What do I do now?

I’ve been feeling kinda lost and stagnate in my practice. :worried: Ive been meditating and practicing mindfulness. :pray: I read :books: a lot! I’m also working with crystals and setting intentions. Positive affirmations too. :blush:
I’m not sure what to do next. I want to learn so much, but i feel it’s time to put all this into practice. :wand_tarot: Its wonderful to read, but you have to apply what you’ve learned.
Just looking for some direction. I don’t know what to do next. I know it’s up to me to decide, but could use some suggestions of what to do next.
Thank you all! Blessed be! :innocent:


Have you gone through the Courses here on site? They will help you get started with your first circle and spells. There is also the Weekly Witchy Challenges to help you learn, and the Group Rituals to join in on Thursdays.


Yes, as @Amethyst suggested, pick one course, and get practical. I started with candle magic, and simple spells. My first spell was actually consecrating a magical workbook. Where do you feel drawn most? What type of magic do you want to try? Spellwork, divination, rituals, crystals, herbs. Pick one you like, and just start doing. Have fun. :sparkling_heart:


And if you’re still struggling to decide, you can’t go wrong with learning protection magick. There are so many forms of it too, including something as simple as burning a candle, more complex spells and rituals, and creating wards, witch bells for a door, and house guardians.


@Amethyst I’ve gone through every course in my 1st 2 weeks here lol!

@tracyS I’m interested in it all! Lol. I think candle magic and @starborn some protection spells are a good place to start!

Thanks :heart: :blush: :people_hugging: :silver_heart:


Whenever I feel stuck, whether it’s writers block, a creative block or what have you, I find it’s helpful to take my mind off it and focus on something else that’s unrelated. For example, sometimes, I’ll misplace something and frustratingly can’t find it. So, I’ll focus on just tidying up or doing something else that is easy, I relax, and then the lost item turns up without me trying so hard.

It may be time to let what you have learned simply marinate in your mind.

Apart from activities related to esbats and sabbats and other witchy ways to occupy your time (like learning and meditating, which you are already doing), there is no real external motivation to cast a spell. Your desire for spell work will likely arise from a mundane need you have…and that’s when you may feel most creative and invested in spell work. Because magic is about trying to achieve a desired result. And a desire for results is born from emotion and need – such as wanting love, a job, money, healing, answers, protection, etc. That’s part of raising energy for the spell - the emotions surrounding a need you have. If everything in life is going smoothly, or you’re in a fallow period, which we all have, you wouldn’t necessarily feel motivated to cast spells. I mean, that’s a good thing, right? Not having anything you desperately need or want to make happen at the moment? You wouldn’t take aspirin if you didn’t have a headache. Same with spells.


That’s true. Especially with creativity as you mentioned. One cannot force creativity by simply trying more, can they? :smile:

That’s a good point. Sometimes rest itself can be a good part of the learning process, if not done for too long before returning.

I think the thing is that they’re at a point where they need to turn their learning into practice. I find myself and many others haven’t really solidified our learning until we do something with it – whether that’s a language, skill, or otherwise – otherwise, it simply fades with time, and not a long amount of time, either. :cry:

Even now, I feel like the only herbs I remember the uses of are those I’ve used multiple times since starting my journey at the start of the year. The only crystals I remember are the ones I see every day on my desk. The only way I’ve been improving at writing incantations is by writing them. That isn’t to say I feel like I’m not learning well or anything – it makes sense that the most useful things for me are the things that I remember. It’s just that I know there are others like myself who need that practical element.

Not needing to fulfil a specific goal might be true for not doing most spells and some rituals, as they often have a specific aim. However, even spells for health or protection don’t need such an aim, right? Often prevention is better than a cure. But either way, there are so many things outside calendar events and meditation that we can do within our craft.

That is generally me. But I continue with shadow work, deity dedications, protection measures, and spells and rituals focused on improving various aspects of my craft – none of which require a specific need for something or a lack of something. For example, there’s one I’m lining up to do which is for increasing occult knowledge with Lilith.

