What are Beltane rituals I can do with my partner?

Hello! Happy Saturday :slight_smile:
I am a baby witch and my partner has found my practice interesting and is very supportive of this journey. He has joined me in doing a few rituals and spells before. As Beltane is fast approaching we want to perform a ritual or spell in accordance with the Sabbat.
I was wondering if anyone has recommendations or specific rituals that my partner and I can do together? I am hoping to find one that has to do with love between partners and the God and Goddess. Thank you! :heart:


This is so romantic :sparkling_heart: Firstly welcome to the Coven :heart: I found this ritual, it’s quite elaborate but you and your partner can adjust it as you see fit :heart:
God and Goddess Beltane Ritual


Welcome, @avery! Looks like the lovely @Liisa has hooked you up to a nice ritual. And it’s so sweet that your partner is supportive, you’re very lucky. There are a couple of good books out there on Beltane too, you can find them on Amazon, that might help you out. I’m afraid I’m solitary so I don’t know of many couple activities. Maybe someone else here will!

And thanks for asking the question! If you have any more just holler and someone will be glad to speak up!


I’ve been reading this book which includes a version of the Great Rite for a Beltane celebration. I think it’s probably what you’re looking for, or you could adapt it. Beltane: The Great Rite - Wicca: a Year and a Day by Timothy Roderick.


Thank you so much! I appreciate this very much. The ritual sounds absolutely beautiful. I love the calling of the quarters and I am a strong believer in the Fair Folk so I appreciate the inclusion of the Sidhe within the ritual. As you said it is quite elaborate but I will make some adjustments :slight_smile: Again thank you!!!


Thank you so much! I am so grateful for all your replies and warm welcomes. I appreciate your response and I will definitely look into getting some books! :heart:


This is great! Thank you for the link I will incorporate those aspects in our ritual. This was very helpful thank you again :)!!!


What a support system!! My BF’ is technically a pagan’ (doesn’t believe in Christianity’ he says it’s a Fairy Tale) lol … but when I have sage or incense going ‘ he comes around and says
“It smells like ritual in here” lol , so I have that’
But I think anything you guys do together is just amazing!


You are very welcome :heartpulse: I hope you and your partner have a Beltane filled with magic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wishing you a very warm welcome to the coven, @avery! :heart:

Others have shared some wonderful Beltane rituals for couples, so I’m just jumping in to say hello! I hope you are enjoying the site so far- please make yourself at home here!

I wish both you and your partner a very blessed Betlane :sparkles:

Love and Light!


Thank you so much, I am so touched by all your warm welcomes! I am enjoying the site it has helped me immensely in understanding and learning. Thank you again! :heart::heart: