Well lifes full of surprises

So here i am loner goth witch when out of the blue my old foster brother hits me up its been 8 years since i last saw him and well we hung out in the pouring rain no less also I learned he is also a form of pagan he follows the norse gods. So that was cool we reconnected. We always had alot more in common then our other foster siblings. Hes also gunna interduce me to his larping gear fixer and maker. He said that id like her for my dresses and that shes got good rates.


I’m so glad you were able to reconnect with your foster brother, and how cool that he is following a similar path to you, Nikita! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope the larp gear maker and fixer can help you with some lovely dresses- have fun! :dress: :sparkles:


These come up quite frequently for me because of my interest in Runes & the Elder Futhark. I do not work with them as I do with Brighid & Celtic Paganism. But I know a little bit about them. My oldest son is interested in Norse Paganism also! So I have been donating books from my collection to him about different subjects. He’s trying so hard to learn it all.

I hope you & your foster brother are able to keep in touch & maybe you can work together for a part of the Wheel of the Year or something special for the 2 of you! :heart:


Wow, that’s neat that you just happened to hear from him and start talking! That’s great!


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