What if you can't bond with a tarot deck?

I am rather heartbroken but I have to admit I can’t connect on any level with one of my new tarot decks. I have had it since October and thought perhaps it would take time and grow on me but I received another deck in December and that one was an instant connection.

I’m sad because I was so very excited about the development of this deck and supported it by pre-ordering. I was glued to Facebook for any pictures or stories as the deck developed. To be fair, I’m still in love with the stories she wrote for each card but not the deck itself.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with the quality of the deck itself as it is glossy high-quality cardstock nor the artwork itself as I adore the vibrant fairies and mermaids.

What do I do now?


Keep it because you like it! Or rehome it, give it to someone who you think would like it. But I’d keep it, for now, you never know when it might come in handy.


I like @Amethyst 's idea of rehoming it. Maybe it caught your interest so the deck could come to you to gift to someone who is peaking in the craft or needs a spark?

I am sorry thought that the deck isn’t connecting.

It makes me realize that maybe I am having the same issue. I have a few decks that really aren’t calling to me or giving me clear answers. … Maybe those decks aren’t for me. I never even considered it before.


@katnabis hi some decks are just not meant to be your deck. It happens a lot. I would cleanse the deck and ask it if it would like a new home. I bet the answer will be yes. It may have come to you so you can give it to who it is meant for. Maybe the gesture of giving your deck to someone could start a beautiful journey for them. I hope this helped.


Have you tried putting it away for a while? Maybe it’s not the right time now and if you wait some time the chemistry may be there. It will come around.

If it doesn’t, then I agree with the other answers, find someone else who it will connect with.


I was in a crystal shop I frequent and a woman walked in, a little agitated. She had a some crystal jewelry and she placed it on the counter and asked the clerk to take it. she said it just wasn’t working for her. the clerk cleansed them in salt water and she gave me the silver and green aventurine pendant. I was happy to get it.

But since the deck isn’t really giving you bad vibes (I was dying of curiosity to know what was the backstory but she was out of there like a shot!) I agree with everyone else to just put it aside. I didn’t connect at first with my tarot deck and I did what everyone recommended…I talked to it, I slept with it, I kept in my purse with me. we made friends ha ha… but it took a minute.


Sorry the deck isn’t working for you, @katnabis- you’ve got some great ideas here! Since you still love the artwork, you could definitely keep it as an art piece or use the cards as a collage/decoration in your home :framed_picture: Like others said, you could simply put it aside and come back to it down the road- time changes us, and the deck may become valuable to you sometime in the future! :sparkles:

You could also find a new home for it, either to someone close to you who has an interest in the cards or by participating in a witchy swap (swapping decks with someone else).

I’m sure you’ll find a great way to handle the cards, Kat- good luck and blessed be! :blush:


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