any books?

Feel free to explore the forum and ask questions or comment in any topic you like! We are a very welcoming group and we are eager to learn more about you!

Blessed Be! :pray:


Practicing for about twenty years.
I enjoy reading more on the internet now than I do books. When I first started, silver Raven wolf was one of my favorites. Unfortunately the “sell out” propoganda really hurt her for me, which is very sad. Oh the things we listen to.
I specialize in scrying it’s one of my favorite things to do. I could get caught in obsidian for hours.
I’ve started working on more herbal craft lately. It’s new to me so I have questions as I get deeper into it.
Very nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah, it’s lovely to meet you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s incredible! My life goal is to at some point open an animal sanctuary, and give as many animals as I can the forever home they deserve, free from abuse and slaughterhouses :herb: :heart:

I really enjoy divination work myself! I especially like using a mirror to take a peak into my past lives, I talked about it here. How do you use your obsidian for this?


I have a very large obsidian ball.
I have moved from mirrors to crystals to tea leaves to whatever I could.
Divination has been where the most profound things have opened to me.
Even if it’s just trying to reach my subconscious. It has also been the most terrifying depending the energy.
Lately it’s been very very hard to think in a positive manner, I’m working very hard to cleanse that negative energy because I just can seem to shake it. It’s just looming. So my ball has been covered and put up until I can be more balanced. That has been one of my biggest challenges, knowing when the energy is absolutely toxic. Ok I have rambled I’m done now. Haha


Ugh that sounds terrible! And I’m sure we all here can identify with the feeling.

I recommend this: Find where that negativity sits in your body. Usually as muscle tension. Relax, breathe, focus on that spot until it relaxes. Tapping is another technique that works well.

Mundane things can also help too, like decluttering and shifting the furniture of place. Nothing feels better than releasing old stuff!


welcome @sarah9, I to am having trouble pushing past negativity right now so I feel where you are coming from.


Hello Sarah and blessed be.To bad we do not live in the same state. My husband and I are wanting to join a coven as well but have no idea where to begin.


My advice would be to never stop learning, “Read Wisely, and Read Well” Welcome to the forum Nice to meet you! Also a GREAT book for Herbalism would be “The Green Witch” by Arin Murphey Hiscock


Welcome to the family! :bouquet: @sarah9

I think this year has had such a profoundly draining effect on so many people, we’re all struggling through the gloom, especially empaths.

Stay positive. Meditate, relax, heal. :sparkling_heart:

I think the experiences of this year will make us stronger in the long run :dizzy:


I have been practicing for over 30yrs, only a few times have I been in a group, we usually call it a circle, where we share the rites of the sabbats and essabts. My last group dissolved a couple years ago, with people leaving the state and in fighting behind the scenes from one my friends alienated the others we had in our group. My friend, I say this with a heavy sigh, she is someone I have known for over 24 yrs, and she is very sick. She draws powerful negative energy to herself for the power. Which is very toxic to all around, she is immature and uses those around her. She is a good person who has lost her way and clouded by the evil she absorbs for power. I have mostly practiced as a solitary witch, as my mother, she was also in covens but power corrupts, those who do not humble themselves for the blessing they recieve. With the internet, we have a new way to connect and share our knowledge and power.


A very warm welcome to you, @sarah9! :heart:

I agree with @christine4- this is such a wonderful job! :two_hearts: You must be a very kind and generous soul to give so much of yourself to animals without homes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hooray for another Green Witch! :green_heart: If you are interested in green magic, the Green Witch Herbal Course has a lot of great info! :herb:. There are also plenty of topics on herbalism and plants here in the forums- you may be interested in:

You are very welcome here- I hope you find the forums to be a “digital” coven! We may be far apart physically, but in our magick, we are all tied together :sparkles: :blush:

Please feel free to reach out anytime you have thoughts, experiences, or questions you’d like to share! :heart: We are blessed to have you here- I can’t wait to talk with you more! :blush:


I can totally identify with this comment. My mother was also in a group when I was younger but we eventually left it because she felt there was some manipulation going on. “Coven drama”, I suppose.

I think the rituals that can be done as a group are different from those that we can do alone. Being a solitary works for the most part but whenever I can, I like to get together in real life and share some of that energy with a friend/family. :raised_hands:


Iam lucky my husband is a norse pagan, daughter is starting to follow in the Romany ways, she also identifies with the Greek patheon. Son has abilities he just isnt really participating since my circle split, but he is 20 and will find his own way. So we celebrate the sabbats even if it is just a specail meal and time together.