Anyway, I hope I don’t come across as trying to refute your points or anything. :pray: What you said could be exactly what they need. I just like to be very thorough and often talk about things in more depth just for the fun of it. :joy:


@mary25 I’m definitely in need of spells lol! My life feels very chaotic and imbalanced. I think whats holding me back is fear. Am I just anxious to do something I’ve never done before? Is there something bigger causing my fear? I don’t know. And thats ok I guess lol :laughing: i got a really nice book on protection spells so I’m gonna start there!
@starborn you’re spot on. I’ve spent enough time just reading. It’s time to solidify that knowledge with practice!


Congratulations!. Now you can find something you want to reasearch and read more or do a spell!. The world is open to you.


Stagnation is normal in a practice as fluid as witchcraft and/or paganism - you’re not alone!

One of the first things I would suggest is to figure out exactly what you believe. Don’t get stuck on these beliefs too much because they will most likely change over time. Once you figure out what you believe, then you can work out what’s important to you in your practice. Then you will be able to figure out what you want to do! Learning about everything and knowing a lot is great, but my advice for the beginning stages of a practice is to go with what you know and believe first.

For example, my beliefs center around Irish mythology, Irish folklore, and an eclectic witchcraft practice with a bit of folk magic sprinkled in. The moon is important to a lot of witches, but for me, it’s one of those things that gets some attention but not the spotlight, if that makes sense. So, I wouldn’t focus on heavy moon energy or moon-centric practices because it doesn’t fit with my beliefs.

If you celebrate the Sabbats, start there. We have Samhain coming up at the end of October. Right now might be a good time to figure out what you believe about death, ancestors, and spirits. Then, when Samhain comes, you will have a better connection to your beliefs around the Sabbat. Use what’s going on around you to guide your learning and practice.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing :sweat_smile: and if you’re looking for inspiration on a daily (or just consistent) practice, I have a video on my YouTube channel that can help with that! I’ll link it here if you’d like to watch it.

How to Create Your DAILY Witchcraft Practice || make a daily practice that works for you [CC]

This is interesting to me because I just recorded a video yesterday where one of my main points was this: If you live your life in fear, there is no room for growth.

@mary25 pointed out that we won’t always have a need for spells and magic. Sometimes things will be going so well that we can’t muster up the motivation to cast a spell since we don’t need one. But as you’ve said already, you feel like there’s a lot of chaos and your life could use some magic. It sounds like you just need to figure out the direction to go in!

As @starborn said, there are usually many things that can be done with magic and spells, even if we don’t realize it. A really useful exercise could be a graph of some sort! So, start with an issue you’re having right now., or multiple issues all at the same time. Then, connect them together if they have common themes. Once you figure out the common themes, you can create a spell or ritual around making that common thing better in some way. When that common theme becomes better, everything else will generally follow!


Thank you for the guidance! I realized I have been putting what I learned into practice. I have a great shower ritual! Other things as well.
Since this post, I’ve done a Mabon ritual, as well as Sabbat and esbat rituals! I nade a travel amulet, and made my own runes. I’ve also been attending classes at a lical shop where we practice what we learn.
I love the idea of the graph. It will definitely help give me some clarity.
I’ve started working with my ancestors and developing a daily practice. I want to incorporate journaling and start shadow work!
Everyone’s input has been very helpful!
Love you all :heart::people_hugging::heart_eyes:


You’re very welcome!

If I may, it sounds like you would benefit from a spiritual journaling practice! This is a little different than your normal journaling practice in that you’re only making a note of when you do something for your practice. Of course, this can be combined with a regular journal routine, but it can be helpful when looking back to see just how much you’re actually doing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know you said you have taken the courses here at Spells8. I just wanted to remind you of the extensive information (and printables/prompts) in our Book of Mirrors course!

Going through this course again might provide you with inspiration for a Book of Mirrors or regular journal routine!