What I Wish I Knew Before I Began Practicing Witchcraft

I saw this video on YouTube this afternoon. The Green Witch has a new video with the same title as the subject of this thread.

I thought everything in here was incredible. What is something you wish you had known?


I really appreciate her taking the time to put this together. Even though I’ve been practicing for more than a decade, there are things that I’m learning every single day :gem: and I absolutely agree that taking your time is :exclamation: important :exclamation: and so is practice.

And yeessss :clap: mess :clap: up :clap: and :clap: make :clap: mistakes :clap:

Thank you for sharing Ben :heart:


Thea Sabin has a great book on the subject; “Wicca for Beginners”.


She does an amazing job with the shooting and editing, and her advice is really good too! I think the best and most important part of the video was

“I was so scared of making just the smallest mistake (…) that it kept me from beginning my practice for a really long time. But most of the time the worst that’s going to happen is that the spell is just no going to pan out.”

I agree that there’s this fear of the unknown can be really paralizing. The lesson is: It’s okay to make mistakes and they are part of the learning process. Don’t let that stop you from experiencing your Magic :crystal_ball:


@john4 My daughter Analisa who is my partner in witchiness started read that book a week ago and is going to let me borrow it to read when she is done. She is learning a lot from that book. Thanks for the suggestion.


I like the video, I watched her video and subscribed to her! She had many helpful suggestions for witchcraft! I wish I lived in a place like hers lol :laughing:


I absolutely love The Green Witch- her videos are always so relaxing to watch! Her cooking vlogs are my favorite :bowl_with_spoon: :blush: This video in particular is very reassuring- especially for those just starting on their witchy journey. She always has such great advice!

Thanks for sharing, @praecog29! :heart:


My best friend recommended her channel to me. Couldn’t help but subscribe! Her voice is so soothing and her videos are very helpful.


I just subscribed to her channel. I thought I had done so before, but apparently it was something different. I have to go through my watch later list because it looks like my daughter added some when she used to watch YouTube on my account. Then I found FamilyLink & she has her own to use. Some of the subscriptions were so funny to see. I’m going to unplug some time this week & just watch my videos to get caught up. With the nicer weather here, we have been doing some Spring Cleaning & been more outside so I’m a bit behind.