What do you do when you're feeling depressed and unmotivated to do magic?

Hello everyone!
I have been feeling unmotivated to do any spellwork and haven’t been doing it as often as I once was. I have been in a low mental state for awhile now due to medication and I think it is really affecting my energy. I feel guilty that I haven’t been doing any magic and I feel less in tune with myself and the energy around me.
What do you do when you’re feeling unmotivated to do any magic but feel guilty about it?


I get what you are going through. My MDD and GAD meds do this too me. First thing you need to do is get rid of that guilt. And I have a very easy spell for that!

Take a piece of paper and write what you feel guilty about. You can include any other feeling/emotion you want to let go of as well. Now, sit with this piece of paper and think about these feelings as balloons that you are releasing one by one to the sky. Once you have released everything you have written down, burn the paper. You can do this in a cauldron, in a fire pit/fireplace, over the sink - any where you can safely light it on fire and let it burn to ash. I usually do mine in the sink and then rinse the ash with running water to take the emotions even further away. You can also burn them over a river/body of water, just be careful to not start a wildfire.

Ok, now that we have the guilt out of the way, we can focus on what to do next. Think about things that you do everyday and how you can add a little bit of magic to it. Do you drink coffee (or tea) first thing in the morning? Stir it clockwise with a cinnamon stick while stating some affirmations. When you are cooking your food, focus on the ingredients you are adding and what they offer. Kitchen Witchery is very easy to do if you already cook!

You don’t have to do elaborate spells and rituals every day or every week. Do small things to keep the Craft on your daily life. As your meds feet figured out or you can find a way to up your energy while on them (it’s possible, it’s taken me a while and I don’t have it perfect yet) you can then start adding more back in.

Remember, do what you can and funny feel guilty about what you can’t do. The universe is fully aware of what is going on and it’s not going to “dock you points” because you miss a day.


Greetings @avery,

First of all- big hugs to you :people_hugging: :heart: I also want to say that you’re not alone! What you’re feeling is something many of us go through at some point in our practices.

There’s nothing wrong with needing to step back from your practice to focus on the other things life is throwing at you. Your practice isn’t something that will “go bad” or “expire”- it is part of you and it will always be there for you, whenever you are ready to embrace it.

I love what Amaris said and the spellwork shared about getting rid of your guilt :+1: That is the first roadblock in your way, so through spellwork, meditation, or whatever you need to do- try your best to say goodbye to your guilt and escort it right out the door- no room for guilt here! :wave::smile:

As for finding motivation to do magick, you may want to start very small with simple and easy spells that don’t require a big amount of effort. I recommend taking a quick peek at the entries to the recent Casual Casting Challenge- there are so many ways to informally and easily weave a bit of magick into your day. In fact, you may already be drawing on your magickal practice without being aware of it! :blush::sparkles:

If that still seems too daunting, perhaps consider watching a video or reading a bit about an area of the Craft that interests you. You don’t have to do anything- simply sit back and enjoy the material. That may help spark more interest and passion- every little bit helps! :fire:

Wishing you all the best, Avery- I hope you are feeling better soon and that your motivation finds its way back to you!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


If you’re physically able to, take a walk in nature. Burnout is real, and that helps. Sit under a tree and have a picnic. Take care of yourself and the magic will come!


Getting into nature is one of my go-tos for when my depression hits hard! It always brings my energy up. I may still not be motivated to do anything but my spirits are lifted knowing that the universe and my guides have my back.


@avery Thank You for asking this question! I think it is wonderful that you reached out to the Coven :infinite_roots: for help.
I am just getting started on my journey. Coming from a different background (with a guilt driven focus on attending services multiple times a week and daily devotions), I had just started to worry I wasn’t doing enough. Then as I was looking for suggestions, I saw your question. Thank you!
I try to look at the Daily Ritual and see if I can incorporate what is suggested. The tea rituals are lovely and since I drink a lot of tea, that is usually my daily go to.
I suggest you read to the bottom today’s ritual, there is an article about daily magic. I will go reread it and see if I can link it (or at least take a screenshot shot of something that resonates with me).


From Spells8: Daily Devotional


Hopefully, some one can add a link to where I found the article.
I like the idea of carrying crystals and writing in my Book of Mirrors.


I just had an idea! I take daily medication. I am going to research how exactly the medicine is supposed to help and then imagine it doing it’s job when I take it.


I love this way of thinking about it, and I love your little ritual ideas, too!


I do this too! I also have a raw chunk of rose quartz that sits on top of my pill caddy thing. I ask that it gives my daily medications a dose of self-love. I recharge it weekly when I fill my caddy.


@crystal5 there is a medicine chant that was written by @Amethyst a while ago, a copy of it can be found here

@avery When I don’t feel motivated, I find articles, reading, shows, nature in any form, even a walk to the mailbox or being on my back porch… the sunlight coming through the windows. Magic in the mundane. You don’t have to cast a spell or perform a ritual everyday to do so, there is magic everywhere, so even if it is one small thing like stirring your drink with an intention. You’re getting there.

Also, taking a day or 2 off to refocus & refresh isn’t a bad thing. I had to do just that last week. I took a couple of days to figure out where I was & where I was going. I feel a lot better & things are definitely clearer… I wound up with a new altar & healing practice!


@Amethyst Agreed 100%! :raised_hands: Going for a walk in nature is a fantastic idea- nature itself is a great rejuvenator, and sometimes physically getting away to a fresh new place is what is needed to gain a fresh new outlook :grinning:

@crystal5 Those are great tips, Crystal! They are on the Spells8 Daily Devotional Page- I went ahead and added in the source link :+1: Thanks for sharing them! :blush:


@avery I highly recommend today’s blue candle meditation.

If I remember correctly it recommends an aquamarine crystal.
Also, be ready with your book of mirrors.


Avery, you’re definitely not alone! :people_hugging: I’m another person here who struggles with mental health and to be honest? When I’m feeling depressed or too low to do any spells I just don’t :woman_shrugging: I focus on the things I can do that make me happy (or at least okay) and don’t worry about missing rituals, sabbats, or anything else. You have to take care of yourself first.

I agree with what Amaris has said, too. If you feel up to it, do a little guilt banishing ritual. There’s nothing to feel guilty about! If you work with deities, keep in mind that no deity is going to look down on someone struggling and be disappointed or upset. It will most likely be the opposite! :heart:

We are here for you, too :sparkles:


I 100% agree with this statement & her previous statement of… there may be days that you don’t do anything at all because you need to make sure you are taken care of… any deity or higher power will not look down on you for taking the time you need for yourself.


I go through those phases. For low moods, I burn sandalwood incense or put peppermint lip balm on my wrists. Both help a lot. When I can’t lift myself to do a spell, I burn a candle (7 day candle in glass jar) or several. They also lift my mood! I also go on Pinterest (so many spells), read my horoscope or do an online Tarot reading (free on LotusTarot.com). Sometimes, I go to a crystal store near me and I buy one crystal (about a dollar) or one chime candle or something. They know me and they know I come in there to walk around and cheer up sometimes. I also mess around with my BOS pages. I also watch old Charmed episodes from the 90s on PeacockTv.com (LOL) because that is all kinds fun.


This is so uncanny, another blue candle ritual appeared in my life yesterday.

This one focuses on helping us reset our energy, and that’s something that’s so critical to creativity and intelligence. Amazing how one aspect of our lives can affect so many things.

And of course the blue chakra is that of the throat, where I am fighting cancer in a battle for my survival.


I realize that raising your vibe may help. I had started a Pinterest Board. Here is the link. https://pin.it/5H11hCS


@avery how are you?